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  1. On everything? Maybe you can remind me what else I've been "bullshitting" on. As far as I can remember, it's only the simulated show we saw in B1 two nights ago. I thought the whole forum were pretty much united in their dislike of such things. I never realised there were people that actually enjoyed them. And what is it that you want Ariana to start? Lesbian shows? Like most of the other tenants in the Girl on Vacation apartments, she isn't in to other women. I thought that was really obvious since she first arrived, and if you had any doubts, there was a conversation two nights ag
  2. Return what favour? Pretending to lick pussy? And how can you say Radislava is a giver when all she is licking is air. Don't tell me you was actually jerking off to that awful bullshit thinking it was real.
  3. Hopefully, it will never be seen again. If they're going to start doing this shit regularly, then the quicker RLC replaces them both, the better.
  4. This is some of the most pathetic bullshit I've ever seen on RLC.
  5. We already knew you wouldn't care because there's no guys involved.
  6. You claim to be interested in real life, but the moment they do something real life that genuinely interests them, you start crying about it.
  7. Maybe they already have an interest in this stuff.
  8. At the time of their trip, Bogdan had been living in Spain for about 16 months. If Bogdan is so fluent in Spanish, why whenever Bruno visited Gina at B4, would Bogdan always talk to him in English? Aleksandra, Milena, and Gina all speak fluent English and Spanish, and they all talk to Bruno in Spanish. Not Bogdan. It suggests that Bogdan isn't as fluent in Spanish as you want us to believe. And it's already been explained to you that it can be easier to navigate Barcelona with public transport than by car. I think this is true for a lot of cities. And whenever I go to my loc
  9. Bogdan went along with it after a conversation with Nelly in which she persuaded (bullied / manipulated) him into accepting it. It had nothing to do with the trip with Martina. And if you understood just how jealous Nelly gets, you'd understand there's no chance that he had sex with Martina. Bogdan isn't allowed to play with other women, only Nelly is allowed to do that.
  10. Did she make out with Daniel? I remember that she was dancing with Holly, and that sleazy bastard came up behind her, but I don't remember any kissing between them. So if I exclude that until someone with some credibility confirms it, then what you're saying is, that in the several months that Martina has been visiting B4, and out of the 20 to 30 people that she's interacted with there, it's really only Holly and Megan that she's kissed, and only Nelly that she's kissed and had sex with. That's 3 people out of (approx) 25. And your out here trying to make out that she kisses and fucks ever
  11. Martina hasn't made out or had sex every time she's been partying at B4. And most of the times that she did, it was with Nelly, so I don't really see what point you're trying to make. And it isn't safe to say that she's doing that every time she goes out. It's kind of pathetic that you constantly fantasise about her fucking someone everytime she goes out, like there's no other reason whatsoever for her to leave the apartment, that there's nothing else that she could possibly be doing in Barcelona. And it isn't limited to just Martina. Just to recap some of your comments so far this ye
  12. I think normal people have no problem sleeping in the same bed as their sibling.
  13. Megan's room is still listed as Megan's room. The room that Masha was in is Guest room. Megan and Monica disapeared off camera at the far end of the backyard.
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