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  1. Courtney announces him that she is pregnant and she needs money for future Big catastrophe for him. ( last conversation please somebody translate that conversation that can be the reason why Courtney stays with him and the bigger breast that she has)
  2. Cadon with fresh cuthair and beard shaved ,sober(seems) from his arrival discuss with Courtney Each one take some notes and speak about point noted . If you take attention Cadon uses a lot the word"ia" (that means I in russian ) nota: we need a translator familar with popular russian language able to resume the conversation
  3. Midnight and no Cadon in apart , Courtney is teasing with open legs
  4. what think about a guy who wears unicorns?How old mentally?
  5. What we see don't go to end the relation between Courtney and Cadon I am disappointed with the Courtney behaviour and if she looses all her friends don't look for an other responsive than herself
  6. I was speaking in her life in general for the moment she must unhook from Cadon who has many difficulty to admit that Courtney has a social life without him.They are speaking through the door of bedroom maybe this comment in double
  7. Courtney is back hope she will pay more attention choosing her next boyfriend like companion
  8. Lisa & Grant and Shani are relocated in ex apart of Nadia and Obi
  9. and the drama Alcohol + jealousy + idiocy = fight and offline
  10. Party for birthday ( Cadon ?) 2 girls for 4 men boring party but can finish by a drama ( Cadon is a jealous man)
  11. 2 nights that Courtney don't stay in apartment, Cadon sleeps alone and don't see Courtney when she comes back. Why he don't understand that Courtney has enough of his behavior
  12. they argue again and now offline Cadon is very nervous and gesticulates a lot
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