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  1. Em, Nyusha

    Listening to the soundtrack, Em and Nyusha are video-conferencing with a tutor online and having a lesson in English language. Well done girls
  2. Lisa & Chloe

    Sorry I cannot come out this evening, I am a bit tied up!
  3. How to take off your 'skinny' jeans (sorry Lisa love you really )
  4. Lisa & Chloe

    Observation test: How many of you noticed in the first picture that the completed jigsaw is now hung on the wall?
  5. Lisa & Chloe

    Like many of us after Christmas and New Year, Lisa has started her exercise routine again. Impressive multi-tasking as well, typing messages on phone whilst keeping Hula going.
  6. Lisa & Chloe

    I think it is more likely to be the fairy lights strung behind the TV but I do remember the 'Ambilight' TVs that Philips brought out where the illumination on the wall at the rear was toned to blend with the colours being shown on screen. Very innovative at the time and still available today.
  7. Lisa & Chloe

    It is the colour of the lighting behind the television (I think)
  8. Lisa & Chloe

    Feeling a little blue tonight?
  9. Misty - Part #2

    Before someone asks, NO, I am not blending a pair of tits into the picture
  10. Misty - Part #2

    It would be totally epic when our friend @Arkay2 could morph Mistys face in there Something like this? @jabbath1987, @Amy3
  11. Lisa & Chloe

    Studying over, time to relax blindfolded with Mr Black (and briefly interrupted by Chloe )
  12. Lisa & Chloe

    How to do your studying ready for Uni/College Teddy's got a big smile on his face! Earlier in LR
  13. Lisa & Chloe

    Followed by a shower together including a couple of shower drawings expressing their love and happiness which were hastily removed. Lisa also exited shower to take a phone call and liaise with Chloe over something before returning to shower
  14. Many thanks for the prompt attention
  15. Hi, could you please add from Lisa & Chloe (realm 11) on 6 January the following times from the bedroom (all times are local): 15:35 to 15:46 17:40 to 17:57 18:09 to 18:31 20:49 to 21:12 Many thanks