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  1. Deborah never lets us down and never has. Just a shame she can't get a team around her to share the load and provide a bit more colour.
  2. Elza is an attractive mature woman for sure but I hate to say it, occasional bating is not in my view enough of a attraction here. I wish her well and success but I believe she needs to do more if she wants to succeed.
  3. I think Helena should organise a sausage party, nothing too drastic at this stage.
  4. Interesting to see Marks nerdy friend being drawn into the business but I don't see him getting anywhere with Sofi. We tend to forget how difficult it is for tenants to arrange visits of guests with Covid.
  5. I don't think mark was too pleased when Sofi turned in early blocking the use of the bedroom and after contributing very little.
  6. I think you may have the wrong Nina. Nina and Alan used to be together in a 'george' apartment.
  7. I assumed you were female for a couple of years on account of you picture!
  8. Is that the silver haired lady who used to have her own apartment and really showed younger men a thing or two?
  9. You have a beach house in Tuscany. You lucky bugger! I have always said that time not spent in Italy is time wasted.
  10. Buddah! I was beginning to think that the Covid had got you! Good to see you back.
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