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  1. The infrared is plugged into the extension socket next to the bed. So are the stupid Christmas lights. There's a switch on the end of the extension socket that turns the power on and off to the whole unit. When she went to pull the plug for the Christmas lights, she accidentally caught the switch and turned the power off to the extension unit, which turned off the infrared. Blair did exactly the same thing two or three months ago when she and Mike were in there to do a show, she went to unplug the Christmas lights just before their show started and caught the switch as she did.
  2. Day/Month/Year - Most of the world uses a different format to Americans.
  3. Thanks, I missed this earlier. I sometimes forget that he talks in English with them. I've had a listen through and added some more. (Curly's friend communicates through the door to Curly that Gina has left) Ulyana: your girlfriend Curly: I have lot of girlfriends Ulyana: Gina Curly: huh? Ulyana: Gina (points towards the hall) Curly: She's not my girlfriend. She thinks that she is... but she's not Ulyana: it's very bad Curly: she's not my problem really Ulyana: I'm very bad girl Curly: huh? Ulyana: I'm very bad girl (smiles) Curly: no bad... (Ulyana laughs) she's not my girlfriend you know Ulyana: I know Curly: so... (shrugs) (they both laugh) Ulyana: it's so funny (Curly starts to get dressed) Curly: I need to see what's going on (Curly blows Ulyana a kiss, she blows one back)
  4. Standard members have a limited number of PM's available. If you or Fagen have reached the limit, you won't be able to send him any. Whoever's inbox is full would need to delete some old ones first. Premium members have unlimited PM's.
  5. They're not celebrating anyone's birthday, it's just a party. There's no cake, no birthday candles, no gifts, and apart from five or six ballons, there's no decorations either. When they toasted with their plastic cups, they said "Happy Birthday" just because it says "Happy Birthday" on the cups. It was just a little joke for their own amusement. They're not celebrating a birthday or even pretending to celebrate one.
  6. and they also shower him with pictures, videos and (made up) information.
  7. After the maintenance guy screwed the shower head back, they had to beat the shit out of him and evict him from the property. 🤣
  8. From your many (and very repetitive) comments over the years, you hate B4 and everyone within. From your comment above, we can see that you've spent at least 2 minutes and 12 seconds watching B4. If this is also the total time that you've watched B4, then that's 100% real life. In order for us gauge how much (or how little) real life is in B4 in relation to that 2 minutes and 12 seconds, we're going to need to know how much time you've spent watching this house that you hate, that's full of people you despise.
  9. You seem to have missed the point of his comment. He's basically saying that there are travel restrictions that are making it diffuclt for tenants to leave and for RLC to bring in replacements, and that the only tenants that have been brought in during these restrictions are those that live in Spain (Gina and Milena). As for the last line of his comment that you quoted, it seems to address Ze81's weird obsession with the "Girls on Vacation" name and his suggestion that most of the tenants live in Spain. Moos is saying that of all the tenants that have stayed in the Girl on Vacation apartments, you can count on one hand the number that actually live in Spain. Nowhere in his comment does he mention anything about "boring repeats" and he isn't saying the pandemic is the reason for their return.
  10. If I'm logged in as a member of RLC, I need to enable Flash to watch it. If I'm not logged in, I can watch the free cameras without enabling Flash.
  11. Many shops are allowed to reopen today in the Czech Republic, also gyms, libraries, etc.
  12. Considering the only reason they're all together in that room is to put on a show for the viewers, it wouldn't make any sense for them to intentionally kill the nightvision. The nightvision is plugged in to the extension socket to the right of the bed and it would seem that RLC doesn't explain this to the tenants. If they're unplugging it or turning it off because they don't know about it, why should they be punished for it? And since this has happened a few times before, it's really quite astonishing that this isn't explained to them during their induction. For me, this is just more incopetence from the management and not the fault of the tenants. The first time I remember the nightvision being unplugged was Nicole and her boyfriend in February 2017. It was just after Estelle left. Nicole's (2nd) boyfriend stayed the night for the first time. He was looking for somewhwere to charge his phone and laptop and pulled out the nightvision to use the socket. Later, when they turned off the lights and people realised what had happened, the forum erupted in anger. Nightvision was off for the whole night. Her boyfriend also stayed the following two nights, but without unplugging the nightvision. The second time I can remember was Aria in summer of 2018. I think she pulled out the nightvision to plug her laptop in, so that she could watch a movie. I think Alexa and maybe one other girl was on the bed with her. After a while, maybe 20 or 30 minutes, she recieved a text from RLC about it and she plugged it back in.
  13. And if this is RLC's new business model, to kick out new girls like Cindy after just one month, but give girls like Loraine and Blair 3 to 4 months, girls who are on their third visit and are responsible for some of the lamest shows in RLC history, then it's time I canceled my subscription and did something else with my time and money. As far as I'm concerned, this is another monumental fuck up from Nora and the RLC management.
  14. I wish people wouldn't keep presenting their own point of view as representative of the entire RLC community, when it clearly is not. And I wonder why some people think that every single tenant should be tailored to their own interests and that every other subscriber should go fuck themselves. I liked Cindy, she was really the only reason that I watched B4. Someone a little different, someone that didn't lie naked on her bed all day pointing her pussy at the camera and regularly masturbating. Someone that didn't do impersonations of Chaturbate performers. After all, if that's what I wanted to watch all day, I'd have started throwing tokens at Chaturbate 3 years ago, instead of subscribing to RLC. And in kicking out girls like Cindy, RLC is molding every tenant to be exactly the same as each other, doing exactly the same shows, behaving exactly the same way. No variety, no diversity. Every tenant in every apartment exactly the same as each other. Every day, every thumbnail is exactly the same. And this is partly why RLC has become so boring these days and why people are unsubscribing. And now Cindy has left, what now for you? How long before you start whining, moaning, bitching and crying about the new girls that have replaced her? 2 days? 3 days? Maybe one day you will come to realise that RLC was never meant for you. I don't know how you haven't realised it yet. If I'd done even a tenth of the whining and moaning that you've done since you started posting here, I'd have canceled my subscription and fucked off a long time ago. But I guess with the way that RLC is going, by the time you've found a couple of brain cells to rub together to spark the thought that there are other sites out there better suited to your tastes, RLC will actually have become the Chaturbate style porn site that you always wanted it to be.
  15. He sounds like the perfect candidate to be your next source of information 😁
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