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  1. Certainly Daniel is a brake on Domi's sexual activity. But you have probably noticed that every time she is in a position to go further (only with Bart) she looks at Daniel to know what to do! He may be a "kid", she accepts his submission with good humor. In addition, we do not know if Domi likes sexual "stoned"; she has a Clara side: high opinion of her, so she does not practice hard (for example being squirted in the mouth).
  2. I hope not, there is a chance that tonight Domi sucks Bart!
  3. Ridicule does not kill ... fortunately! What sexual misery so many people pay for it on Chaturbate (or others). Why choose this rather than a real whore?
  4. After sodomy, she notices the damage in the mirror!
  5. I am not sure you are on the right site, if you are looking for "friends". If we had to know people well before having an opinion on them, we would not talk about anything! Here, we look, we take, we throw, it is the reign of the apriori. Look no further, you will be disappointed, already that you seem not to have a high morale!
  6. And also 5 off line. No need to orgies 8 or 12 to be attractive, there are practices to 2 or 3 very exciting. Some apartments have found a paliative to their lack of imagination (or laziness): they bring couples who fuck 1 or 3 days (paying?). When we start to minimize costs rather than increase our income, it's the beginning of the end!
  7. This is the great calm in the group (here, Isa, Sergio, Bart) !? Did they understand that their group shows were getting bored? So, more ideas? All this will change quickly: grouping or explosion?
  8. Purists (like me) say that real voyeurism can not exist on these sites, because it would be necessary that the participants do not know that there are cameras in their apartment: it is illegal! So, we are in the paid show, more or less.
  9. I was wondering, how do they live financially? If everyone thinks like me, VHTV's only revenue is ridiculous. If they have other incomes, why show themselves? Perhaps by vanity!
  10. Yes I can: it is the couple (perhaps), which I have watched the least for 2 years. She, proud and not very creative. He, I do not even know what to say. Really useless for me.
  11. I love Krista! Always cool, friendly. Andrew a big lucky !!
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