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  1. Thanks, I have not seen her before. That would explain a lot😄
  2. I do not think so. Their friendship is probably over. Kira had to change ...
  3. DE is history. This is how it looks today. In any case, the girls show it to us. And what is the truth?😉
  4. No, she is the first time. I have not seen her before, but maybe she was once, I do not know. And yet ....
  5. Or the opposite ... Words, words, only words ... ...😉
  6. They are in the bedroom under the camera. 8. Nina turned over the keyboard and chair, then flung herself on Kira in the bedroom. The reason for the quarrel is always the same - lack of trust Their mutual relations are strange. Nina repeats every quarrel - I love you ... Kira never said she loves Nina ...Kira silent when Nina asks her about it ... Kira has personal problems, private ....
  7. Today, DE has a birthday. . She disappeared from N&K's apartment, but probably nobody forgot about her. I don't know if she doesn't want to forget about living with girls, but I wish her all the best. Happiness and love on a daily basis.
  8. There is something about it. We do not know, but I agree with you. I also have this impression
  9. Sasha, Masha, Dasha - the effect of watching other apartments, sorry, Nina of course
  10. Yes, the situation is serious. I am not a doctor, I do not make a diagnosis. For us the most important is her voice and her dreams related to it, The story of Svetlana Surganowa and Zemfira show how strong Russian women are. We're with you, Nina
  11. Please Nina's health problems are nothing new. The ambulance was several times, and the cameras were turned off several times. But I think that this is not a good place to discuss this topic. The only thing is my surprise that Nina does not care for herself so much. Diet and a standardized cycle of activity help strengthen the body, help it fight the disease. Young people thinking , that they to be indestructible ...
  12. Welcome to 2019. The case is very serious, it concerns the upper respiratory tract, generally the larynx area, neck. So parts the most important for singer - voice emission. I think that Nina downplayed her previous visit to the hospital and did not follow all the recommendations. With diseases, generally speaking, the throat, there is always the possibility of damage to the vocal cords, respiratory patency, etc. Kira packed Nina's belongings and brought her to the clinic. It looks like this time Nina will spend a few days there. Sterility, absolute purity of air and surroundings are important in such matters. Treatment also requires intravenous medication, which is impossible at home. Nina is in a good clinic, she will stay there for a few days, hopefully she'll be back to full health and for singing. Her voice has been changed a little lately, she did not spare him - especially in the last quarrels. I think Nina's eating habits also helped illness. She almost does not eat anything, sweets, some fruit. It is not enough for the body to defend itself with illness. I wish Nina and Kira that everything would be back to normal, that the nearest plans would be successful. To hear you, Nina
  13. I propose a "slack". Let's enjoy what Nina and Kira show us. Thinking whether it's true or not, leave it to the side. We will not find the truth anyway. So let's not spoil the joy of watching, emotions and worries about their relationships, Let's watch with kindness, let the girls earn money - thanks to them they will be able to fulfill their dreams ... Happy New Year to everyone - and for skeptical and for enthusiastic. Good watching.
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