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  1. Was there any argument between Blair and Loraine that someone knows?
  2. Es gibt keinen Tag an Voyeur House tv, wo der Streem geht nicht. Sie zahlen viel Geld dafür, aber die Qualität ist sehr schlecht aus dem Streem und von den Nocken.
  3. Pack Nelly and Bogdan. You will definitely leave. What a pity !!! We look forward to seeing you again.
  4. Masha is to take care of the renovation time for a big and big cock. She should send Sophia back
  5. Nelly and Bogdan have also packed their bags. You will definitely leave today. TOO BAD
  6. o, they did not fuck. Masha is good with him. She is like a nun. But it can change.
  7. Jane came without a suitcase? Or did somebody see something?
  8. When Stella & Sarah go, RLC is almost a lesbian show and almost no couples anymore. It's no fun staying here with RLC.
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