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  1. Maybe Lexy and Waverley are not so untidy after all.
  2. An interesting group of youngsters (elders meanwhile have gone to bed). If Helena is introducing some younger help with which to help her and to entertain us then she is to be commended and she has my full support. I have said all along that this apartment has much potential.
  3. New faces. Girl has a similar figure to Helena. Probably related.
  4. I think most had high hopes for this apartment at the beginning as there were lots of clean limbed attractive nubiles visiting. However Deborah and Ian then set up on their own which must have been a blow to Helena. However of late there seems to be an unwillingness to perform. This could be fatigue (Helena at least has somewhere to go each day). Or it could be they have just discovered CC or it could be that their peer group don't wish to be exposed by cam or CC or maybe the novelty is beginning to pall. Entirely their choice of course but the fact is that the majority of VH sites are competing with each other and mediocrity is unlikely to attract enough viewing figures to make the venture profitable. The choice is theirs.
  5. There is not much of Sina that we have not seen.
  6. Always happy to see Maddie with younger men.
  7. This is the sort of creativity with young attractive actors that Helena should be imitating.
  8. You would think that St George would have laid on an opening party at the weekend for Milly.
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