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  1. Valerie is one of the few bright spots on VHTV. Unfortunately totally boring. The only boner stand you can see here is the clothes horse.
  2. Viki spielt immer noch in der VHTV Champions League. Ist nur schade, dass die Cams 3 und 5 so hoch eingestellt sind. Ich sehe lieber eine nackte Viki als die Zimmerdecke.
  3. Since Ary and George moved to their previous apartment in July 2019, Anni has avoided physical contact with George, even though they had a great 3some before. There was probably a big argument again during the move. I will only continue my subscription if everything between Anni, Ary and George becomes the same as before.
  4. Glad to see Anni here again. I just think it doesn't stay very long. But maybe she will stay because of the nice new apartment.✊😍
  5. The "good old days" were only the times when Anni was with them. She was very nice, friendly and always in a good mood and everything was real. The threesome with Ary and George was the absolute highlight on VH. Couple sex is boring and 2 couples are no better either. Ary and George won't switch partners anyway, but I don't care either. My subscription expired a few weeks ago and I can't get a new one without Anni.
  6. How is Anni and what is she doing right now? Will she come back? Maybe Ary can answer.
  7. Nice new apartment, nice party and a beautiful Melissa.
  8. I do not understand why it has to be discussed. Little effort, possibly great benefits. Who pays, would like to have the best quality. If my TV has a bad image, I also contact the support and do not think that it is not my job to tell them! wtf! P.S. Thanks jabb for the ticket.
  9. But it is still better than before, because the window no longer fades. Otherwise, I agree with you.
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