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  1. I feel really sorry for Leora. She seems to have a strong sex drive, so she would definitely need a flourishing sexual relationship. But now all she can do are those daily bates that enable her to pay the high rent for RLC. Her orgasms are of course in their own class, but too much is too much.
  2. If not, she has had the best surgeon of all RLC silicon girls.
  3. Naomi´s tits are big and round and firm, and they do not seem like silicon tits such as the ugly ones like Masha´s or Kitty´s. But can there be such real tits? I am confused.
  4. "Thanks for understanding what voyeur means" I did not search what you mean by that, but RLC is not true voyeurism, it is kind of organised voyeurism and as such not so exciting. As a voyeur, I get more excited of seeing pretty young women and couples secretly, when they have no idea that I see them. It is somehow strange that we can legally watch people on RLC, though it has negative effects for them for the rest of their lives, but if we try to take videos or photos secretly of people who know nothing of our efforts and thus will not be effected, we act against the law, even though we act for our own purpose only. Yes, of course it must be held illegal, but I do not find it very severe.
  5. Referring to their sex on the LR sofa yesterday, do they know any other positions than missionary? Asia usually moans a little, but it is hard to say whether that reflects pain or pleasure, as they (Hakeem?) do not care much about foreplay. I have not seen Asia bate, so maybe she is satisfied with that kind of sex and does not require orgasms.
  6. "The number of allowed playbacks have been exceeded. Try again later".
  7. Not possible to save them, because they cannot be downloaded. Have a look yourself.
  8. None of your videos can be watched nor downloaded. Too bad, though I think I have seen all of them, and I have become tired of Leora. Well,.I could watch her making Paul cum in her mouth, but those videos are rare.
  9. I noticed immediately that Nelly had bought silicon, not as much as Kitty and Masha, but anyway. I did not watch her much in her earlier apartment, now I have a good reason for not watching her at all.
  10. Thank you! This time Leora´s pussy was more open and juicy than normally, but I have seen her bates a hundred times or more, so not much new in it.
  11. I like Holly. She has a perfect body and innocent looks, and her pussy is very pretty and delicious, comparable to Leora´s. Too bad her bating is lazy and she does not get excited, it looks as if she was a municipal office worker (sorry for this comparison). Surprisingly she has a dildo/vibrator (probably part of the RLC contract), but it does not take her to climax, at least not today. She should see Leora´s bating and try to learn from that.
  12. This is a very strange trio. They have all possibilities of pleasing each other, but they are finally more interested in their phones. Why do they gather every night on Sofia´s bed? Just for teasing each other a bit, but not pleasing?
  13. Why is this chat called "Leora videos"? There are no videos here. CamCaps could as well close this section.
  14. Don´t you have the magnifying glass in your computer? 200 % zoom is usually enough, 300 % can be OK, but then the picture is not quite sharp.
  15. Wow, his dick is spelled with a capital letter! He must be proud!
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