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  1. I do not know, but I can tell you that it's in B1 and B2, when there were parties with drugs, she was the one to get them
  2. poor Laima, has not yet figured out what to do, but surely she will learn soon
  3. sometimes, but only sometimes, it makes me a little sad to see what these girls have to do to make a living
  4. from the prepared food, I think there is another nice party with the guests, I wish everyone good fun
  5. remember to cancel the subscription, otherwise it will be automatically renewed
  6. at this point, you should send him 24 red roses
  7. Fortunately, Mila has found the way home, Daisy still not, but we are confident
  8. he also has a small menstrual problem, this maybe blocks him a bit in his activities
  9. I wonder if the stallion has calmed down, tonight he's got the hormone gone crazy
  10. I think a small drama happened, maybe the girls were not paid (by RLC 😂) and they are very angry
  11. someone has complained that Stella had fucked under the covers, it seems to me that now this person has been satisfied, the camera is 50 centimeters from her pussy
  12. Thank God, there are people like you, who remind me of this, Kristy, is definitely in love with this person, for the next month
  13. attention, attention, you can not absolutely say, where the girls go when they leave the apartment, you do not know what you're risking
  14. I would be happy to know which agency Emily works for
  15. I do not know what you find Kristy attractive in the new boyfriend, the only thing we do not see is his bank account, but certainly not that
  16. after so many complaints, RLC has organized an evening to make everyone happy and, apart from someone, it seems to me that it has succeeded, but not to denigrate more VHTV
  17. perhaps he had left the gas on in his apartment
  18. they did return Gina, because she spent her days open-legged, without underwear, in front of the cameras, this should shock this apartment
  19. Stella is a very beautiful girl, but if this continues, in two days becomes boring and not very credible, I understand the need for money but she should space out her sexual performance, everything and immediately, it never works
  20. one of the few funny things that happened in this apartment, Eirin stealing the vibrator from Leia, her facial expressions were really funny, she looked like a little girl who tasted nutella for the first time
  21. this forum is the maximum of democracy
  22. I wonder if Gina knows what she has to do in these apartments, she's new, 😂🤣😂 however she was one of the girls who kept her legs open, without underwear, that passed in these apartments
  23. from what the new girls show, I think RLC found them in a convent
  24. Je serais curieux de savoir ce que vous faites dans la vie réelle, il me semble que vous aimez beaucoup censurer les autres membres en trouvant des excuses absurdes pour protéger ces filles.
  25. Fortunately, the new advances, Gina will have done very early to get to the apartment, lives very close