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  1. The new girl probably gone home for now. First i thought she was sick of Scott's talking but she's real sick.
  2. @StnCld316 Can you put them back online? Thanks.
  3. Lately i always see tenants playing cards. But these apts like to do everything a little bit different then the rest.
  4. For the ones who don't have a sub or didn't had the time. Nevaeh showed up for some clothes, they talked a bit and immediately left again.
  5. No. The blonde didn't like Mason. So they never got the change to make up what they did normally did. On twitter they mentioned she left but it wouldn't surprise me if she comes back online with the blonde. But then she has to shake her ass also into the cam. That was the only thing they did.
  6. Yes. But the blonde girl was actually the reason why they are offline now. From the beginning she stood between them.
  7. If it was the other way around they would be offline. I'm sure of that.
  8. I actually missed that exact moment but i found her those 3 days more aggresive then him. You don't see that often here.
  9. 我同意你的看法 i'm learning chinese at the moment. 😁
  10. That was a very quick visit. https://voyeur-house.tv/realm52/cam111?timestamp=1619029271
  11. Me too. Just before they pulled the plug out. . I think the last days from stephanie and her "fight" with mason were the most interesting days since they started on VH.
  12. Maybe an oldie but i also found this joke about russian names. What is the name of the Russian Doctor who performs sex-change surgery? Its Doctor Kutchakockof!
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