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  1. 02.09 in the morning, good time to pop out for more cigarettes?
  2. Sabrina handling the situation very well, bit of a trouper too.
  3. I hope she hasn't crapped as well. Not sure what Scott had in mind but he is probably getting a lot of views.
  4. See what guest girl has done to the floor mat 01:01:50 cam11.
  5. Scott seems to be on a mission. All very odd. I have to say this is quite a colourful apartment. Something always happening. Wish I could say the same for other apartments.
  6. Well I suppose the shower is a bonus but at least the girl can laugh still.
  7. The number of times I have seen a promising evening hijacked by vodka, but it is normally males.
  8. That kitchen cam really brings out Sabrina's beauty.
  9. I hope the blond hasn't been sick again.
  10. Yes, I think its a blow job at the loggia. Too dark.
  11. He fancied the blond more than Sabrina I think.
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