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  1. Kira in panties with a medal on neck chain, without tattoo ,Nina naked and black hair (for the moment ) with little hair bun and some tattoos (arm-neck....)
  2. @Amy3 Thanks but you are many to do good job For the present it's difficult to choose one realm to follow(cammers-porn actors (amateurs -no many scripts)- boring specially men(drunks-machos-selfish.....) I shall wait for a next tenant with more real life thanks to all and see you soon Have a nice day bye
  3. Realm 59 ( Misty ) is out list Misty is leaving VHTV to live with Vania Wish her a better life than with Kyle Bye Misty give us some news time to time 😥😪💔🖤🍀
  4. Misty's suitcase is ready in bedroom Would she leave very soon ?
  5. first smoke break and after to sleep Misty is very happy good night folks See you tomorrow have nice dreams
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