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  1. Glad to see Kira having a blast on the drums. She really works seriously! I like!
  2. I wonder if the selection is really effective on CC. Certain did not even leave primary school, it spoils the debate a bit, it seems to me
  3. My IQ, (163), is fine thank you, maybe a little too high for this assembly ... so naive. I know that certain "detectives" have found infoemation on the villa. I know the address but I was trying to save time and I would not have thought you would be part of the quarry. And I did well. I requested a Personal Message! This supposes that those who do not know anything, do not laugh. Apparently you are part of it Naga, and you come down to the mediocre level for laughing rather than ignoring. I will dig on my own, but I believe my free access gifts will be very limited from now on. Laugh m
  4. I made a mistake asking for information in this subject, I was looking near B4 and I thought that some were better informed than me. I was wrong, the IQ remained below the national level of many countries. Please excuse me and especially FORGET ME!
  5. Keep your dick for you (and your wife), I have mine and I use judiciously. Not for our Girls who are my friends. I just want to offer them hollydays in Barça and Cadaquès. You know all now.
  6. But what would Mrs Naga give me for certain indications? Oh, and it's not a joke.
  7. Hey guys, does anyone have the contact details of the agency renting a villa next door to b4? I am planning to spend a few days in Barça in July with my girlfriends from Russia, and it would be nice to have a neighborhood of the same language. I know B1 and B2 but the neighborhoods is less pleasant, so ... And the pool... answer in MP, of course.
  8. I am really surprised at the outcry over this shower session. How old are you? They look like kids in primary school! Even the elderly have understood the movement of "liberation of the body" and as some have said if Martina and her brother were brought up in the "Hippie" fashion, nudity is not abnormal between them. It seems to me that your prejudices and assumptions are even more vicious than the fact of being voyeurs on a site where ultimately we do not hide to be. This puritanism strikes me as a very hipocritical attitude. But hey, that's my opinion, and everyone thinks as little as
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