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  1. next week the apartment will be offline. Then Darcie & Stifler was history.
  2. the students have no activities😪just boring
  3. boring party ... the first guests are already asleep😎
  4. There are two possibilities. They leave the project or they move.😁Bild von URL einfügen
  5. now it is obvious that the apartment will soon go offline. Because the apartment is viewed by afternoons.
  6. persistent virus😁 especially contagious for students🤯
  7. it will be a quiet week. Stifler is sick, he needs a lot of rest and care. Guests are probably not allowed to come back until the weekend.😎
  8. get well soon. good night . it will be a quiet evening again😎
  9. it's time for visitors. because otherwise it will be boring. I hope the students come back
  10. where is the animal protection association📢
  11. if there are no visitors today then I suspect that the apartment will soon go offline.
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