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  1. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Remember that Lisa is supposed to be going to Misty’s party tomorrow
  2. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Sid's back
  3. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Em seems really down and sad at the moment. She is using a variety of distraction techniques to keep herself occupied and thereby her mind off whatever is bringing her down. Em has tidied the whole apartment, made the bed and then changed it all again. Lost count of how many times the cushions have been arranged, perhaps she is catching some of Lisa's need for neat and tidy . Seriously though, I think she is hurting quite bad following recent events and is hoping that keeping busy will help. We are only observers and cannot do anything to help but I'm sure many of us would like to see her happier than at present. It is never pleasant seeing someone who is unhappy, we can only watch, be supportive and hope that things improve for her
  4. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Perhaps they wrote all over Sid to force him into having a shower the next day
  5. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Lisa's happy
  6. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    I wonder if they warned the neighbours about the party and any possible noise
  7. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Good to see that Lisa has treated herself to a long handled mop rather than using just a cloth. Still the cleanest apartment of them all I think, well done Lisa . Also this style of protective clothing for cleaning should be extended to other apartments. After the cleaning, put your feet up with a bag of crisps (and lick the salt from them off your fingers )
  8. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Has he done it again? I remember him knocking over the plant that A & A gave Lisa for her birthday which she cleared up and replaced the soil in the pot. It was then re-positioned further along the window sill, hopefully to avoid it happening again. It was a Yukka plant but I think we named it Groot Update: OK I see it now - looks like it was re-positioned to the refrigerator (and then the floor )
  9. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    It took a while but they did manage to wring a great deal of the water out and then left it in the shower room in a bowl to drain a bit more. After a while they emptied the excess water out and moved it (still in the bowl) to over by the radiator in the lounge. You can see it on camera 3 underneath the window.
  10. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    I see Em has removed the bright white lights from the TV and put up some much nicer softer coloured ones against the wall underneath the overhead cupboards. Let's see if it makes a difference to the NV. I also still feel a bit bad about the composite picture of Em I posted, so it is only fair that, as some sort of recompense, I create something a little less controversial (and before you comment, yes, it is in the same style as one done previously for Lisa).
  11. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    The duvet that Alex soiled is getting a long wash and soak in the shower (note that I am talking about Alex the cat not Alex the manager )
  12. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    A workman has just arrived an they have had to very hurriedly hide/disguise cameras temporarily by the look of it. Curtain over one of them and Chloe standing in front of another and so on... Update: Panic over, back to normal. Well done girls
  13. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    So pleased to see Lisa and Chloe together. I'm still sure these two used to get up to all sorts of mischief together (during the time prior to VH for either of them)
  14. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Alex may have been comfortable in the previous picture but it now looks as if he has used the bed as a toilet with the liquid soaking through into the nice new winter duvet Lisa bought. Em has got some washing and drying of the cover and duvet to do when she gets back. Hope it hasn’t gone through to the mattress.