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  1. Lisa

    I think Lisa is still under the weather and has not fully recovered from the bug that affected her. I notice she is feeling the cold more and is quite listless and tired. So Lisa, keep warm, eat and drink plenty and get back to your normal self.
  2. Lisa

    Both are still fine for me. Lisa has gone out so you are not missing anything there and Misty with her bloke are about to eat by the look of it
  3. Lisa

    Both seem OK to me
  4. Lisa

    Time to try out the new hair dryer Lisa treated herself to on the last shopping trip. Hope you are feeling a bit better today and they never look like this doing their nails round at our local manicure parlour
  5. Lisa

    Eventually took a couple of tablets and a sachet of what could have been a flu/cold remedy, then lights out and off to bed. I am assuming Lisa will get some sleep in between checking messages on phone When viewed from the other side it looks like Teddy has a phone Good girl, get well soon, sleep tight, sweet dreams
  6. Lisa

    Checking her temperature again
  7. Anastasia & Rock, Adam, Jack

    If you start with the guy by Misty as number one and number all the men in order clockwise, then he really is number 5 at the moment - hence the shirt (albeit unwashed)
  8. Lisa

    Lisa needs to be careful over this open pot of dipping sauce on the bed - stains everything if spilled
  9. Lisa

    Good idea though, get tucked up in bed, put a film on the computer, food (Sushi) - a great way to aid recovery.
  10. Lisa

    Back from a short shopping trip, - retail therapy is always a good way to cheer yourself up, even if for essentials (but always sneak in a little luxury treat for yourself ).
  11. Anastasia & Rock, Adam, Jack

    The wardrobe door has been closed in the bedroom blocking off camera 7. The camera is mounted inside the wardrobe.
  12. Mika & Layne

    Huge effort from Mika in tidying up the LR. Looks so much better, well done and thank you. Don't do too much in one go though, look after yourself and the baby first. Layne, don't you dare make a mess!
  13. Lisa

    Lisa is quite obviously not well. She has been checking her temperature during today with an underarm thermometer. She certainly seems at a low ebb at the moment, often the case if not feeling well. Not a lot we can do from a distance other than to reassure and try to keep her spirits up. Lisa, make sure you keep warm, eat and drink plenty. Take care of yourself Lisa
  14. Lisa

    I have exactly the same trouble as this when changing the duvet cover
  15. Lisa

    Welcome home Lisa - good to see you back here