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  1. Of course. I immediately canceled after the Russian cut of RLC.
  2. I was asked this kind of photo to get an electronic Mastercard a long time ago when I was banned from RLC: IP change and name change.
  3. For the moment, it is still only a project.🍀 It would be for the end of winter, February / March. But do not worry, there will be some photos on Instagram: Nina & Kira in St Tropez, Nina & Kira in Cannes, Nice, Monaco ... and why not in Italy?😎 I live in the south, so there will not be Nina & Kira in Paris, sorry.😉
  4. Hey, guys, Kira just told me that they would probably accept my invitation to France! I hope this will materialize. 😁😛
  5. From the words I caught, it was about the band, the music, etc. And it's Kira with her health concerns that has comforted her!🙄
  6. When I met them in August, they told me they were paying the rent themselves. At the time, Nina told me that Kira had a job as a manager, maybe a service work, in addition to the rock band to manage. But since then, things have changed, I think. I hope they have income that I don't know ... I suggested that they make a Patreon, but would we be enough to feed it? and thus avoid the overcosts of the cam sites.
  7. The prices are close to what we pay in France, I was surprised last summer compared to the summer of 2018. The ruble has risen! Or the Euro has fallen?
  8. The apartment is no longer in the city center, they have moved about ten kilometers from their old home.
  9. Here is a similar apartment. Our girls rented it in another agency with a rent a little more expensive but, loads included. If it contravenes the rules it is only to remove it, there is no address or personal information I think.
  10. Consider that we are their sponsors and that intermediary organizations are very expensive. It's more rewarding.😁 Even if it's the same!😉
  11. Last news, Kira just "reassured" me: I thought she was going to work, but she's only going to see her doctor. It is not appendicitis. She will have to undergo an intervention shortly and she is under medical control. That's all folks!
  12. Nina said that Kira must undergo laparoscopy, but Kira does not want to.
  13. It is not appendicitis. Or, Russian surgeons are very strong.
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