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  1. The trend towards less and less activities continues in the new apartment.🤔
  3. Premiere: Barbie with two women naked in the bathtub.
  4. Drugs were probably involved at the opening party. One of the guests has had a drug attack. Harley & Freddy were also there as guests, now their apartment is offline because of suspected drugs. Now wait and see if Ken & Barbie's apartment goes offline.
  5. THAT WAS A KINDERGARTEN PARTY AGAIN. Barbie is lying in bed and playing with the cell phone. Ken plays playstation. the guests sit around boring.
  6. Now everything starts all over again. a camera is still missing on the right of the couch.
  7. the countdown to the start of the apartment is running!😀
  8. Maybe we'll see Ken and Barbie again in Stifler's old apartment !?
  9. Does the offline button not work?
  10. The apartment is empty! The offline button will be pressed soon. ken, give us information?
  11. ken, when is your new APARTMENT ONLINE?
  12. the first moving boxes are here! SOON OFFLINE
  13. it can take a while before the boring card game starts. In America it's only early evening!
  14. Ken and Barbie can only dream of that!
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