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  1. I honestly can't find the words to describe this kid anymore. Surely its revenues have decreased a lot due to its total inactivity. Ken follows CC and therefore should understand what VH subscribers expect from him. Instead, look what it does: the first concern is to turn off the light and then get ready to sleep. Once again it is Barbie who takes the initiative and they have sex for 10 minutes. End of the story.
  2. The CamCaps page has changed for a few months. The page width has been reduced by about 1/3 to insert a column showing some statistical data such as: "Top poster in this topic" - "Popular days" - "Popular posts" - etc. In my opinion these data are useless but, on the contrary, they damage the quality of the images we post as they are reduced compared to the original format. If you also think like me, write to CamCaps asking to restore the old format (the one that is still valid for the first 2 pages).
  3. Barbie wait... the baby plays!
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