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  1. It's not a big deal for me. Simply I avoid to see M & G in the living room.
  2. As always we can only imagine. I know that many of us have complained about the position of the cameras but VHTV does not care about our complaints. It is shameful !
  3. Are you referring to when they looked in her drawers in the bedroom?
  4. There is only one thing I did not understand. Last year Em & Lisa shared the same apartment for a while. In the last few months, Em has visited Lisa several times and Lisa has done the same thing. Several times - when Em was in crisis - Lisa came to console her. It seemed to me that they were good friends. Em returned yesterday after being in a psychiatric clinic for almost 3 weeks. When Em came into the house, Lisa did not even look at her or ask her about her health. For the rest of the time Lisa ignored her as if she were an annoying stranger. Why this great rude behavior?
  5. Em could be reinserted in this house or another, but only on condition that she erase Sid from her life forever. Otherwise there is no place for them anywhere.
  6. From 4:11 pm (local time) at 4:42 pm all cameras always showed the same frame. Did you have the same problem ?
  7. Hi Groomy, you're 100% right. I must tell you that I was looking forward to the return of Em. I hoped that after treatment, she would return to live more normal and, above all, socially. But when I saw that she took Sid with her, I understood that the treatments did not help her at all. Now I just hope that she comes out definitively from the program with her loved Sid.
  8. It seems that Em is packing her bags to leave. Maybe she it just went to pick up her things.
  9. When there are Lexy and Pete, the show is always guaranteed. They have a great sexual charge and yet they are always very natural. They are great !
  10. Despite numerous protests, VHTV does not change the positioning of the cameras and we continue to see nothing !
  11. The apartment is stil off line !!
  12. budda

    Bree & Drew

    In the VHTV program there are a lot of badly positioned cameras and you know what they are (e.i. Mary & George living room). VHTV, instead of fixing those cameras, has thought of repositioning one from which you could see very well !! I still think that they use amateur and unprepared technicians.
  13. I'm sorry to say it, but I do not think we'll see Em again.