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  1. Mrs.Cigarette : Hey Mr Saxobeat! 
    savior. What did you call me?
    Mrs. Cigarette:Oh isn't it true... 
    Or just i say:Mr coinsbeat..😋
    Savior: Hush. Not kidding with
    me... 🤨
    Mrs Cigarette : ok Mr trash of jokes😋
    Savior. Doesn't matter, laughe as you wanna... 
    Mrs Cigarette :What your new secert and told me truth🤗
    Savior: we works onto new features one of them is a coins function 
    Mrs. Cigarette :A Coins Feature and about what it function?
    Savior:Why you do really ask?
    Mrs Cigarette :Oh Just asking! my curiosity gonna killing me!
    Savior:It was one of our plans or one of  our inspiration (a big leap)...
    We would like to make our relationship intimate with our customers...
    And with all participants in our project.
    Just a way to donate or contribute... 
    We would be make some goodness for our society who we love ...
    Mrs Cigarette :You lie! 
    Savior:Nope i don't.. 🤨
    Mrs Cigarette :But that's bad way
    Like as used Bras and used pants market gallery! 😋
    Mrs. Cigarette :It's give chance for stranger requests from a participates 
    Oh. By the way, this method has been and still is so common on the CB sites
    It's as a modern way from night hotel with
    a stripper... 
    And against your logo, Real people, Real lives.. 
    Savior:You have a wrong idea... 
    With misunderstanding, 
    About that idea!
    Mrs.Cigarette :Oh.Tell me what is correct?
    Mrs Cigarette :Hey the correct.That's Makes any woman or any participater at insecure... 
    Savior:Hey Mrs. cigarette Why of that?
    Mrs Cigarette :Because if i join in your project? 
    Savior:Hope that happens! 
    Mrs. Cigarette:Huh. In your dreams Bastard! 
    just hush, let me say.. 
    If there a creepy guy might stalker me, 
    or sneak upon me, if he wanna me so badly, 
    You just give him way to do what his wanna... 
    You gave him a legal way for makes me to respond with all his requests
    without any objection from by side me, Because i signed up a contract with your site...
    Savior:Not true!
    Who told you that?
    Mrs Cigarette :You How do know? You Can't identify or recognize him or them! 
    And by of what? 
    By the @... 
    Well i gonna laughe...😂 
    Plus when the money is talking, 
    Everyone will shut up...
    Ain't it's true..
    Savior:money it's the world golden rule... 
    Do you not lives with us in modern world
    That is a short way to heaven.! 
    Mrs cigarette : nope, that way is a road to hell, 
    And the road to hell? 
    it always is begins with good intentions...
    Ya Mr bitcoins:You put each woman or tenant or participant in your project into risky positions.. 
    And you not have capacity to helps them Even if you wanna! 
    Ya Mr Saxobeat. again, cursed on you
    With curse onto your site!😏

    Signature: 🚬Mrs. Cigarette 🚬

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