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  1. for Loraine, it seems to be a great suffering to be there, she could even go to bed no one would be hurt
  2. you saw Mike, I was right, as soon as we meet you offer me a beer
  3. I propose that next month we pay 10 euros more to allow RLC to repair the electricity, because with the little money they earn they can't do it
  4. who knows if someone who is not a subscriber sees this in free cameras, what do you think will happen in this apartment, I can answer, to fuck
  5. I include Alana among the girls who intrigue me the most among all the girls, including Barcelona
  6. come on Mike, maybe they won't let you sleep on the couch tonight, maybe they'll even let you touch some pussy
  7. since Nelly has changed her hair, she has become much more sensual, she is always very excited, she makes girls do this hair in Barcelona
  8. RLC, please, I pray on our knees, we have enough with these fucking parties
  9. RLC, please, I pray on our knees, we have enough with these fucking parties
  10. if God wants, Serafima and Ginger are friends again, today I hadn't even had lunch with the grief I had
  11. hi, Mikelima, yes, it was Sher, the only time the twins did something sexual and maybe the first time they saw it well, what was going on
  12. she has her boyfriend in the other room, why is she masturbating ?, i think she would be happy to satisfy her, at least they don't have to buy a new TV
  13. I'm telling the truth, I can't understand plastic surgery on young girls, for Adelita I hope it's just hyaluronic acid, after a while it returns to normal
  14. I thought I was wrong, but then I saw well, Adelita made new lips for her birthday, too bad
  15. I think something happened yesterday that made Ginger angry, but none of us will ever know
  16. this time too many people will criticize me, but Ginger's masturbation is really boring, I understand that he has to do it, but maybe he should be a little more convinced
  17. surely Mila was a great character, but after 90 days it is right for her to go, for us, but above all for her, a group of girls remains, who apart from the Adelita, Elvira and Diane have very little to show us, now we see RLC what is invented to replace Mila
  18. even Serafima, did not have the usual overwhelming joy, did not even try to do the show with his hand over his underwear, as he does every night
  19. Ginger immediately in bed, perhaps it was not a fantastic evening, little interaction with Serafima
  20. to think badly, it might seem a show made reluctantly to make subscribers happy
  21. I didn't know that at this time there was such a big exposure of the pussy in all the apartments
  22. it's really fun to see these girls masturbating, Adelita, she does exactly the same thing that Elvira did this morning, I always wonder if they plan times before
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