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  1. It's been documented here before that it can take only 40 minutes, but this is only when they travel by car. When they use public transport to get there, which is how they travel most of the time, it takes longer.
  2. He doesn't think it's real life, that's what he said in his comment. You clearly didn't understand.
  3. Eva washed two apples at 18:06, she ate one of them while sitting on the balcony, and started to eat the other one shortly before she left. That was the only time she visited the kitchen sink between 18:00 and when she left the apartment at 18:21.
  4. Hakeem came back with the bag that he left with earlier. I don't think it still had the clothes in it, but I can't say for sure. In the kitchen he removed a plastic bag from the bag, took something from the plastic and put it in the fridge, and put the plastic bag with the remainder of it's contents in one of the kitchen cupboards. The bag he left with earlier is now next to the wardrobe in the bedroom. He also had a wedge of cash with him, which he handed to Asia, and which now sits on the table in the living room. Maybe he sold the clothes.
  5. I'm not buying that. I understand that when people are talking in a language that isn't their first language, that they can use the wrong words, but her English is pretty good and I doubt she's saying "you" if she really means "I", especially when she has no trouble using them correctly the rest of the time she's talking to him.
  6. I'm pretty sure she didn't say this the last time, and I don't think either of them are escorts / hookers. I think you're mistaken in what you heard. If she'd really said "The more you pay, the more you get to come" to Hakeem, then how does that make Hakeem the escort when the comment suggests that he's paying her... but then you also claimed you heard that Hakeem was going to be paid by her once they got to her car. Are they both paying each other?
  7. This is bullshit, but by now I expect nothing else from you. There were no guys in the apartment when the apartment went UM, and there were no guys in the apartment when the apartment came back online. Guys (and a girl) arrived about 10 minutes after it came back online. And it's not conclusive that Sofie had sex that morning, each person will have their own opinion about that. There was one time she disappeared to the blind spot in the bathroom with a guy for a few minutes, and then she was under covers in her bed with the same guy. I think they fooled around a little, maybe a handjob, but I don't think they had sex. Either way, you couldn't see anything, so it all comes down to interpretation and imagination. Here's the link to the General Chat page when the apartment goes UM - no guys in the apartment. https://camcaps.net/forums/topic/10070-girls-on-vacation-~-chat-comments-quotes-made-by-noldus-august-2017/?page=30 after that there's 7 pages of people moaning about the UM, as well as the usual orgy under UM nonsense. You can read through that if you want, if not, here's the link to when the apartment comes back online - no guys in the apartment. https://camcaps.net/forums/topic/10070-girls-on-vacation-~-chat-comments-quotes-made-by-noldus-august-2017/?page=37 As for that last part, I think you've completely made that up. It would be helpful if you could give some details about that... and if anyone else knows anything about that last part, please let us know because as far as I'm aware, the only time B2 has been offline for weeks is when they were repairing the broken water pipes and installing new cameras at the end of last year, when Amina and Dalia got moved to B1. And the only tenant at that time that was bringing guys to the apartment was Amina - a visit from her boyfriend Nil, and Aria's ex boyfriend, who she invited to her birthday party.
  8. I foresee that you'll rant about all three since it seems to be all you do. I'm sure you're already familiar with Karina and Amira, they were in B1 with Serafima, and they put on shows with Jenn and Frank in B3.
  9. Yes, the girl in blue is Eva's English tutor... and she still tutors her, their last lesson was on Tuesday.
  10. She undid them in the apartment - 04:09:37 camera 9
  11. There's no maximum. Gina and Lola stayed for 5 months in 2017. Why would it be bullshit if Ginger left after three months? RLC is not the only factor in whether they stay or not. I think in the two and a half years I've been watching, most tenants have left because they wanted to leave, or because their Visa expired. If Ginger does leave after three months, I would say it's likely to be for one of those two reasons and not because of RLC.
  12. She isn't new, she's been to the apartment many times before over the last several months. I wouldn't expect anything from her, she seems like just a friend of theirs, not a sex partner.
  13. The one nearest the camera is Angelina's, and she put another one underneath the camera which I assume is also still there.
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