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  1. Now that Martina is gone, Alberto can play computer games all day and not have to look for a job Wait, he already does that!😄
  2. Hi Marga,

    We used to have some nice chats with Harry, and a few others, some good , some not

    Maybe I will catch you in cc sometine  Just learning how cc works 😐

  3. curious101


    I am new to this site and wondering how do I get to Kitek's latest comments when I log on? I have been doing searches, but don't really get his actual posts. Thanks
  4. Hi, I am new to CC, but been on rlcf for a while. Seems you guys have the same gripes we do. I emailed rlc, but they said there are no plans to change Barca 2 in the future. I guess it is up to us whether we wan't to put up with their lack of concern, or drop out and maybe come back when they start listening.
  5. I agree with you completely. I was a big fan of K and K but lately it is just the K and bf apt. My favorite is Kristy, so I am kind of disappointed right now. I enjoy Kami and bf, but I really miss Kristy. I think these girls, or at least Kristy, are moving on with their lives and have outgrown rlc.
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