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  1. Ash1

    Eva & Sam General Chat Topic 2019 #1

    Eva was playing "The Sims 4".
  2. It's Daisy's decision to leave, not RLC's.
  3. "Ms. Yellow Pants" was first seen in the apartment 6 months ago (June 24th), she kissed both Jane and Dick in the living room, and there's nothing to suggest that she hasn't known them longer.
  4. Daisy and Frank are by the pool, Jenn is in Oksi's bed.
  5. Serafima (and Amira) wanted to move to B1 because of the lack of adequate heating and hot water in B4.
  6. Wait... Mila, Oksi, Elvira, and Laima all left together when Mila first arrived, and now only Mila and Laima leave together. What's changed?... Surely, if all three accompanied Mila the first time she left the house, then all three must accompany her every time she leaves the house, or else something is wrong 🙄
  7. Non of the current tenants in B1 have ever used the toilet in the upstairs bathroom, so if she had to go, she would have used the one downstairs. They also always use the off camera bathroom to put in a pad when they're on their period.
  8. This is some real sexist bullshit right here... because you don't think she's as pretty as some of the others, or because she doesn't conform to your idealistic view of how a woman should look, dress, or behave, then she's not a real woman. Absolutely fucking pathetic.
  9. Ash1

    Jane & Dick General Chat #1

    I already did at the time, and it looked to me like they went in there to get high, but then I'm guessing just as you are. When Dick fucks Jane in the bedroom, you can hear them from across the apartment, but when he was in the bathroom with the guest the other night, you couldn't hear anything that sounded like thay were fucking. I had a listen from a number of different cameras including camera 6, which is right next to the wall that seperates the restroom and bathroom. It's not conclusive proof, but to me it makes it less likely, especially with how big Dick is. Also, the other guest that he's already fucked, they did it in the bedroom, and she's a lot more shy about the camera's than this guest. The other guest always changes in the restroom without a camera, and whenever she takes a shower or a bath, she does so with the lights off. This guest changes in the open, showers with the lights on, and seems to like the attention of the camera. It doesn't seem to make sense that he fucks the shy guest in the bedroom on camera, but then would fuck this one in the restroom off camera.
  10. Ash1

    Jane & Dick General Chat #1

    You know this for certain, or did you see them disappear off camera and then imagine the rest?
  11. Daisy was in the kitchen with Sandra and Lily when the accident happened. When Salma came to tell them what had happened, she got up and left the kitchen with the others.
  12. Lily's only interested in one of the guys, and she didn't have sex with him last night.
  13. The girls are telling the two guys to sleep in Lily and Sandra's bed, but for some reason the two guys don't want to sleep there. They're trying to get a taxi home.
  14. They were looking for their friend, he has a key that they need before they can go home.