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  1. Em & Sid

    I would throw myself in the bathtub even dressed !!
  2. Em & Sid

    Usual history ... Em naked in the bathtub and Sid who goes around the house like a fool ,,,
  3. Em & Sid

    Hi Zetti, I do not think it's a good idea for Em & Sid to come back together. They are too different people. I have never seen Sid take the initiative in sex and those few times he did sex he always tried to hide under the covers and even kept his pants or underwear. Sid has no sex for more than 5 minutes and I've never seen him kiss Em's pussy or make foreplay. The orgy was an exception because pushed by Em and Sia and because he was drunk. He will not change. Maybe he will do sex for 1 or 2 weeks and then he will return to his videogames. It is not right person for us subscribers.
  4. Where did Ella & Isaac go?
  5. Em & Sid

    Hi guys, Did you see that Em - after cleaning and ordering everything - came out leaving the hall with the laundry hanging out to dry on the closet doors? This makes me think that she will not take anyone home and if she wants to have fun she will do it far from our eyes. I am wrong?
  6. Em & Sid

    Considering that Em: - Has cleaned and ventilated the whole house very well; - Has prepared the bed in a scenographic way; - She put on make-up, arranged her hair, perfumed; - She wore new slip and clean clothes; - She send messages and check her e-mail; - She's not having sex for a long time, it is reasonable to think that she is looking for or waiting for a great fucker.
  7. Em & Sid

    I had never seen Em use the washing machine
  8. Em & Sid

    So it's likely she went to drink with Lisa.
  9. Em & Sid

    Em is cleaning so well because maybe yesterday evening she has already invited someone?
  10. Em & Sid

    But did Grant see everything on the VHTV archive later?
  11. Em & Sid

    When did Lisa cheated Grant ?
  12. Em & Sid

    If VHTV tells us Sid's exit from the program, they will also have to have ASAP arrange to put someone else in the house or move Em to another apartment. The best thing would be to move her to Mary & George (she would learn something new !!)
  13. Em & Sid

    Em & Lisa went out at 2.20 AM. I thought that Em was going to spend the night at Lisa but it was not like that. Both returned to their homes around 5 AM. Where could they have been at 3 am?