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  1. Read .. good morning .. one day I heard Leora comment that the Spaniards sleep very little .. hahaha Read your sleep less than the Spaniards .. hahaha
  2. good day fga .. I think you're from Portugal because of your schedule ... I am in love with Lisbon .. every year I spend a week in Lisbon.
  3. sorry if you felt that I said it for you, I just made a comment about my way of thinking .. I never judge other people, it has not been my intention to hurt your girlfriend .. hahaha I think we are all delighted that you share your girlfriend with us .. hahaha .. just kidding ... now sleeping .. it has already completely changed European time .. maybe you are thinking about American time .... hahaha
  4. she must put on her panties ... it makes me a little disgusted to see the thread hanging ... for me it's nothing exciting ...
  5. a hug friend .. now I'm going to see my princess (MY DAUGHTER) 3 days without being with her ... it's a lot .. hahaha ,, I want to eat her with kisses .. hahaha ... un abrazo amigo.. ahora me voy a ver a mi princesa ( MI HIJA) 3 dias sin estar con ella...es mucho.. hahaha,, quiero comermela a besos.. hahaha...
  6. each person reacts to different things ... hahaha who is sane in this crazy world .. hahaha cada persona reaccionamos a cosas distintas...hahaha quien es cuerdo en este mundo de locos.. hahaha
  7. maybe that's why we have a good feeling tal vez sea por eso que tenemos un buen feeling
  8. it all depends on Leora .. if she reacts to the comments of Johnny 5, he is lucky ... on Thursday night I check that Leora is what she likes .. the wrong one is me ... a 10 for Johnny who knows how treat a woman .. My comments go unnoticed .. bad misierte mine .. hahaha
  9. you have good taste friend tienes buen gusto amigo
  10. eroticism = seduction pornography = direct and rude we are each of a father and a mother ... hahaha .... nothing is bad .. each person chooses what he wants to be ... I choose eroticism .. hahaha
  11. there is a great difference between eroticism and pornography ... there is also a big difference in being very direct and rude and being a seducer .. hahaha hay una gran difencia entre el erotismo y la pornografia... tambien hay gran diferencia en ser muy directo y grosero y ser un seductor.. hahaha
  12. Now I'm catching up ... after spending a few days in Barcelona city without law .. hahaha Glad to be home and everything has gone perfectly ... I have not seen any b4 girl or anything .. I went out at night .. but very carefully this city is today very insecure .. and that I speak Catalan. ahora estoy poniéndome al día... despues de pasar unos dias en Barcelona ciudad sin ley.. hahaha contento de estar en casa y que todo ha salido a la perfeccion... no he visto a ninguna chica de b4 ni nada.. sali por la noche.. pero con mucho cuidado esta ciudad es hoy por hoy muy insegura.. y eso que hablo catalan.
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