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  1. WOW. I did not know that the tenants had to make all the audiovisual electronic systems !! It does not have to be very easy for VHTV to find new couples if they, besides having sex, must also be specialized technicians!
  2. No, I did not but I imagine that the cams are installed by technicians (not by Grant) and he and Lisa could move to the new apartment only when everything is ready.
  3. In my life I have moved home 4 times. Every time I prepared the new apartment and then - in a single day - I left the old one and moved to the new one. I do not understand why all VHTV couples who change apartments (including Lisa and Grant) need so many days to move from one house to another one.
  4. Have a nice life together and not forget us. Good luck !!
  5. I do not understand why the most active couples and the most beautiful and exciting girls remain so little in VHTV (Katie, Teya, Silvia, Paisley, Edda, Serena, Bree, Stella, etc). In RLC there are longtime fixed couples (i.e. Leora & Paul).
  6. budda

    Alan & Evi

    Be quite ! Now the beautiful friend of Evi has arrived and you will watch something really special !
  7. budda

    Alan & Evi

  8. budda

    Paisley & Cletus

    Paisley & Cletus are among the most uninhibited couples and have intense sexual activity. I just do not understand why this couple have entrusted a so small apartment where even the shooting is very bad (see cam # 2 in living room that is really useless). The same applies to other very active couples such as Nicole & Karl and Hunter & Piper. I point out that these girls are also very beautiful and sexy. On the contrary, couples who are not very active and with less attractive women live in very large apartments with numerous cameras installed (Courtney and Heather have 13 and Miki & Kiki even 15!) as - for example - Hector & Maria, Gia & Antony, Mira & Henry, Ruby & Calvin.
  9. budda


    Maybe what you say is not 100% correct. Here in Italy, if you go to the clinic or hospital privately (or with the costs covered by an insurance) you can receive relatives and / or friends at any time of day and - in some cases - these can stay with the patient all the night on a small temporary bed.
  10. budda

    Lola & Otto Part #2

    Dear XXX, Hello, XXX! Thanks for your concern. Otto and Lola are fine, but for some reasons they can't be online right now. Unfortunately, I can't give you more detailed information for now. Hope you don't worry too much about it. By the way you can watch all episodes with them in our archive: https://voyeur-house.tv/moments?&realm=realm32 Also, we have lots of new couples now and you can estimate it as an opportunity to know others closer! Best wishes, Support Department