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  1. Oder man muss in Betracht ziehen, dass sie durch das Hochnehmen des Appartments von Claus and Angelica die anderen aufgeflogen sind. Maybe its possible that they found on the claus and angelica place notes to the other places and raided them to ;/
  2. One of the photos ist the apartment from Claus and Angelica
  3. Yes, it is... http://oblvesti.com.ua/bez-rubriki/v-odesse-zakryli-onlajn-porno-studiyu-foto/ Do you recognize it?
  4. okay... lets see if they come back... i hope so 🙂
  5. Maybe...but they also removed from the apartment list, usually they stay in list an flagged as "offline"...
  6. The Appartement is gone... without any infos on twitter. Someone know what happend?
  7. Oh... very sad. Thank you, it looked really dramatic 😅
  8. What happend to Lola? She's laying down on the ground in the living room and is crying... I missed what happend... Does anyone know? Time was 00:10 middle european time...
  9. Ungewöhnlich, einfach so ohne Tweet verschwunden... Ich hab sie nicht mal packen sehen oder sowas in der Richtung. // Gone without a tweet... really unusual... I even haven't seen them packing or something... //
  10. Ahh, dank dir. Stimmt, Hannah hatte lange Haare und war süßer 😉, aber ich vermisse immer noch Otto und Lola? // Ahh, thank you. Right, Hannah had way longer hair and was cuter 😉 but where are Otto and Lola? //
  11. Does anybody know where Otto an Lola are? I haven't seen then since Friday? The short haired girl (hannah?) and her boyfriend are in the appartement and slept in Otto ans Lolas bed... but no traces from Lola and Otto... there is also nothing on twitter... 🤔 Any ideas?
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