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  1. I don't pay anymore I stopped paying vhtv about 5 months ago it's dead it's no were near as good as it used to be it's dead now and your totally correct in what u said also
  2. As far I am concerned they might aswell shut all apartments down and shut down vhtv cause it's gone completely dead most of the couples are boring as hell there is a few females who should get rid of there dead beat partners who are clearly holding them back but vhtv is dead it needs a total revamp or shut down for good the only excitement is when Anna and Alex turn up and that's sad for this site so get rid of it or sort it out I would never pay for it again while it's like this total utter crap sorry I joined right from day one but never again it's dead now vhtv has died
  3. in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps wait a min thats not a lion i found your ex partner he has been lost for a few yrs kmao
  4. no its the same girl who left wirh mrcus dont know were val is she left with the other guy
  5. i think there getting there apartments mixxed up getting too hopeful lol
  6. they probally had sex on the loggia since its a hidden spot lol grrr
  7. i feel the same with this couple as i do with val and marcus i really think melanie is wild but albert is holing her back big time if marcus and albert left melanie and vals aparments would go wild i truly believe that
  8. val always seems very ecited when there is other guy in the apartment plus she smiles and flirts allot with them i think marcus should leave so we all can see this buitfulbutterfly bloosem she has the potensial the problem is clear marcus is holing her back this is just my opion guys and ladys
  9. not knowing what they are saying is part of the fun and even if ppl know what is said they ignore it and make up there own story lol
  10. yes your confo is unrelated to the topic but it should be spoken about cause brushing things under the carpet is so wrong on so many levels maybe you should open a topic on the subject so ppl can talk openly about it aqt the end of the day its a very important subject and needs its own platform good on u for speaking about it keep up the great words
  11. i couldnt have said it any better myself such ashame vhtv was great back at the beginning way to many cam shows they have totally lost the concept of the total site
  12. yes he has sex with her 2or 3 times not sure how many mate
  13. bree or drew or 1 of there hot friends i cant remeber her name ggr
  14. WHy is that video were antI or what ever is his name lol were he kept on trying with that girl too have a 3some with condor so he and the girl were along and she Helped him have a wank why is That not added into archives I was looking forward to watching that grrrr
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