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  1. Arkay2

    Trixie & Leah

    You will need the sound on for the video (apologies to those who do not speak English) OnTheMove.mp4
  2. Arkay2


    I have one of the original Roomba cleaners. Apart from a replacement rechargeable battery and a set of filters it has always been good and still works fine
  3. Arkay2


    Wait until the cat finds it! 😂🐈😺
  4. Arkay2

    Trixie & Leah

    The finale (saved as a video so you get the sound track). Beware - file is 14Mb. Capture_43.mp4
  5. Arkay2


    Juliet and the last remaining guy left at about 10:45 local time
  6. Arkay2


    For the cameras that are online I have to say the image quality is very good in this lighting. The bathroom camera is listed so I'm sure Grant will get it sorted soon enough. Early days yet.
  7. Hi Trixie & Leah (Realm 11), 29/11/2018, all three Living room cams (12, 13 & 19), 13:25 to 14:14 local time. As always, many thanks
  8. Arkay2


    New way to get the cabling done? 😀 (hope the lights behind the TV don't mess up the night vision and I assume bathroom and loggia cameras will come in due course)
  9. Arkay2

    Trixie & Leah

    Daylight 👍
  10. So sorry to see this lovely couple go. You have my very best wishes for the future. Take care @Lexy&Pete ❤️
  11. Farewell group photo - lots of love and emotions here tonight 😢❤️
  12. Golfer, as always, thank you for your prompt attention 👍
  13. Hi Trixie & Leah (Realm 11), 25/11/2018, Living room (Cams 12, 13 & 19), 18:21 to 19:32 local time. Many thanks