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  1. there were couples who actually had affection for each other. There was romance. No casual, meaningless sex. Among RLC couples, Nora and Kiko were really lovers and had beautiful sex.
  2. Good comment! In another story, a guy was called to Heaven but for some reason he returned after a while. His friend was astonished and wanted to know what it was like in Heaven and if he saw God. The guy nodded "yes, I saw God". His friend was eager to know about God, so the guy answered "OK, to start with, she is black".
  3. Ah dear lord, you've took one rib and made such a complicated creature called women. I have heard that the story went like this: Adam was feeling lonely and he asked God if he could get company. God asked: what kind of company would you like? Adam said: an extremely beautiful woman who would be a wonderful lover and a good cook, who would never argue with me but do what I ask her to do. God said: OK, for paying this you have to give your left eye, your right hand, your other lung and your kidney. Adam became very thoughtful, and after a while he said: "Would you have anything cheaper?"
  4. At the moment I think Holly is the best looking girl on RLC. I do not recall her previous visit, I read from the posts that she is bisexual. Well, does not disturb me, to me she is only virtual.
  5. Leora has watched porn, but this may have been the first time together.
  6. It is quite common that Malia wants to rub Leora´s pussy though not thoroughly, only lightly on the surface. And usually Leora does not seem to pay any attention to her rubbing, but this time Malia was a bit more excited and Leora seemed to enjoy. l hope they are now getting forward.
  7. Watching porn got the girls excited. This time Malia made Leora almost cum, but not quite, she wanted to finish herself, which took quite long (probably because she bates so often). Next time Malia should not block the view with her knee and she should finally dare to put her finger inside Leora´s pussy. Maybe we will see that some day, though I had already lost my faith before today. But poor Malia, for her it is very very difficult to climax.
  8. How does one measure with feet? Should she lie on the floor?
  9. In my country the checks were taken out of use in the 80´s as they were the most unsecure and expensive payment system. Reading your posts, you seem to be a very active person and paying with credit card or internet (do the U.S. banks already have the web banking system even if checks are used?) would not be too difficult for you.
  10. What is a check? I have heard a story that in the old days people used to carry with them paper slips on which they wrote money sums and told the receivers to accept those as payment and believe that the signature proves the corresponding money exists in the bank. I have been told that in my country the last of those checks was accepted in 1984. How come such an ancient and insecure payment is still in use in the U.S:? Well, after reading the posts in this thread, I can understand the check also.
  11. I have never seen Malia masturbate for real - maybe she has not learned it or she is not sensitive enough for reaching the climax.
  12. This thread decribes the current U.S. domestic politics very well. Sad.
  13. Same with me. What´s the point in asking for positive comments only? Earlier these threads used to be exchange of opinions.
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