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  1. It won't be boring today: online - offline - online - offline - online ...🥴
  2. Yes, a good idea. But I don't think it will become a reality.
  3. A little cat for Masha.... ...or maybe for Nina?
  4. ISP=FAI=INTERNETDIENSTANBIETER english-french-german 🙂
  5. A new tattoo for the fifth wedding anniversary 👀
  6. Maybe they want to hear the loud barking dogs from the neighborhood better.🐕🤫
  7. If someone pushes the curtain aside a little at camera three on the left, then it will be warm and cozy for me too😉
  8. Allen ein gesundes glückliches neues Jahr 2021 Happy New Year!!!!!!!
  9. A year-end miracle: the four residents hardly leave the house, the stream works
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