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  1. I did not mean. I said just for your sake. Just enjoy. 😉
  2. I understand if you like them and how you care about them. But remember, this is their life. They live the way they want. They make good and bad decisions. But it is not our job to judge them. Try to enjoy the moments they share with us.😉
  3. Selfish? She wasn't sleepy so she wanted to play. If Kira is tired then go to sleep. She doesn't have to wait for Nina.
  4. It's good to see DE again.😍
  5. If my memory isn't deceiving then I remember Kira and DE were good friends. I even saw them flirting at RLC. Nina and DE were the ones who argued with each other a lot.
  6. She's a friend of Nina and Kira. There was a hot threesome sex between them. 🔥
  7. who I mean? It's clear. And what's your problem with that? I didn't say anything wrong. Otherwise, don't tell me what to do!
  8. They never take this puppy out for a walk. Poor dog is locked in the apartment all day. This is animal torture. That should be seriously reported ... It's not a plush animal.🤬
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