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  1. There is far to much mudslinging between posters ..THEY NEED TO GROW UP
  2. For a long time i enjoyed reading this forum. But it's become VERY CHILDISH to read on who is better than the other ,Just grow up and put your toys back in your Prams ( stroller)
  3. Come on its all planed......She has a New man in her life ...today has just shown that
  4. Shame its not worth the new membership fees for only 8 apartments
  5. Reallifecam is of air in the UK ...... 502 Bad Gateway nginx
  6. Hi All I have found this on another site Due to local government restrictions, we were forced to temporarily stop broadcasting. We will resume work soon. For all of our subscribers, the term of membership will be extended by the number of days, twice as long as the lack of broadcast time. (LIFEUNDERCAM)
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