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  1. Looking at the tablet!Looks this is a presentation of Martina for russian tourists in Spain,perhaps from her exams! The presentation is in Russian!
  2. A smalldisplay of intimacy before dinner,and again kissing Nelly's belly!Here is also questionable... Now talking on the phone with Martina!
  3. And now the dinner is waiting at the table in the kitchen!Maybe he took Martina and will be back soon!
  4. The relationship is equally important and for the two!So far they have shown many times care about each other!
  5. Many people may find it strange,after all these stories!But love cannot always be explained rationally.....
  6. Bogdan loves Nelly much more,than maybe she loves him, he will not leave her!
  7. Yes,Bogdan told Martina "to go throug the garage"and i thought they were leaving by car!
  8. Love is in the eyes of the viewer,i don't like Tesla,but i don't post it everywhere!
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