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  1. Indeed it seems more logical to film the concerts of the group, it will be better than with the phone. When I talked about wiring (humor), this camera had not appeared yet, and it seems to me that Le5b0 spoke of "garlands duck"
  2. Yes they have, I ate an excellent red fruit duck at Pulkovo Radisson before flying back. I ate very well in Russia in general, that's why I go back.😉
  3. As we talked about innocence, I give you a little anecdote: When I was in St Petersburg this summer, it arrived two or three times that I go wait for them at the exit of the studio. They were happy to find me there and go with me to their car chatting. It was exactly as if I was waiting for friends outside the office to go for a coffee. We simply chatted and I never felt anything troubling about what they were saying. Don't be afraid, I assure you they did not tell me what you had asked for in private shows.🤐 Only two young women after work.
  4. I do not understand anything, but maybe they're going to hook up their own Cam-Studio?🤔
  5. Pour les avoir rencontrées et côtoyées à plusieurs reprises je peux vous dire que en réalité il y a vraiment de l'innocence dans ces filles. Rappelez vous que les pays baltes n'ont pas la même approche que nous par rapport à la nudité et au sexe, elles ne sont pas pudiques en général. Pour elles qui ne donnent pas dans le "porno" mais dans l'amour elles ne pensent pas à mal: elles nous donnent ce que nous voulons et en retirent un petit "bénéfice", il s'agit là, à mon avis de système D simplement. @ Le5b0, I told them about Camcaps the last time I went there and it does not interest them, they told me they have enough of their problems without needing ours. Regardons les vivre s'exhibant avec une innocence naturelle, ou bien le contraire je ne sais plus...
  6. Indeed, it's excellent Refazer! Thank you for these images.😁
  7. Hello English speakers friends, can someone explain to me what a "marketer" is? That's the job Kira told me she does.
  8. No, any "like", it's not porn but only love.❤️🤗
  9. You just have to ask : "Yes, I've been working for a week. It's still hard, but it will get easier and easier over time. We also have terrible weather, it rains every day. And it is dirty too)))" I don't know the conditions of health insurance in Russia, but I think it's harder than in France to have compensation for sick leave.
  10. Off topic, I do not know where to post this post🤔: Did you think yesterday to wish Kamila a happy birthday?😁
  11. I don't understand, translate "suger Duck" please🤔
  12. Admittedly, I am naive, I am only recounting my personal experience and I have never supported either Putin or another politician of the same kind. I have no desire to act against this government, nor against mine, which is not much better and I am sure that yours is not better on your island. I am cautious and in addition I am lucky to be part of the middle class and I would have nothing to gain by any claim. Besides, I was only transmitting information without political intention.
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