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  1. budda

    Paisley & Cletus

    I hope it will not take 2 weeks for relocation...
  2. budda

    Alan & Evi

    Evi gets up at 3:30 AM. A little later she comes out. But what is her job?
  3. budda

    Hunter & Piper

    Filming in the kitchen / living room is shameful !! Whichever cam you choose, always see only one piece of the scene and if people are standing, the heads are "cut".
  4. budda

    Patrik & Clair

    The cat seems very interested...
  5. budda

    Melissa & Sergio

    The floorplan was there until a few minutes ago. Now it's gone ! The VHTV's technicians are probably redesigning it.
  6. budda

    Paisley & Cletus

    This couple gets out of bed and gets dressed without even washing! I imagine the smell ...
  7. budda

    Melissa & Sergio

    In this apt. are indicated # 10 cams but in the floorplan there are only 8. Also the directions are wrong (ie. Cam # 8 is in the bedroom but in the floorplan is the bathroom's cam).
  8. budda

    Alan & Evi

    The clocks of this house are "crazy". Evi came back at 12:34 and after about an hour she goes to bed but the bedroom clock shows 21:57 !!!
  9. budda

    Em & Bob

    I think they read the comments on CC and understood that it was over for them. No views = no money.
  10. budda

    Hunter & Piper

  11. budda

    Valerie & Glen