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  1. Girls on vacation and we let's relax. We will be pleased with the surprise when they come back
  2. We will look after the good of the girls. As long as they are on RLC
  3. It is true. The ducks stayed. Cosmetics can be bought new, but the ducks are priceless ... So they will come back!
  4. Maybe they just ran away without the knowledge of RLC. They came out so fast that maybe they did not notice
  5. My God, I have deja vu? The couch came back ... What about her tenant? You can not throw them out of sight for one day. And now they sleep like angels
  6. They are still together in the team. Kira was busy outside, Nina and DE were waiting for her phone call. They only talked about team matters. It seemed like Kira was late, and DE and Nina had to wait together. Nina began to clean up. DE will not be back on the couch, but he's still in the team. They left after phone call Kira. Perhaps they are preparing a concert for the weekend? I think so...
  7. That would be interesting. DE as a single? Or maybe a surprise?
  8. Where are the people who complain about boredom? Because now the flat is calm, family, normal. It's rather boring. And let it stay like that. And let love blossom.... And someone has stolen depression
  9. It looks like cleaning up after DE. Complete. Is Nina's long hair also DE's idea? I agree that for DE it is a good decision, He must live his life and not live on the couch. Love should live on the sofa. Good luck girls. All three girls
  10. It's no change, it's a revolution ....
  11. DE takes her things. And she leaves. The girls look happy. The end of cleanup. A sad view of DE with bags in the pre-chamber. DE had her own things a lot
  12. The tension is rising. What's next? What other changes await us? What else should the girls change?
  13. Not just hair. Kira's face changed. She is calm, she often smiles. She do not sleep on the sofa for ecening. And the TV cabinet is very roomy. Nina cleaned up all evening and morning. And only a poor cat, he gets an antibiotic. It's normal, nice, family. I wonder what will happen at the weekend. Will DE appear? Nina does not sleep until noon, she gets up with Kira. Changes, changes, changes
  14. I think Nina hit. Bruise was. In the morning Kira checked. Tomorrow is Easter in Russia. Happy holidays. As an addenda. About the hallway lights. Bulbs will burn out over time. I wonder if girls will leave RLC or bulbs before
  15. Icy atmosphere. DE condemned to the couch. Then came each separately