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  1. They get bored of all your endless complaining 😁
  2. Don't think so too. If Jules sees the blonde now then i know who i would choose. 😉
  3. Thanks but i had posted this screens on Jules topic when she came back after two weeks.
  4. She will run back to Jules someday.
  5. I'm sure and seeing his reaction about his absence lately. He's having fun outside.
  6. Maybe he can't do a thing about it. Probably got the wrong instructions from Stifler. Sleeping all day. 😁
  7. And Barbie too of course. She will be very pleased.
  8. I'm not gay but they have to send this guy to Ken's place to spend some time on Ken. He doesn't even dares to sleep anymore.
  9. She will definititely miss Jules F-SM. Full service massages.
  10. I already feel sorry for Sina for the coming weeks. Think we have to send her a wheelchair.
  11. And not that shy anymore. What a difference. But when i look at her bruises i think they still were in contact with each other.
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