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  1. HAHAHAHA you are so far from reality. i ve been in many 3somes with 2 women my friend. i just find her a. ugly and b.miserable. a. i dont like her body shape. although i like tatoos generaly, hers are ugly for me cause are huge for her tiny body. showing to me she is very insecure. b. miserable for her "living arrangement" 1. she lived with demid being obviously unhappy (free rent) 2. tried (unsuccessfully) to stay in VH (free rent) 3.Stays with M & S sharing a man not only for sex. (free rent) MY OWN conclusion? lazy and miserable! trying to stuck somehow somewhere no matter how. thats my opinion. i m not just trolling. i dont write here expecting you or anyone else to agree. i write what i believe. thts why the forum is instead of worshiping and fake politenes. no?
  2. we are idiots cause we express our negative opinion for a tenant (which i believe is normal - we cant like everybody and never demanded to be liked by all others) but you, talking to that tenant, hoping she reads or cares (!!!) are a genius. ok! no comments!
  3. you cannot imagine how much i agree with you. i find her miserable. she lives as parasite no matter if she has good or bad life.
  4. could we find a vid of her squirting if non members of vh?
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  6. curious

    Nicole & Karl

    lol... there are lots of her pix & vids all over, since she was with rlc. hard to explain but hope she ll leave the mask behind soon.
  7. curious

    Adeline & Markus - Videos (2018)

    she always seems bored while fucking... cant say if its markus' fault. she seems to be a little bit asexual. pity cause she is so sexy!!
  8. curious

    Nicole & Karl

    Whats with the mask?? Nicole was not shy till now...
  9. curious

    Ulyana & Marat - Videos 2018

    στο mab μενουν 2-3 μερες
  10. curious

    Nicole & Karl

    seriously now? u thought they ll put permanently sofa in front of refrigerator???? lol
  11. curious

    Nicole & Karl

    u must be kidding... hahahahaha nice!
  12. curious

    Nicole & Karl

    in rlc was as Nicole
  13. she must perform ... she is the one paying the bills with her performances - noone cares for paul - the less paul is in the picture the best for her performances simple as that