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  1. As always, it is a pleasure to see Leora alone ... I haven't seen her live for a long time and today I really enjoyed her sensuality and eroticism ... thank you my pretty girl for making me feel alive ... a kiss for your lips.
  2. Megan is an interesting girl, she knows how to clean a sea bass (fish) she is beautiful and very hot, interesting girl
  3. good night everyone ... I don't want to talk anymore in this forum ... it's always the same.
  4. Pepe .. I'm being a good person ... let's have the party in peace ... thank you.
  5. I do not want to create controversy ... the information is true ... follow me on instagram ... I could upload a photo of him ... but I don't think it's appropriate ...
  6. the boy is from minsk belarus, and his birthday is June 15 .. gemini .. hahaha, in case someone wants to make a gift .. hahaha
  7. Nick .. I don't understand it either ... the best place to have a party is at my house .. hahaha I am 350 km from them ... with Megan and Holly I have an impressive party at my house ... I have a pool .. hahaha
  8. from now on, I think they won't have as much contact with each other ... they will spend more time each one in their room ..... if they do the normal life that they have done so far ... I think they will have sequels for a long time ... I recommend that there be a certain distance inside the apartment, and the most important a lot of hygiene ... that is a priority ...
  9. She doesn't have to be careful anymore ... hahaha 2 days ago at the health center, they confirmed that the symptoms that she has were due to covid-19, She is more time at home due to that illness, .... for 10 days she will be more time at home .. hahaha Now it is your responsibility, to transmit the disease, or take good care of yourself to be able to heal properly ... I wish him well, and that he recovers well ....
  10. I polish a question ... hahaha Malia when she has dates to walk outside the apartment .... does she carry lollipops? hahaha
  11. hello pulo .. boas afternoon ... I polish my socks are prettier than the ones Leora wears ... hahaha this morning i posted a picture with my socks ... hahaha
  12. Hello... This thread is adsurdo, it has no sense of its existence ... I sincerely believe that all the data that we should know about Leora, we already know them all ... for 8 years, I think we know everything about her. hahaha The data that people would like to know CANNOT be expressed here ... since these data are personal ... I do not want to receive more private messages about people's privacy .. hahaha
  13. of course .. hahaha I have a good job .. I don't need to fuck in front of a camera to live ... hahaha
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