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  1. That guy first came to the apartment I think last October they both went to a Music Festival they came back with admission wrist bands on. He slept in the then guest room and the next morning they both left probably for a day in the city. Leora come home later alone. He has been to the apartment a few times to stay over for the night when he's in Prague I think he's a good guy the last time he was there 2 nights Leora let him use her key card to go out shopping so he must be a good trustworthy friend. when he's there in the morning he neatly folded the sheets off the couch tidy up has a showe
  2. Looking Absolutely Radiant Today and a Beautiful Smile That Complements the Twinkle in your Eyes You are one Amazing Lady Leora.
  3. Well Said. Like that quote ( "The facts as I see them"..) Maybe I could use this quote when I express an opinion Also. It would certainly stop any escalation to a comment.
  4. Not sure about how to use them. Good to see that little Guy Singing and Dancing Again.
  5. Remember that she put the assortment on the bed at the side of the locker I often wondered was Leora showing Malia the different types so she could get some for herself but as usually I was wrong
  6. I chuckle when Leora showed Malia her new purchase and gave her a commentary on it. Haven't figured out was she impressed or not.
  7. Hi Kuutamomies Just put a comment before yours think its the one she purchase last week your talking about She showed it to Malia in the kitchen
  8. She did purchase another black one similar to the other smaller one but its flexible and more realistic last week. She used it on 9/12/20 and again last Sunday Night The one your speaking of was Amazing when she used the suction cup on the Bed Headboard 9/01/20
  9. Might come under miscellaneous expenses.
  10. Doesn't look like there's any intention of putting the kitchen chair back from the bathroom. That's always been a bone of contention since Leora removed it that's my opinion. Well Played Leora the kitchen chair is back where it should be
  11. What a Magnificent Weekend Thank You Leora. Stay Strong with that Tension in the Apartment at Present You don't need that with a persistent sore throat and cough. Take Good Care of Yourself Leora. Leora has broke whatever the Tension was shes full of chat to Malia now Well done
  12. A Beautiful Start to the Day and a Outstanding Finish to the Evening and a Wiggle in the Kitchen , Can't Beat That, Thank You Leora.
  13. Completely agree with your Sentiments
  14. What a Beautiful Lady. What a Great Start To a New Day. Thanks Leora.
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