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  1. She should stay with her kid... Not so attractive for my eyes. I dont know what is wrong with her but she seems like she lost much weight unhealthy..
  2. finaly some true voyeurism. instead of chaturbate cam girls' positions and staged lives... she enters bath... piss and have a shower.. normal acts of people! love to watch!
  3. curious

    Nina & Kira - Videos (2018)

    i am not sure if all those pics posting of their privt lives and personal life are allowed in cc. mods assistance would be appreciated.
  4. curious

    Nina & Kira - Videos (2018)

    following picture was his avatar when i said "it is kira" (meaning his photo). Image Removed
  5. First of all (i think) most vids you post, are found on other sites and they are not yours. Also the "likes" is not a meter of power. If it was, mine would be stronger lol. I took most of my likes also posting vids from other sites since i am freeloader of course instead of subscriber, just to help people who couldnt download from there. I m not an egoist. I just expressed an opinion. It is hard to follow a thread of recycling. Thts why i proposed a new thread with the appropriate title of old vids.
  6. Scutus wouldnt be better to open another thread specially for such old vids? what mods say on tht?
  7. curious

    Nina & Kira - Videos (2018)

    the pic i believe is fm Kira... lol
  8. Cant understand (even with google translator) if you ask me. if you ask me, i did not say personaly for you. there are gigas of vids from these girls from this apt. its boring to recycle (in my opinion always) same old vids
  9. pls dont start now recycling of the terabytes of VERY OLD vids of this apt
  10. curious

    Adeline & Markus - Videos (2018)

    wtf... how happens and these new visitors are bdsm involved alsolike the previous lol?
  11. curious

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    there are sexier and more experienced than her in cam sites... she would be in the middle of the scale instead the top of rlc and her income would dive deep... are u kidding?
  12. curious

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    u must be kidding... lol
  13. curious

    Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    look at me.. i do my best to make you horny. help me pay the rent
  14. curious

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    dont open then. anyway you can use adblock
  15. hahahaa paul left... he let her pay the rent.. and of course now he ll be back soon! so spontaneous and non staged...