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  1. Wenn Radi zu B4 geht, ist B2 leer und endgültig geschlossen.
  2. But unfortunately Eva and Sam are no longer together. And there are certainly other Parre who have also separated.
  3. Let's hope that HE will come back with flowers. He and Pam did well. He fucked her nicely.
  4. Can any of you say what about Pam and her boyfriend?
  5. Can any of you say if we'll see the guy from Lia & Mia again? Hope for a few more days and a threesome with the girls.
  6. Can any of you tell how long Masha is on vacation?
  7. Hadn't seen Fred yet. Who is he? A new lover since he was naked too?
  8. Can any of you tell me with whom Masha has been talking to for hours on the cell phone over messenger? I don't know the guy, has to be a new one.
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