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  1. Живы ведь,а всё остальное временное, всё наладится
  2. А что? Всё хуёво? Всё тлен?
  3. I love you too guys ❤️ I don't want to spoil, but u will find soon
  4. So I think they just had a fight, this is not the first time already, everything will be fine
  5. Well, i guess i need to read whole forum
  6. 10 floor building. It's house only for students to live
  7. But I know one lucky guy. At the age of 12, he had sex with two adult drunk girls . In principle, this can be called a double standard or mentality.
  8. Once I had a chance, but because of my poor eyesight I couldn't identify the second person and I didn't have the courage to approach the naked people swimming in the river
  9. I don't remember whether I ever told you a story. When I was at University, I lived in a Dorm. There was a house opposite the Dorm . On the fifth floor , in the window I saw a girl in white tango panties and a size 3 breast , she was cooking a pie. Uh , I've been watching her for hours, hehe
  10. Kira&emily will be back Alan mb Ada no
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