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  1. Coffee94

    Ruby & Calvin

    I understood that VH contracted (and therefore paid) to the person who registered. After, the deal of money with his guy (or girlfriend), guests, friends, dog, ... was the case of the tenant. After, the clauses written in small, appendix !! ??
  2. Coffee94

    Chris & Dana Part #1

    Dana does not inspire me at all. I watched her a few months ago .. and I stopped. I found her pretentious, very sure of herself but stays in her comfort zone (massages, fingered girls less beautiful than her, suck her boyfriend, ..). Little interest for me: too stereotypical.
  3. Nobody wonders why this visit at such a time? And the breaks of 3 hours? Start sleeping at 4 PM? Abuse of power Or future evolution? The kiss to the baby.
  4. Coffee94


    A girl with hair in her pussy, finally! I thought this "coquetry" had disappeared. Thank you miss! I pray a little Toundra to the plains of Siberia!
  5. Coffee94

    Ary & George Part #3

    Sexygirl, I love this game between you. Time is not important. I do not understand your conversations, it's even better !!
  6. Obviously I do not know Calvin well, so my comment is more an impression than a "truth". Calvin is a follower, very shy, trend submissive. I think he's already very happy to be with Ruby and that Ruby is going with her. I even think that a visit to Lola & Otto would teach us even more about Calvin (to the delight of Otto). He's a good little guy, a little lost ....
  7. It seems that a large part of the tenants live in Saint Petersburg! It seemed to me that the VHTV management wanted to worldwide! US, Bulgaria, Spain, Brazil, ... I imagine he does not master the technologies and that the nice little chiefs are totally against (loss of power). Let's take our Russian lessons!
  8. I hope the news are good! I also hope that the introspection seminar is over soon and that the festivities are resuming.
  9. Not well understood, I probably do not have enough seniority. Or my Slav culture is insufficient!
  10. Is there a night in preparation here? Our three "stars" must lose audience for many weeks! I understand that after losing Dean, Candy, Bree, Drew, Misty, ... there is a void. But the wheel continues to spin and fans get impatient. I say that ...
  11. Coffee94

    Zack & Blonde

    Nobody has any problem to invite and kfuck pretty girls! We have to find them, girls who want to be dismounted in front of cameras. Just for the "fun", I can not believe it.
  12. Coffee94

    Zack & Blonde

    For the awful bearded man, he only has to pay $ 1,000 per night to have pretty little asses. I doubt Zack and the other have this budget!
  13. Coffee94

    Zack & Blonde

    These two lads have a sacred address book. It's a wonder if this apartment is not used for casting. Make girls dream, it always works! It really feels pornographic industry.
  14. Coffee94

    VHTV music

    That's what made France move territories this summer.