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  1. You say you remember when Leora moved to Prague Do you remember the extremely offensive and insulting comments you made about her it was barbaric. Now you say she doesn't speak English. Leora has spoke English many times since 2013, When she arrived in Prague she was communicating in English and German on the phone and not at street level you seem to have selective memory.
  2. This could be what Leora needs 3 full days living with him might help her figure out if this guy is right for her and who is at fault with all the arguments. Hope it helps Leora make the right decision for a stress free New Year
  3. He's a good guy but what Malia done bringing drugs into the apartment and tarnished Leora reputation everyone knows she against drugs, As you can see I'm not blaming Denis as it was not him that supplied the drugs it was Malia She has let herself down and showed a lack of respect and disgraceful behaviour towards Leora The fans and the Apartment.
  4. Not sure about that Leora turned the lights off on the Christmas tree when she got up the last time she done that she wasn't home that night. The time after that Denis turned them off before he left normally there left on all the time It would be a nice surprise if she does return.
  5. I applaud your optimism and sincerely hope your right for the next 180 days and for going the distance good or bad with Leora . I have to say I renewed last week but reduced it to 90 days with replay I just want to see how everything works out after the border is opened. Like I said before I'm only here because of Leora its been a long fascinating journey since 2013 and I for one am staying till Leora or rlc call it a day then I'm gone
  6. Wow hard to believe Leora is still buying Paul's clothes and Food , Back in Russia she come home with new clothes and make him put them on to check they fitted to her liking Also a guy used to call with boxes of sneakers shoes she also checked they fitted him perfect she most likely orders from him too. Amazing she's still doing all this
  7. Considering he left his trade marks on her neck left side visible briefly when she was washing her face nasty ones it could be the reason for no shower might be more ???
  8. That was a great day yesterday hope there is a repeat today Leora on her own in her apartment doing her own thing, It was a breath of fresh air to see Leora going for a run excising and generally pampering herself sure she was happy with the freedom to do all this without been followed around and to have her bedroom alone to do her media and social catch up and be in contact with Paul during the afternoon and night ( I don't need to know what they were speaking about it seemed warmhearted and that's good enough for me) In the replays at one time she had the first 2 lines nailed to me this says
  9. This is the real Leora came home last night cleaned her apartment to the standards she likes. Its a long time since I seen Leora in bed at 1am doing her phone media and watching a movie Regardless of what other's say Leora loves her own company and is taking advantage of Malia been away . Then to see a beautiful start to a new day amazing. It's been a extremely surprising afternoon with another beautiful and sensual bate. Like I said this the real Leora and she's with us today. Doesn't look like shes going anywhere but even if she goes out for the night its been a great day so far.
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