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  1. thats hell of a statment to make they will have to go way beyond what they have ever done before to come any were close to that so very much doubt that much will happen hope to be proven wrong hmmmm
  2. i for 1 think thats a great idea tbh but will you swap from time to time
  3. you called me lol dont bring me into it amy lol
  4. i dont see why ppl dilike him he seems fun and ok to me what i have seen of him the only issue i have with him is its ok for him to touch and have sex with other females but he gets jelous when other guys gets to close to his partner thats a double standard right there sharing is caring lol
  5. some ppl are missing the bear facts here we say negative things about tennants when the do something wrong cause the end of the day we pay for vhtv so that gives us the right simple but to judge and make a cc member feel bad for things they say is wrong cause you dont pay that cc memebers wages if u did then you would have a right to simpl as that come on ppl chilax and be happy
  6. when is vhtv going to stop ripping ppl off and stop putting camsters on a voyeur site they might aswell change there dam name too camster house tv and safe time grrr
  7. Hehe you make me laugh I think your cool I don't care what other ppl say lol
  8. Let the games begin let's start the count down hehehe 100 lol
  9. Haha I never touched her it wasn't me ( plus I am not that ugly wink wink lol ) so don't bring my name into it lmao
  10. I will tell you what I really truly wish but I know it will never happen but I can dream and hope I would love to see bree and her friend who used to visit from time to time ( don't know her name ) but to see them 2 in a 3some or even just them 2 in action would be mind blowing just wow all I have is hope grrrrr
  11. See ya get what I am saying there is no harm intended just my opinion I am good friends with the commen ones I say it to there face it's just a bit of banter lol
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