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  1. budda

    Charlee & Liss

    This is the way they interpret wild sex !!
  2. budda

    Sina & Jules

    Sina drinks her usual medicine before sleep !
  3. budda

    Grace & Jacob

    The boys are playing with the Play Station in the bedroom ...
  4. budda

    Sasha & Alice & Spartak

    Uhmm ! Very good.
  5. budda

    Sina & Jules

    Sina drinks the usual medicine before sleep !
  6. budda

    Charlee & Liss

    This it is enough for 40$ a month !!!
  7. budda

    Em & Sia

    It could be as you say. Often we can only make assumptions I still think that they could do more to satisfy the Voyeurs.
  8. budda

    Em & Sia

    Sorry Amy3, I did not understand what you say. I just wanted to say that wherever Em, Bob & Sia (big or small apartment) goes, they have to change their behavior if they want to increase the views. Ciao, have a nice day.
  9. budda

    Charlee & Liss

    Hi Spielo, I can not be a follower of something that does not exist !!
  10. budda

    Em & Sia

    I do not think a new apartment can improve the level of entertainment that Em, Bob and Sia have offered to us until today. It is useless to have a larger apartment if they never invite friends; It is useless to have a brighter apartment if you close the curtains and / or turn off the lights; It is useless to have a flat with well-positioned cameras if them are not considered when having sex; It is useless to have a new apartment if the sex remains boring, monotonous and always very fast.
  11. budda

    Em & Sia

  12. budda

    Em & Sia

    No bad Sia's pussy !