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  1. I address to the "financiers" of this site: what can this apartment per month earn for these benefits VH? $ 30-50? $ 60-100? ...
  2. Thank you from non subscribers. Since the "babies" Sergio fends for himself, It's misery here.
  3. I'm glad you're happy for Misty, we all have our favorites! Seeing happiness is so rare; it is well known "come on VHTV and you will find Love"! We'll talk about it in a few weeks!
  4. Misty takes VH for a marriage agency? She makes the same mistakes again! So the consequences will be the same. The guy will become attached and will become jealous (if she fucks other guys, it will be good money!) So tension and drama.
  5. If you want a souvenir of Ilka's breasts make quick pictures. Why did they come in this adventure? Neither have the beginning of the profile for that! The manager has his responsibility.
  6. Personally, I think she is going to get screwed.
  7. I do not think this couple of guests will set fire here. They are cute (Ilka & Sam) and sincere but why did they come to VH? Their "performances" do not have to earn them a lot of money! It's refugees, orphans or otherwise rich kids who are having fun? What is the Manager's Manager here? To make number? To render service? Too much question, I stop !!
  8. It's very fine! you have a picture of your wife, if it exists!
  9. Here too, it's the zoo! The future stars of music. "Creation" is not given to everyone (thankfully). No doubt rich kids who do not need to work!
  10. Often, when someone speaks of the past with nostalgia and enthusiasm, we answer him; you're old-fashioned, old thing, it's the present that's important, ... Regarding music, for example, I was surprised to see on Youtube the reactions of young people (rap, hip hop, ..) discovering Pink floyd, the Beatles, Led zep, ... When it's better, it's better !!!!
  11. In fact the tenants do not interest me too much (except exception but it was before!), It is the guests who interest me. Girls especially.
  12. My remark was for everyone, not that you of course.
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