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  1. I don't have any particular love for Trump, but I find it funny that so many people are praising Biden on here. Biden has been mocked by comedians long before he became vice president (and apparently now President) for his corruption, incompetence and plagiarism. Biden is also on record as an actual racist (he supported segregation, he called black people super predators, he thinks minority == poor and low IQ). Maybe he will be the greatest President ever. but for the last 47 years his record ain't great.
  2. It depends on the state. Each State is it's own territory, with it's own laws. Where the Federal government comes in is to make sure (in theory) that no State laws violate a persons constitutional right. That's why it's a union, and each state chooses. You're a resident of a State, which by default makes you a citizen of the Union. But if you don't like something you can move, vote for a different representative, move to have the State laws changed, etc... What would be crazy is for a State to decide for other States how they should vote. Incidentally, not every State mandates winner-take-all votes, most do, but not all.
  3. I gotta call you on this. What evidence of corruption for Trump do you have. Because there was plenty for Hilary, long before she because a Presidential candidate. If it's because he didn't win the popular vote, Citizens don't vote for the President. States do. Citizens vote for who represent them at the State level. Whether or not he lived up to expectations is a different conversation...
  4. My point was, each state gets to decide how their representatives vote. Most states go with winner-take-all for the popular vote, but they don't have to. If they wanted to let the representatives vote for whoever they want, regardless of what the population thinks, that would be legal (if extremely unpopular (heh... )). And the votes are proportionate... just not an even proportion... e.g. each state gets 2 votes, then based on their population and districts they get a split of the other 438 votes, not saying it's not complicated, but it is fair(ish)... no matter how unfair the losing side (whoever they may be....) thinks it is that they lost... Of course the above doesn't take into account any corruption they may come into play, but for me that's a separate issue to the process... That's why states like California get 55 (2 + 53) votes, Texas 39 (2 + 37) and states like WY get 3 (2 + 1)... I know you probably know a lot of this already @ed2, but I wanted to show some examples of where I'm coming from...
  5. I am relaxed. Just got tired of people misconstruing how our Presidential election system works, so I thought I would correct their thinking... They don't have to accept it, but then that's on them...
  6. You do realize that the US is not ruled by a single government? Each State has it's on government, with the Federal government governing the Federation of States. The people of each State gets to vote for who represents them with their State's (notice the possessive here...) electoral college representative. How each State's electoral college representative votes (whether based on over all popular vote, a collection of counties, etc...) is up to those States to decide. But they don't get to decide for each other State. I.E. Texas doesn't get to decide for Ohio, California doesn't get to decide for Wisconsin, etc... If it went by popular vote, the States with the most people would get to decide everything for the States with the least. The electoral college was put in place to avoid exactly that. Also, the US is not exactly a democracy... we're a Constitutional Democratic Republic. Kind of a Republic hybrid. We have democratic processes (i.e. each person gets to vote for their representative), but the representative's vote are who decide who gets to be President.
  7. Am not a swinger myself, but I happen to know that Barcelona is one of the top spots for swingers in the world... so....
  8. I have attended parties like that and some even more insane... a lot of parties more insane that the one last night... especially when I was younger... it was kind very normal, that's what people did... and that was before dating apps, when you would only find out about a party through word of mouth... I'm starting to think the people on this board have lived either very sheltered lives, or I was just lucky... 😏
  9. That would be a firm "No". Yes, I know you were joking. I just wanted it to be clear... 😐
  10. I get the feeling it would be both... Damira is kind of an exhibitionist.. plus she REALLY likes sex, so for her at least it would be the best of both worlds... and if you look close, Damira pushes Fiby's boundaries, but is willing to pull back when she goes too far... and Fiby keeps Damira from getting so wild and crazy that she can't recover from a mistake... so I really like them as friends... While I would very much like for something sexy to happen between them, I am OK with it not...
  11. I think they both enjoy the game. Damira likes the challenge, even if she'll never get to go all the way... and Fiby enjoys Damira trying... as I have seen Fiby, on multiple occasions, goose Damira or in some other way get her riled up... But mostly I just think they really enjoy each other company, regardless of anything else...
  12. I don't know, she drilled Damira pretty good... so there's that... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. It's very common everywhere. It's a trope all on its own... people are just trying to find anything they can criticize RLC for... even when it's the tenants making their own decisions... 🙄
  14. Sorry to break it to you, but I don't think you know the meaning of the word debunked... you presented opinion and wild conjecture... then when presented with actual facts and data, you moved the goal posts and gave even more opinions and conjecture and tried to pass them off as facts... when you have presented no backing data, except for your "gut feeling"... Until you can back up your theories with... something objective... I don't think you're going to get a lot of traction...
  15. She also initiates the getting naked and feeling up at least half the time, but I don't want to bring too much reality into the conversation... people get upset when their bubbles are burst...
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