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  1. I'm glad that at least someone from the oldies (no offense😁) is back.
  2. I guess most of them left to VH own forum.
  3. Hope you don't do the brain surgery yourself😉.. i'm not good in doing two things at the same time and with surgery. Oh oh..
  4. You're busy Amy switching between both forums.
  5. Female doctor who likes massages? 😁 Just kidding. Take care Jules.
  6. I thought Markus said she's a Mistress? Doesn't look like it 😂
  7. I've downloaded from archives. But i don't blame them. They treated me fair and also gave the month sub back.
  8. At the moment they need more moments operators then members just to clean it up i think. My girlfriend has a sub now because i was banned by VH but i think many have left CC if i look at the posts here now.
  9. Too bad the other girl left.. The one with Romeo.
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