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  1. curious

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    why did u post this? they have a discussion at aout buying a bicycle through internet and other boring things...
  2. curious

    Nina & Kira - Pictures (2018)

    have we ever seen any of them masturbatng? personally cant recall..
  3. curious

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    watching the last video of them i believe i am once again confirmed that ok he is clueless and sexualy uneducated, but the lack of passion is not his fault. if you observe HER, all her moves and poses are ONLY FOR THE CAMERA! no matter how much you like/love a woman, when she has sex WITH you and you understand tht she is NOT doing it FOR you.... u cant feel passion... my personal opinion.
  4. classic fake squirting in porn vids.. its obviously a piss!!!! its is YELLOW! squirt is like water... could have some drops of piss as using same paths but squirt is not piss and is not yellow! some women have the feeling to squirt while orgasming but they stop cause it is similar to pee -need and they are scared they could piss during sex. SQUIRT is not PISS
  5. curious

    Eva & Sam - Videos (2018)

    destroyed file.. plays only few seconds.. thks anyway!
  6. curious

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    a pretending front cover.. but thts a long, dangerous discussion... lol
  7. curious

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    thks for the uploading although starts being boring... i believe would be nice if she would start squirting...
  8. curious

    Maya - Videos (2018)

    in my opinion you have only alerted them...
  9. curious

    Maya - Videos (2018)

    u cant beat em...
  10. curious

    Kitty & Smith - Videos (2018)

    ahhh ok. thanks.
  11. curious

    Kitty & Smith - Videos (2018)

    nath seems tht suddenly u received much "appreciation" due to your uploads (which i can say were very very good cause they were expected for long time) and seems tht suddenly you feel unreachale.. my friend i did not offend you, although i could say tht all this willing to beat DMCA (which is impossile) together with the file types' changing could be suspicious. i only suggested something. may i? or should i ask permition?
  12. curious

    Kitty & Smith - Videos (2018)

    it is realy hard to understand all this willing to beat the DMCA nath... no need to be genius to understand tht it has nothing to do with copy/paste or direct posting.... it is all at posting links here in public. i propose to forget all and keep uploading to mab for even 48hrs. whoever is fast or lucky ok...
  13. if you want my opinion stop listening all those coming begging. you do fantastic work!!! while you are not obliged! so you upload what you fnd or record and we all hope to be lucky enough to catch! STOP TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYBODY NATH!
  14. i think irma could pretend better. today all barca is a bunch of camgirls paid in free vacation and nothing more!
  15. i wish she does something with tht eyebrows... cant even look at her...