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  1. Sponge baths in the half bath across from the kitchen.
  2. At least she isn't shy about taking her clothes off like the new girl Karina in B1. She changed out of her street clothes and into a pair of satin PJ's and did it so you couldn't see a thing. She went so far as to put the PJ to over her bra and then pull the straps off, unfasten it and pull it out through her sleeve. Not an impressive start.
  3. I was thinking about that myself. She may be trying to distance herself some from Dalia for some reason. She may have found somebody she's temporarily shacking up with. She may just not have wanted to come home until she's sure those guys are permanently gone. Who knows
  4. I swear it must be an RLC rule that all girls must spend at least 53.7 minutes each hour stuck to their phone and not one of those girls seem to have difficulty following that rule.
  5. Welcome Daisy. You have a LOT of surprises ahead of you in B4. I hope you are up to it.☺️
  6. I just read enough to get a fair picture in my mind of what happened tonight and it isn't a pretty picture. It sounds like Sandra got very lucky. The next time this happens, and it will, she may not be so lucky. None of the girls may be lucky. One or more of them is going to get hurt and I hope those of you that think this was so funny tonight are watching it. I hope you get a ringside seat to watch a rape or a beating and see how funny you think it is then.
  7. I have been trying hard to give Dalia the benefit of the doubt that she was just not that kind of girl. but damn it I guess she is. That's it Dalia, we're done
  8. I don't think it's funny at all. It had to be planned last night by Oski and Sandra and Lily. I hoope Dalia pulls that robe closed and gets out of there
  9. I don't like the looks of this at all.
  10. Shit, there goes the neighborhood again
  11. As someone who has only been here less than 5 months I have to ask where did Sera get the title Crown Princess? I assume because of the crown on the back of her neck but has she been here before?
  12. These girls really need to get some sharper knives. Sera had to literally saw into a tomato. Somebody is going to get hurt with those dull knives.
  13. Half the time it just spools and spools and won't load at all
  14. yes. I have been for a few hours now