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  1. and the city is ?? Prague?? temperatures there at the moment are 14 degrees at night and up to 20-21 the last few days. That's real temperatures that 95% of the world uses.
  2. playing with her own vag with leg over Malia - nice
  3. why fuck up a good picture with memes? childish
  4. holy shit batman, did you look at the picture? did you read what I wrote. as I said if you need my words in another language let me know. You jump to your own conclusions.
  5. what did I say? want it in another language?
  6. masturbate while watching little boys in a movie? each to their own.
  7. I use USA or Japan and it worked from Aus just now. Petie pie is watching me LOL
  8. For those of you who aren't Australian:- we have a fascist in chief in Peter Dutton who wants to digitally identify all of us, much better digital than just old fashioned tatooed. He wants to DNA test our aboriginal people to control them better. He wants to have photo ID for anyone looking at sites like this one or the RLC cam site because they might be a little bit pornographic. I am doing what I can to try and get him put in the courts and removed from our parliament meaning I have to be extra careful on the interweb. I generally use VPN for most things. Looks like I will have to make sure of VPN on this site. As Aussie_oi_oi said we Aussies cant post on this site.
  9. Our neo fascist in chief Peter Dutton seems to be playing with internet access. I had the same problem until I went VPN. Thought it might be just me because I am actively trying to get him in the courts. Go VPN and tell our neo fasicst government to fuck off
  10. so becoming of you. There is a political party in Australia where those three syllables get you membership and voting rights.
  11. And you have that terrible inverted attitude where anything not to your liking is bad. All people are different, enjoy the differences.
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