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  1. A reasonable effort although I don't normally look at mole sex. Alexis needs to put her hair in a pony tail first.
  2. I am beginning to think that Stesha might be an unreliable partner.
  3. Look on the bright side. He didn't run off.
  4. Yes but he patted alexis on the arse so not a stranger.
  5. Unless Stesha comes home soon poor Alexis will have to handle both men.
  6. You made me laugh. Thanks Magdlina.
  7. Absolutely agree. The blond girl had a stunning figure and made the cam act 'work' if that is possible.
  8. Stesha is rather vain and keeps taking selfies of herself. At least she is starting to open up. In her defence her sex with that male a couple of days ago was rather rough and rushed, could account for the tears. She needs to perhaps be a little more circumspect with her choice of males. If it would make her feel more secure, why not involve her friends also next time?
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