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  1. I do. Just a matter of time when the neighbour does this.
  2. Not the smartest guy in adjusting a cam. But the managers were awake
  3. Earlier this day. Don't think this was what she really wanted. I'm stil a fan of Faye.😁
  4. Can we call that a round? She's lying there like a rubber doll.
  5. Heidi really wants to stay in the House i guess. Now she even did it with Scott with a mask on. But if you are too late for the timeline don't worry you didn't miss anything.
  6. Don't think if you wanna know. Something discusting what i saw from him by accident when he was in the hall.
  7. She's really doing her best to stay in Scott's Mansion. Too bad that it's with this guy.
  8. One call from Pierre and she's gone.
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