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  1. Is there a TV in the room? Paul looks like he is watching TV.
  2. We know that Leora loves Paul, but would it be so dangerous if she and Malia could caress each other? At least she could avoid thinking of other men, and perhaps even masturbate less, if she could get some nice sensations from Malia (though I am afraid she does not dare to do anything like that).
  3. Malia has learned to spend much time at home without wearing panties. She never did that when she visited Leora in Krasnoyarsk. Times they are a-changing!
  4. That is right. A couple of weeks ago I was in Sri Lanka and had an ayurvedic full body massage, and I could not tell if the therapist was male or female, the massage was excellent though. As I do not want men to touch me, I asked him/her if she is a lady, and he/she said she is a small lady. I was totally confused and asked at the reception about my therapist, but they did not give a clear answer. A very strange experience (if I had known for sure that she is a lady, I would have said yes to her last question about extra services).
  5. One of my friends used to say that everyone who wears a skirt and breaths is worth fucking. I do not think he ever went that far, though.
  6. I have a strange feeling. I watch RLC for seeing sex and naked women, but now I find myself thinking that Hakeem is a real bastard, changing from one woman to another, not having any special feelings for any of them. And what are his special talents in sex? He is a very monotonous lover, no excitement, just lazy thrusts usually in missionary position. I am not jealous, on the contrary, I have experience of dating more than one woman simultaneously, and it was very stressful and immoral from my side, i do not recommend it at all. But Hakeem does not care, he just fucks.
  7. Which one of the many girls is Russian, and how do you know it? Did she say to Hakeem that she is Russian?
  8. To me it is important to know for example whether he or she is expected to be naked.
  9. It is a very simple rule: he is a man, she is a woman.
  10. ...make his evening meals...did they have a male visitor? I have not noticed.
  11. That did not happen, she finished talking with Paul and has now a woman on Skype and fingers her pussy lightly but does not show it.
  12. Yes, Leora showed her tit to Paul on Skype. She does not have pants on, she could very well bate for Paul on Skype, but would Paul do the same for her? No way! Internet world gives interesting possibilities.
  13. I was very surprised that Malia came to Prague to join Leora. When visiting Leora in Russia, she was pretty shy, I guess I saw her once in shower but she did not show much. Now she has been paid for joining Leora, and she has showered many times in front of the camera, spends most of the time in underwear, sometimes without bra, sometimes even totally naked, her pussy towards the camera. No bating so far, I wonder if she has any experience of men. Anyway, very different from those Russian days. Money makes the world go around.
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