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  1. 88/5000 Maybe there will be a sequel soon? This morning at 7:50 am Kira was the technician.
  2. Camera 5 has an interesting perspective! 12:00
  3. Sunday lunchtime: I like Kira's new hairstyle (or is it a hat)
  4. By the way: Nina and Kira took Sugar Duck with them this evening whether the two have been away for a long time?
  5. Saint Petersburg is also a bit more north than Phoenix. 59 ° 56 'N - 33 ° 27' N
  6. yes, the same table, the same foot just as she got up from the couch 01:40
  7. outsh Kira and the table don't become friends
  8. we need a topic about which we write here in the forum😉 it's probably all part of the big plan👀
  9. Thanks a lot, domy! You are really generous.💋
  10. I think that is unfortunately a bit optimistic.
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