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  1. Given your hatred of the tenants, it's not surprising that you think this way.
  2. RLC has nothing to do with it. The moderators introduced the rules to give some protection to the tenants. There have been numerous incidents over the years, not just with RLC, but with the other sites as well One such incident was three and a half years ago. There were two tenants on VHTV named Sveta and Vlad. Back then, VHTV was just regular couples, before the swingers and all the cam show performers. I've never subscribed to VHTV, but from what I read in the comments, they were a very popular couple. Both 19, I think. Somebody posted Sveta and Vlad's social media accounts in th
  3. You can't have that many things better to do with your time because, even if you're not watching, you're still reading and posting comments here.
  4. If you're not logged into RLC, you don't need Flash player to watch the free cameras. It's been like this for quite a while. Two or three months ago, they removed the need for Flash player for subscribers as well, but many in the forum complained that they were experiencing problems with the streams, so one or two days later they changed it back to Flash.
  5. They don't know how many views they get, RLC doesn't give them this information. They look at their position on the Replay thumbnails.
  6. Each apartment will still have it's own forum. It's only the General Chat topics within each forum that will close and you'll then have to create different topic pages for each topic of discussion. This is how it was for the first few years of Camcaps, before they introduced the General Chat topics. The link below takes you to the Leora and Paul forum before the General Chat topics were introduced. You can see the different topics that were created and what sort of things were posted in them. https://camcaps.net/forums/forum/25-leora-paul-062813-061919/?page=24
  7. Your comment said that Taylor must be bisexual because she's watching boy/girl sex, suggesting that because she's masturbating to something with a guy/guys in it, then she must be sexually attracted to men. And I was saying that it's not necesarily the case because heterosexual men masturbate to boy/girl porn, but are not sexually attracted to men.
  8. I masturbate to "straight" porn, but I'm not bisexual. And if a heterosexual man can masturbate to boy/girl porn, why can't a lesbian? We have the same interests.
  9. If you're not logged into an RLC account, you can watch the free cameras without Flash Player. It's been like this for quite some time. A few weeks ago, RLC removed the need for Flash Player for members as well. After the change, many users posted in the forum that they were having problems with the streams and they emailed RLC to ask them to revert back to Flash Player until the problems were resolved. Two days later, they changed it back so that Flash Player was needed, presumably while they straighten out whatever issues they were having.
  10. It's illegal in Ukraine. VHTV had several apartments there and at least one of those apartments was raided by police. All Ukrainian apartments were quickly taken offline. As far as I know, those apartments never came back online and they haven't attempted to open any more there since. I think it's also illegal in Russia, which is one possible reason as to why RLC closed their Russian apartments.
  11. If she was still being paid by RLC, her name would still be on the apartment list and RLC wouldn't have communicated that she'd left the project.
  12. Then I don't understand why you don't see it. For me, there's a thumbnail on the 2nd and 4th row of thumbnails.
  13. The thumbnails that show when you first open Replay are for the past 24 hours. The events of yesterday occurred over 24 hours ago. Click the arrow at the top of the thumbnails and the thumbnails will change to show the highlights for previous days.
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