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  1. Lily's only interested in one of the guys, and she didn't have sex with him last night.
  2. The girls are telling the two guys to sleep in Lily and Sandra's bed, but for some reason the two guys don't want to sleep there. They're trying to get a taxi home.
  3. They were looking for their friend, he has a key that they need before they can go home.
  4. I think the room has aready been cleaned, that's why the apartment went UM. There's more than one person that cleans the rooms. There's the woman that we saw in B4 this morning that seems OK with appearing on camera, and there's at least one other person that cleans the rooms that doesn't want to be on camera, for which they put the apartment UM.
  5. Ash1

    Eva & Sam General Topic #3

    I feel like you're disputing something in my previous comment, but I don't know what, since I only posted about her third visit to the apartment, not her first. Maybe I misunderstand. and yes, you're right 1st visit - May 11th. Eva and Sam out all night and returned with the girl. Fucked her on the bed while another couple slept at the far side of the bedroom. 2nd visit - June 11th / 12th. Just Eva and the girl. Sam on vacation. 3rd visit - September 1st / 2nd. As detailed in my previous post. 4th visit - November 10th / 11th
  6. Ash1

    Eva & Sam General Topic #3

    Regarding the argument earlier. 1st September 2018. Eva, Sam, and this threesome girl - they had a three way bath followed by a threesome in the bedroom, Sam fucked them both. An hour later, Sam fucked the guest while Eva masturbated at the side of them. The guest stayed the night, all three slept in the bed. The following afternoon (2nd September), all three in the bed. As we look at it from Camera 7 - Eva at the far side, the guest on the near side, Sam in the middle. The guest gave Sam a handjob while Eva masturbated at the side of them. Eva left the room, followed by Sam. A few minutes later, Sam returned to the bedroom and fucked the guest while Eva ate in the kitchen/living room. This guest has never been in the apartment without Eva present. This is the fourth time she's been to the apartment - three times with both Eva and Sam there, one time with just Eva while Sam was on vacation.
  7. Sandra definitely didn't have sex with her guy, she was in there for only nine minutes with the guy and during that time she came out to the bedroom for something and then went back in. By this time they had turned the volume of the music down considerably, so you could hear very clearly any other sounds in the room ... no fucking. Lily is less clear, I guess this is a matter of opinion. In there for an hour with the guy and with music playing loudly, it's possible that something happened, but even with the music playing you would expect to hear something, especially during the short moments of silence between songs etc. In my opinion they didn't have sex either. As for not being able to get rid of them... towards the end, Sandra's guy put his coat on and was set to leave, it seemed he was going to walk home. The other guy told him he was stupid and estimated it would take at least 2 hours. The other guy, along with Sandra and Lily, urged himto stay. It really didn't seem like they wanted to get rid of them.
  8. The guy with the long hair has been in the apartment before when Irma was a tenant with Jessica and the twins. He stayed for one night and slept in Irma's bed.
  9. Mostly Russian. The Desiree and Raul, Emma and Julio, Martina and Alberto apartments are in Spain. The Girls on Vacation and Couples on Vacation apartments are also in Spain, but the tenants are mostly from Ukraine and Russia. The Julia and Eric, Linda and Tibor, Kitty and Smith apartments are in Czech Republic. The Masha and Sasha, Dasha apartment is in Italy, but the tenants are from Russia. All other apartments are in Russia.
  10. She had the baby 15 months ago
  11. Ash1

    Eva & Sam General Topic #2

    It always looked to me like it was Eva that had a hard time dealing with it afterwards, and a Russian speaking friend has since confirmed it for me after listening to some conversations of Eva's.