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  1. Could be he was just pimping her.
  2. Shame about the lighting or I would have watched it.
  3. The new female guest looks as if she could be entertaining.
  4. I think she is gagging for a threesome 02:16:15 cam 3.
  5. I don't think even Saint George has been there!
  6. Don't you think the white pom pom looks like the top of a chef's hat? 😄
  7. A girl who prefers the real thing. It just gets better.
  8. Alan may or may not get back with Nina but there is now some uncertainty over this i.e. not just because of the Pandemic.
  9. Not much going on currently. They are not alone however.
  10. I look forward to seeing the female guest with either of the occasional male guests, preferably during the day.
  11. Oh not again. It will be Helena's fourth apartment. I hope it is nearer her relatives some of whom were quite interesting.
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