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  1. To Whoever complained,
    just tell me...
    Even fate without you,
    has abandon me...
    Like a flower lonely,
    lives without you my feelings...
    The light of hope,
    in my heart has gone off...
    Uh,I wish I didn't know your love ...
    My heart was sleeps,
    without ache or pain...
    Since you are gone...
    My feelings became asleep,
    on the crying bed...
    Like a butterfly I fly,
    with no road...
    And lost her way,
    at sea of the oblivion...
    Uh, Whoever complained,
    just tell me darling...
    wish if I didn't love you ..
    Maybe heaven won't,
    heard up my words has crying...
    And maybe you didn't sees,
    my tears on face on moon...
    Lost, sad, i'm without you,
    Even life of my heart,
    is have no meaning...
    Uh Just tell me,
    if this world is harsh with me,
    to whoever uh gonna should complained.

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