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    I love women, but I've never been sexually with any... is not easy.
    I look at my mom differently... as a beautiful woman and not as a mother... is that wrong ?
    I've had some intimacies with her and loved it... but I can not talk about it.

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  1. Since that pornlink member appeared here (I do not know if it was coincidence) but this site has never been the same. And, apparently, nobody can solve what is wrong... it's a pity...
  2. Ok... thanks But i dont mind we all speak in english... i even need to practice it... but i understand tour explanation. TC
  3. Olá eu sou brasileira e possívelmente quase ninguém entende o que eu estou falando. E o meu idioma é um dos mais falados em todo o mundo (eu anexei uma tabela) Hi, I'm Brazilian and possibly nobody understands what I'm talking about. And my language is one of the most talked about in the world (I've attached a table) Why dont we all speak English, which seems to be the language most understand ? I ask this question because there are a lot of people speaking other languages that I do not understand... it's just an idea... Mandarim – 1.051 milhões – China, Malásia e Taiwan. Hindi – 565 milhões – Índia, regiões norte e central. Inglês – 545 milhões – EUA, Reino Unido, partes da Oceania. Espanhol – 450 milhões – Espanha e Américas. Árabe – 246 milhões – Oriente Médio, Arábia, África do Norte. Português – 218 milhões – Brasil, Portugal, Angola. Bengalês – 171 milhões – Bangladesh, nordeste da Índia. Russo – 145 milhões – Rússia e Ásia Central. Francês – 130 milhões – França, Canadá, oeste e centro da África. Japonês – 127 milhões – Japão.
  4. Juliana


    ok... here is my best joke... sorry my bad english, i hope you understand me... 5 guys went to a train station... they already drank too much, but the next train still takes time and they went to the bar to drink more. When the train arrives they start running... 4 got in and one was so drunk that he could not get in. Someone told him: omg you are so drunk... look at you... you could not even get on the train. And he replied: and I was the only one who was going to travel... the others came just to say goodbye to me.
  5. Only saying i have this vid about 1 year, and asking if there are new ones... sorry my english, maybe i didnt explain it well. Take care...
  6. old vid... more than 1 year... any recent one ?
  7. play vid... right click on it and... save as...
  8. I already have this video for some time. but instead of 54m my video takes 1h35m
  9. this is nothing ... on this day the train disappeared... (Video Content No Longer Available)
  10. Thanks for the answer letsdothis. Thats it... it is condensed now... thanks for the explanation and for the tips StnCld316. Take care both... Ju
  11. the forum is changed... now, to check if there are new RLC vids i need to go to Activity and scroll down a few hours... is there any other easy way ? (sorry my english) Ju
  12. when I try to open the RLC page, I get a table to login... I cannot see the free apartments anymore... does this mean I'm blocked ? Does anyone know how to circumvent the situation ? I'm finding a video here, another one here, here's the last one I found... (Video Content No Longer Available)
  13. ur right... its exclusively the choice of the uploader
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