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  1. I´m interested in her nickname and the site she is streaming on, too. PM me. Thanky in advance
  2. OK, let´s see what happens. At the moment her laptop is shut down... 😔
  3. Seems that she is on another channel. Chickstream said "no one is broadcasting" but she´s obviously online now..
  4. Anyone knows on which site she is camming? What´s her name in this site? Thanks!
  5. Pouvez-vous aussi m'envoyer le lien via PM? merci
  6. I found the failure in your link... This will work now: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b91f53e9d69f1736b050e3d9f5859f559f472352&dn=2019-H1
  7. I did it in exactly the same way. I copied the above link address and put this in µTorrent. But "Host not found" is the result..
  8. I have tried to open the link with µTorrent, but it will not work. (Host not found) Any ideas, ILSTRONZO?
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