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  1. Some users do know more than others. To state otherwise is pure idiocy. The people that understand the language, that listen to their conversations, clearly know a lot more. People that focus on just one or two apartments are going to know a lot more. There are people in the Leora Forum that eat, breath, and sleep Leora. It's the only apartment that they watch, it's the only apartment they subscribe for. Surely, they're going to know a lot more about Leora than other Forum users that have little to no interest in her. And it's the same for the R1 apartment. From your history of comments, you didn't even like the R1 apartment for the majority of the time it was online. You hated Kamila, you hated Kaley, and you didn't really start liking Kristy until after the revamp earlier this year, when she started fucking her boyfriend in the apartment regularly. At the same time, there are many people in this Forum whose all time favourite apartment is R1, and whose all time favourite tenant is Kristy, not just since the revamp, but since the apartment first came online. These people have spent a lot more time watching R1 and Kristy, and much more closely, than you ever have and are therefore going to know a lot more. And when every single one of them is saying that Kate never appeared in the apartment, how can you tell them that they're wrong? Especially when you were so adamant yesterday that you'd seen her in the R2 apartment, and you didn't make any connection with Kristy until you read the RLC update.
  2. but when you told Moos that he wouldn't find Kate anywhere in his archives, you were saying exactly the same thing as Ed - that Kate hasn't appeared on RLC before 🤔
  3. I can't recall a single occasion when she's been in the apartment when it's gone UM. You always make shit up about tenants and guests you don't like.
  4. No conspiracy. Just pointing out that lenghty UM's are not unique to Leora in this apartment. I referenced the guy to jog people's memories, anyone that saw him will surely remember him and maybe the UM too. The day I believe any of this nonsense about tenants putting apartments UM to recieve visitors, to have sex with them, etc, is the day I cancel my subscription. And for those that do believe that, if they truly believe it, I wonder why they still subscribe.
  5. The previous tenants were in the apartment for only three weeks, during this time I remember at least one UM, which lasted over 24 hours. A guy completely covered in tattoos was sat on the sofa when it came back online.
  6. Rosalie isn't in a lesbian relationship... you've misunderstood her comment.
  7. Harley's source has joined the project 😁 Maybe he'll finally get something right...
  8. They both have tattoos on their upper back, but the tattoos are completely different. Are we to believe that every girl in the world with a tattoo on their upper back, regardless of what that tattoo is, is part of the same group, and that group is lead by Serafima? What a ridiculous man you are.
  9. I'm sure I've read comments from him before that he doesn't like lesbians. I think it's this, not the quality of your pictures, that he's downvoting.
  10. If all he wants is to fuck, then why didn't he fuck her in the bedroom when she was telling him to fuck her?
  11. It says when her boyfriend joins her, the apartment will reappear in the couples on vacation category.
  12. Somebody already posted about this here. https://camcaps.net/forums/topic/13854-hello/ You need to be logged out of your RLC account for it to work.
  13. I don't think they erased anything. The cameras in b2 haven't been loading for 2 - 3 hours, but everyone was busy watching B4 so didn't notice.
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