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  1. Very good time, for too long, with these 4. Bonnie makes me think of Lola with a touch of madness like Darcie.
  2. And a another day in november too. I was a Bree's fan!
  3. Good to see Dean again (and Candy). Always together, amazing !! Also returning (since November 2017) Courtney's "lover"; last time he was in Bree's pussy!
  4. Coffee94

    Mira & Henry Part #2

    Weird, without Henry for 15 minutes. Mira is sweet with the guy!
  5. Coffee94

    Mira & Henry Part #2

    Mira with her masseur. "Inner" massage in progress, very languorous. It looks like 2 lovers !! Hmmm
  6. Coffee94

    Trixie & Leah

    No for a gangbang!
  7. Coffee94

    Ruby & Calvin

    Ruby is the new Em for a while in her relationship with her man (Hihihi!) She has a humanitarian mission?
  8. Coffee94

    Bonnie & Clyde

    Here are some girls who loose themselves! Age, no doubt! The girls of many apartments are there for the money (or to be noticed by an agent). Necessity makes Law! I like the mix of generations!
  9. Coffee94

    Paisley & Cletus

    Not really. It's normal to have a reaction with a cock in the pussy, but I feel like she's in restraint like the majority of girls here!
  10. Coffee94

    Darcie & Stifler

    Darcie has not evolved. She allowed Stifler to fuck girls, it seems that the reciprocal is not true. Too bad, she too has the level gangbang!
  11. Coffee94

    Paisley & Cletus

    Paisley has a big sexual potential: gangbang level. But she lacks expressions when she fucks.
  12. Coffee94

    Elise & Jim

    At least they swallow sperm! Too many scenes of fucking for hours with dry cocks!
  13. Coffee94

    Courtney & Heather

    I've always found this apartment sinister and corny, a little less than the new apartment of Henry and Mira; my God! Next apartment: a caravan!
  14. Coffee94


    I like this apartment. It is "the court of miracles"! Uncommon characters, rather cool, on the margins of society, soft domination games, ... I dream of mixing these people with "classic" participants like Ary, Darcie, Clara: wowww.
  15. Coffee94

    Ruby & Calvin

    I understood that VH contracted (and therefore paid) to the person who registered. After, the deal of money with his guy (or girlfriend), guests, friends, dog, ... was the case of the tenant. After, the clauses written in small, appendix !! ??