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  1. When I first joined this forum almost 8 months ago now these rules were being upheld and the atmosphere was for the most part friendly, the banter between members light and respectful and I enjoyed being a part of it. How things change. The past couple months the name of the game here has become attack. Eyes have become so glazed over with hatred that anything resembling friendly or constructive or respectful is becoming very hard to find. The poison pen (or in our case keyboard) has taken over. I didn't join this forum to argue and fight and throw stones and that's why 3 days ago I stopped posting with the exception of PM and will resume that stance after this post. It's really a shame because as the end gets closer for me there is so very little left for me to find relaxation and enjoyment in. This was one of them. Yes I said WAS
  2. A walk yes but maybe not a coffee. Remember where B4 is. It's quite a ways from anything if I understand right. We may never know. None of them including Laima look to be prisoners though so what they do or don't do is their choice.
  3. This is just a thought and could be way off base but I think their financial situation could have something to do with it. We don't know where these girls come from but they could be leaving financial problems behind in hopes of making good money in RLC to catch them up. We don't know how or when they get paid by RLC and it may not be every week or so. Saving money rather than seeing all that Barcelona has to offer is entirely possible. They are living in a beautiful place and may be content with that. Elvira I'm sure makes good bonus money but again how often does she get paid? Laima probably doesn't make much in bonus money I suspect. Again this is just a thought.
  4. Well Thes you are way off the mark yet again. Mila and Elvira are back to B4 after their shift at the club and right to sleep. I have no idea what was in the backpack but they went to work and came right home afterwards. End of story. I for one am glad
  5. I have to stick my 2 cents worth in here. We've been over this so many times. RLC membership does not guarantee wild lesbian sex day and night. We are paying to watch these girls in real life, hence the title Real Life Cam. I really enjoy watching Malena and Emilia. You just don't get any more real than these girls. Nothing fake about them. I'd love to see some steamy sex between them but they are doing everything their contract requires them to do and they are having fun doing it.
  6. You'll get your wish too Sierra. You're going to be able to enjoy Sera for a lonnnnngggggg time yet😁
  7. Incredibly sexy bate Elvira. Just beautiful. Maybe your best ever. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you💖
  8. I never get tired of looking at that amazing ass Elvira is displaying right now.
  9. I don't remember exactly how or who started it. It was over a week ago but somebody said something about Sera working at some club and she recruited Mila and possibly other girls to make some extra money. Hostessing, showing a pretty girl or two off, maybe even serving drinks. Completely innocent work. Noldus made a post about a new club that was advertising for pretty girls to do just that and shortly afterwards the add was taken off. Don't know the name of the club but it's been speculated that that is what Sera and Mila and maybe others have been doing. Purely speculation but an awful lot of members agree it's entirely probable. When they go clubbing they usually start with a couple drinks at home before they leave, are dressed to the 9's and come home wearing club wrist bands. Other nights they don't drink a drop before leaving, are only dressed to the 7's and have no wrist bands on when they get home.
  10. Mila doesn't do anything because of Sera or anybody else. She proved that last week when she wanted to go to Jenn and Frank's and Sera tried to talk her out of it which is what caused the rift between them. Sera got her in at the club but Mila did it because she wanted the extra money.
  11. I see that. 2 hours after all the other girls got home and she didn't appear drunk at all. No, I think she probably separated from them considerably before and found something better to do than drinking. Either that or she is back working at the club again and wasn't even with the other girls. That's also a good possibility
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