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  1. Another girl who assaults a guy! Then, the ancestral phenomenon of "Action / Reaction". The guy was nice, he hit his open hand: a real gentleman!
  2. So there is a tolerable threshold. If you miss your slap in the face it does not count, a kick below the knee either. Swinging dishes is no problem. All the girls stuff!
  3. I thought, I hoped that in Russia there was more testosterone than our European countries enslaved by feminism and sentimentality, but apparently the feminization movement is very present here too.
  4. Vita assault on Tom. No VHTV OFF. Women have the right?
  5. Seeing girls who have a hundred cocks on the counter doesn't make me shudder. They have done everything hundreds of times and what they have not done, they will never do. So everything is played ...
  6. The cock of the evening has arrived. They can carry out the usual procedure. Globalization also has its effects at VHTV !!
  7. Good news: at least 1 person is looking at this apartment! Like 95% of people who do not understand Russian here, you will have no explanation. It's up to you to imagine! No wonder 99% of people focus on SEX only!
  8. Another male guest: kitchen counter, card game, Mia sucks 1, Mia doggy style 1, the guest cums 1, bathroom, 20mn break, Mia sucks 2, Mia doggy style 2, the guest cumshots 2 (not always), thank you goodbye. If you could change the script from time to time, thank you.
  9. Love is boring for sure .... for others.
  10. Milly fell in love with this very nice couple! New tenants?
  11. The cams of the room allow you to see the ass of the guys! We don't see Mia anymore and it's a shame.
  12. They should have put the cam in the building opposite!
  13. You can hear the phone better with your head in the toilet, and it smells good !! When I tell you that the average age of subscribers has decreased.
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