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  1. all the discotheques of Barcelona, remain open until midday, of course 🤣😂🤣😂
  2. so Anita, what is lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual, I tell you what it is, a great actress
  3. I do not understand all this agitation for Leona, all the other girls in Barcelona are like her, the only difference is that she was more successful
  4. I think you're attracted to Karol's boyfriend, there's nothing wrong with it, everyone has their tastes
  5. so, Lily, has become the new queen of RLC, this is a kingdom where it takes little to be elected and surely it is Anita who influences these girls, normally they do the nuns, as they showed the last nights, let's say one morning they woke up and suddenly they became troie
  6. please, you have to explain to me what it means real or false, these girls are playing a script, I say, for the millionth time, they are paid to do what they show
  7. hell, you're really lucky, in one evening, so many great shows and then all really real, like Sandra and her friend, are the queens of reality
  8. for once we talk about serious things, we in Italy we were stupid, but you in the United States, please make a serious vote and send Trump home
  9. RLC, it's really great, who would have thought that Anita and her friend would do a "real" lesbian scene? none, but last night it happened, even with the dildo in the pussy, thanks RLC and I recommend not to change agency, these new guests are truly exceptional girls
  10. It's always fun to read the forums, there are people who are amazed because the girls who make a living, show their pussy in front of the cameras, they brought two stupid people into the apartment, they decided to take home their work, what there is wrong with it
  11. I will no longer participate in this forum because now it is frequented only by people who are sick with cunt, masturbates by watching the bad actresses who frequent the apartments in Barcelona, now only if a girl shows her pussy 24 hours a day in front of the camera is interesting otherwise it is boring or false, take a vacation, it is better
  12. perhaps, forget that the show must continue at any cost
  13. do not get tired and do not waste time, many people are now accustomed to the new course of RLC, which has become a porn site, so the girls who live their real life are not considered very
  14. if you continue like this, I will cry too 😂
  15. if RLC still pays the bonuses, Bridget with what she has earned will be able to buy the villa she is in right now
  16. as you can see, it's not a problem with leather pants
  17. I could dare say, that as they are dressed, Sandra and Lily are lesbians
  18. real life is always more real, Amina has been out until this morning and now she masturbates while watching a video
  19. I would also like to live in your world, it was clear that if Danaya stopped to sleep in this apartment would end up in bed with Kim and Kenny and that something more or less sexual would happen, it's nice to see that there are still people who are astonished of nothing is always useful to remember that these people are professionals of the camera
  20. the camera No. 15 could be called, bored girl who masturbates
  21. if God wants, there are still people with an open mind and not blurred by the girls who live all day long open-legged in front of the cameras
  22. you are old in this forum, try to explain to the newcomers not to be very involved by these girls, nothing you see is very real, even feelings