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  1. Perhaps the bird should be trained for eyebrow care 🐦 👩‍🦱
  2. It looks like a machine with wheels. Aren't you the expert ??? 😉
  3. Oho, two new roommates: unicorn and duck!
  4. It seems to me that there were clearly more girls / women than boys / men (among the two-legged friends). :-))
  5. September 12-13, 11 am to 9 pm Loft Project Etagi 150 rubles And for a fluffy and cute experience, there is the Welsh Corgi Festival at the Loft Project Etagi art space. It is a great event to relieve stress after a long and hard week, hang out with marvelous corgis, and take countless photos for your Instagram. There is also a photo exhibition, a collection of funny videos, talks on the history of the breed, its taste preferences, and a lot of other useful things. Sounds like a lot of fun and cuteness overload!
  6. ... and Kira's new book is out !!!
  7. I see an interesting large package in the hall🥁
  8. The guest cat was up and under the living room sofa most of the time today. While Kira was in the kitchen, Nina fed the cat and also fell down the stairs (Cam 2)
  9. Nina and Kira stayed in the high-rise apartment for just three months. They moved in on March 23rd. and moved out about June 20th (I believe).
  10. Once again someone well known is visiting, someone with four legs!
  11. WWW.MACTECHNEWS.DE Klassiker >:-]
  12. YES!!!! DE admires the apartment👀
  13. Hey, it's Christmas in four months and winter is just around the corner. It is important to start knitting in good time, for Christmas gifts and icy times.
  14. 🐱🐱🐦🐦:we are bored!!!
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