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  1. A new girl in town, soory in tube 🤩
  2. Nice Video. But: I prefer music in bathroom* then russian TV *something like HOTEL CALIFORNIA by EAGLES 😍
  3. Even when snoring Kira is beautiful
  4. Snow in St.P., but naked breakfast, brrrrr
  5. I can only hear the slideshow 😞
  6. yes, looks very good. Its looks like my meal yesterday ©️
  7. I think the Wedding was in January 2016, so it should be: perhaps the date of their first official date, becoming 'girlfriends' so long ago❤️❤️
  8. and hundreds of candles. ROMANTIC
  9. the outfit for next cb evening 😲
  10. The light in the bathroom was "kaputt"
  11. They are playing: 500 злобных карт ("500 Malicious Cards") is a Russian-language adaptation of Cards Against Humanity.
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