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  1. Masha is to take care of the renovation time for a big and big cock. She should send Sophia back
  2. Nelly and Bogdan have also packed their bags. You will definitely leave today. TOO BAD
  3. o, they did not fuck. Masha is good with him. She is like a nun. But it can change.
  4. Jane came without a suitcase? Or did somebody see something?
  5. When Stella & Sarah go, RLC is almost a lesbian show and almost no couples anymore. It's no fun staying here with RLC.
  6. At 6:20 they had sex. Then they argued about 7:00 clock. Then Arnold went for a walk and Angelina walked around at 8:11 with a backpack.
  7. ngelina they fill their bags, I'm glad you should have left much earlier. Make room for a new couple? Hoping for better ones that not only always argue.
  8. I hope Angelina & Arnold go soon, nobody can look at it. She has to have peobleme with her. If he does not fuck properly, it becomes histärisch.
  9. They should have come together with Belle & Nate. Nelli & Bogdan are not swingers.
  10. Welcome Nelly & Bogdan. Nice to see you all again. Have a nice time you both. Have fun you have missed you.
  11. I'd rather have seen Belle & Nate in this apartment for another four weeks. Angelina & Arnold are the LAST !!! There are no more couples in RLC and then the. Throw out if you do not want to lose more participants !!!
  12. They are already fighting for three days and in the evening they fuck again.
  13. Yes, unfortunately!!! I would have loved to see Eva and her new boyfriend again. Because they certainly will not get a new apartment. They had nice tender sex together.
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