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  1. Wonderful evening. The 2 couples largely deserve a place at VH. Small regrets: no visible cumshot. AGAIN.....
  2. "Bad trip" for K, a priori under substances, otherwise why hide? You can imagine that it is not for drinking, smoking a cigarette or taking a medicine! Let's see the rest with his "girlfriend" who has nothing to do with it and a guy who thinks he's Mister Universe.
  3. 100% OK with you. Elza seems an easy-going girl, with an advantageous physique, over 20 years old. My fear was that Alibaba would make her a sex slave to share with her friends. A priori, I am reassured on this point: damage (lol)
  4. What is this bunch of wankers at Darcie ?? She set up a Youth Center? A refuge for the unemployed? Misery!
  5. Anyone know what's going on here? After weeks at 3 dicks a day, I worry! The little girl who takes herself for a miss has put the mess ... ??
  6. Still no imagination for this couple ... they are deeply sad. I would like to know how much they earn as money here !! Ilka has a body whose infrastructure could accommodate half a dozen Senegalese. Never mind....
  7. Your youthfulness is pitiful! If you are looking for aesthetics, performance and standardization, check out the "films" by Marc Dorcel (France). The interest here is precisely the imperfection of people and behaviors.
  8. The girl invited seems "interesting" to me. It changes from sophisticated semi-pro or future-pro! Mira, what a dress !!!
  9. It’s been a while since we’ve had an evening where something is going on !! Thanks also to the censors for not having made a ticket. Interesting this little blonde: probably bi polar, alcoholic certainly, drugged probably and beautiful breasts. The friend Jakar will remember it for a moment, especially his back and buttocks !! As a bonus, visit the emergency services (2 Russian cannons!). Finally, a real evening.
  10. "It's still K. What are these 2 wankers that you sent me !!! I want" Premium ", if not how will I earn money on VH ?! This is your last chance, after I call Dean and Blonde, understand ?! "
  11. "Good evening, I would like two 20cm cocks for 11pm. Yes, I have a" privilege "subscription. Do you have a promotion on black guys ?! I'm going to think about it. I have 10,000 points !? 2 hours free ?! Cool. My bank code: 69.69.69 Thank you tomorrow at the latest. "
  12. Apart from taking baths, what do other two chicks do in life? VH and some managers focus on youth. But with college kids we won't see much sex until the police arrive! Already that, overall, sensual and sexual activity is low!
  13. Then.. "Who's in bed with itchy ass, wakes up with smelly fingers!"
  14. I would love to be in the place of your bear! Sweet dream, hard dream !!
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