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  1. Oh! I am so proud! Nina showing her guests the sculpture of Freddy Mercury and the lithophanies that I gave them. Almost a whole shelf! it's glory!
  2. Or sometimes piping noises? I know, I know, plumber one day ...👨‍🔧
  3. At the same location. I saw a small Bosch "6 place settings" at a fair price, but with plumbing installation. I understand our dear friends for having chosen simplicity. Everyone knows that labor is expensive in Russia as elsewhere.
  4. Ok, I understand the problem! They needed a dishwasher and they came across the description of this: without installation, no plumbing! So of course it was the easiest. Next year when I'll go to see them I will install another one for them. After all I was a plumber when I worked.😁
  5. It is the same beauty as "The origin of the world" by Gustave Courbet, and in addition it is a person that we love and admire for anything other than her sex. I don't speak about the cat.
  6. I think it is the good plan.
  7. We also have the cat measurements, but it's not the same story.
  8. look at the previous page and you will see the plan of the apartment. It was the goal.
  9. OMG I didn't even know it existed!
  10. Speaking of time, we must not forget to also spend "on" Karina & Masha, otherwise this apartment will not gain anything and our friends will still lose. So sacrifice yourself and watch the little blonde and her friends for a few hours! Or, let a PC run on it when you're not there ...
  11. I'm more worried about the # 6 on its radiator, but I think it will have moved by the winter. Let's give them a little time, it's not easy to adapt to these new conditions. They are intelligent, they will do what has to be done. Give time to time.
  12. It's an old building, it's coordinated.
  13. Стёпа и Митя = Stiopa and Mitya
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