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  1. thanks you for all your recent and past contributions.

    good job mate!

  2. Link please for me too if possible. Thanks
  3. Hey Domus, Great job, I remember this video, it was right after her trip to Iceland. I "fell" for her after I saw this video. Before Iceland, she was more on the "shy side", but right after she became a "sexual machine", she was so horny that week, that's when I really noticed her on RLC. I was talking about a video in bed with light BDSM, on internet this video was labeled Martina and "Alberto Anal Hardcore Sex" Nevertheless, great work Mate!
  4. Great work Domus! Since you have old videos of M&A, do you happen to have the one where Martina is tied up to the bed while they are doing light BDSM? Thanks Mate!!!
  5. I also agree with you Yelt. Give credit to Alberto, it takes courage to share your lover with someone else and also with all of us. He will welcome back Martina tomorrow wit open arms. I just hope she will not make a scene just like last time (after Valencia) if Alberto eats while she talks about her night with Nelly. Sorry Martina, too easy 🤣
  6. When they have sex, Bogdan is still not cumming inside. Tough to get pregnant???
  7. Love you too Martina! Thanks Alberto for letting her be herself👋👋
  8. Thanks for the clarification, really helpful. We are getting ridiculous with the speculations.
  9. Come on guys!!! We have no proof she's "doing" guys outside the apartment. The translators can't even confirm "Michael" exist!!!!
  10. I might be wrong but I don't recall seen a recent video of Nelly having a creampie from Bogdan???
  11. Don't understand the language enough... I will wait for their translation.
  12. Around what time the conversation about Michael took place?
  13. On Alberto's defense, it must be hard to find a decent job while you are still an active participant of RLC, right? Help me out here: Bogdan is on the payroll, Bruno is a DJ, Tibor is??? and Dantez is ??? what about Smith (beside cutting Pepik's hair)...
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