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  1. The guy with the long hair has been in the apartment before when Irma was a tenant with Jessica and the twins. He stayed for one night and slept in Irma's bed.
  2. Mostly Russian. The Desiree and Raul, Emma and Julio, Martina and Alberto apartments are in Spain. The Girls on Vacation and Couples on Vacation apartments are also in Spain, but the tenants are mostly from Ukraine and Russia. The Julia and Eric, Linda and Tibor, Kitty and Smith apartments are in Czech Republic. The Masha and Sasha, Dasha apartment is in Italy, but the tenants are from Russia. All other apartments are in Russia.
  3. She had the baby 15 months ago
  4. Ash1

    Eva & Sam General #2

    It always looked to me like it was Eva that had a hard time dealing with it afterwards, and a Russian speaking friend has since confirmed it for me after listening to some conversations of Eva's.
  5. Ash1

    Eva & Sam General #2

    It was Eva, not Sam, that had a problem with her fucking the bald guy, she didn't enjoy it, and felt shame and regret afterwards. This is why she was so unhappy.
  6. The black cable that is plugged into the extension socket is for the nightvision. I would guess that it got turned off earlier this afternoon when Amina was cleaning the room. The message that Alexa showed Amina in the kitchen was almost certainly from RLC telling her to turn it back on, since she went straight to the socket and pressed the switch after recieving the message. I'd just started to type an E-mail to RLC as she did so. It's been turned off a few times while I've been watching RLC. The first time during my time as a viewer was when Nicole was in the room at the beginning of last year, her boyfriend unplugged it so he could charge his laptop and tablet, later that night they had sex and it caused quite a bit of anger in the Forum. I think the other two or three times, all that was missed was a sleeping girl.
  7. The harmony is still going great. The girls continue to get along very well, nothing has been shattered.
  8. The room is still Amina's. Amina has offered her room to Valeria to use while her boyfriend visits.
  9. Yes, maybe, and hopefully Anita will take over the room after Bridget leaves. I hope then that Nica will arrive to take Mary's room when Mary leaves. I'd love to see Anita and Nica together again.
  10. Any time there's two girls sharing the same bed, or even the same room as with Shaila and Dina, the two girls are already friends. I've never known them put two girls together that didn't already know each other before. Anita is friends with Bridget and Mary, she arrived in Barcelona as a guest of theirs hoping to get a room if one was vacant, and so with no room available for her, she stays with one of her friends.
  11. Who's told you that Miroslava has never met the guy she talks with on the phone? Your unreliable friend that gets everything wrong? Yes, they've met each other, and not just once but many times, and there's no doubt that he's her boyfriend. Miroslava has referenced their time together many times during her many phone conversations with him.
  12. It's just a pity that your posts are never accurate. 9 months ago you bought a prepaid Visa card and re-subscribed to RLC only to find that you're blocked by them for sending them abusive emails.. I notice that you always leave that part out whenever you tell people that you quit 18 months ago, and it's my belief that if you hadn't been blocked back then, that you would still be a subscriber today. As for when your friend's subscription runs out, I expect you'll do what you've always done whenever he's been away, and that is to beg the other Forum members for pictures and videos, either in public or via PM.
  13. Yes, Alexa and Amina are friends. Alexa stayed in B3 for 3 or 4 days as a guest of Amina and Nil, before Elisa and Fima became tenants.