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  1. I spend my holidays in Forte dei Marmi which is on the sea and not far from Florence and Siena, both beautiful cities. Ciao.
  2. Thank you very much. I am on holiday in Tuscany and here I don't have much time to dedicate to VH (which in this period has reached a very low level) and CC. I do not publish photos but I gladly do some comments. Happy holidays to all.
  3. Even if 20 new people are added, nothing new will happen in this apartment. Helena had written months ago that she wanted to try a threesome with Val but then nothing happened. Life is boring: some blowjobs to Chris and the 2 couples having pathetic sex on the same bed without any involvement between them. The menu should have changed.
  4. This week Lucas has masturbated more than I, Jabbath and Robwin (*) have done in the past 6 months. (*) Names chosen at random
  5. Mira & Heny had their first apartment in October 2017. Since then, almost every time they have had guests, we have seen "interesting" evenings with threesomes, foursomes, orgies, etc. In recent months - unfortunately - all the evenings organized by them have not had sexual activities. Even last night Henry was unable to have sex with the blonde guest. What happened ? Maybe M&H can no longer excite their guests or maybe they invite people who are not inclined to interact sexually?
  6. To be honest, I prefer Amelie.
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