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  1. when you go back, the decline of the apartments under the management of Anna and Alex started with Anna's pregnancy and the various changes of apartments, but also with the rise of pornography to satisfy more and more lovers of porn and less voyeurs.
  2. It's a joke the watermelon didn't move. Due to the shortage of light is difficult to see but it is present.
  3. Where is the "WATERMELON" ? someone took him away, footprints are visible on the ground
  4. Nina relaxing in tub Kira has pain in kitchen (less than one week to wait before enter in clinic)
  5. Kira in panties with a medal on neck chain, without tattoo ,Nina naked and black hair (for the moment ) with little hair bun and some tattoos (arm-neck....)
  6. @Amy3 Thanks but you are many to do good job For the present it's difficult to choose one realm to follow(cammers-porn actors (amateurs -no many scripts)- boring specially men(drunks-machos-selfish.....) I shall wait for a next tenant with more real life thanks to all and see you soon Have a nice day bye
  7. Realm 59 ( Misty ) is out list Misty is leaving VHTV to live with Vania Wish her a better life than with Kyle Bye Misty give us some news time to time 😥😪💔🖤🍀
  8. Misty's suitcase is ready in bedroom Would she leave very soon ?
  9. they are back with a lot of shopping bags
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