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  1. They already reduced their price by $10 I believe, they need to get a lot of new people fast or find a way to get some of the people into new apartments if they want to keep their heads above the water.
  2. Someone should make a timeline of events or something, all of this has me so confused lmao. Up until now I thought they were just in a happy open relationship
  3. I thought he was saying that Dasha is superior and proving it with that picture, I must have just miss-interpreted it
  4. Isn't that Masha in the picture, not Dasha?
  5. I didn't even know they had a support email to begin with lmao. I never saw a "contact us" button or anything
  6. Personally I love the old L&P clips, sometimes it almost seems like Paul knows what he was doing back then.
  7. What's wrong with pornlink? The site works fine and allows you to download the videos. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned 😕
  8. Leora bate with dildo in the guest room 10-15-18 WARNING: The ending of this video was corrupted causing it to miss the climax, I apologize for this mishap and feel I should warn you first. It does leave some stuff to be desired but its still 20 mins long and thought some people would enjoy it. https://mab.to/fvxqrMqcK (Expires in 3 days, only uploading to MAB)
  9. [ Martina and Alberto have long passionate sex in the living room, for those into rough sex this may not be for you. I will only upload to MAB and it should be up for 3 days. I will not be re-uploading, so get it while its here or ask someone else. Enjoy! https://mab.to/BzyZGM5Lf
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but as long as you cover up the ID properly you should be safe. You may have accidentally scrolled up or down therefor exposing your id. That's what happened to me last week resulting in my ban.
  11. Due to all of the requests I am re-uploading my video, but only this once. It will be up for 3 days (hopefully) so get it while its here and after that, someone else may re-upload it if they choose to do so. Enjoy 🙂 https://mab.to/zpzlm2804 PS: I am also only uploading to MAB
  12. Yup is Segpay, I honestly don't even know why they ban people. Don't they know I will just make another account? Even if they were to try something like an IP ban I'm using a VPN so it wouldn't work.
  13. Yup, restarted my PC and after I tried to log in got that notification. I just hope they don't try to bill me and pull some slick shit.
  14. Welp this is what happened shortly after I uploaded it. I blocked my ID in the video but I guess I slipped somewhere. Either way it means someone from RLC is on here because I don't know how else I would've been banned. :/
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