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  1. aroel69, how can I copies of some of your videos? Thanks
  2. Do you have available the 6/19/19 Leora video?

  3. rod001, As a premium member, I think sending the 6/19 Video of Leora would be a nice thing to do. I'm not sure what satisfaction you are deriving from withholding it from a fan of the same things that you like. Thank you.
  4. How can I see 6/19 video?

    1. gigou5076


      demande a rod001 s il t accepte !!

  5. gigou5076, please re post the 6/17 video for us. Thanks
  6. Do you have the 6/16 video?

  7. I want the 6/16 video of Leora drinking wine and dancing. I don't know who has it, but many of us would be appreciative if someone can share it.
  8. Celentano, Please share the video. Thank you.
  9. Does anyone have the video from 2 Sunday's ago when she was dancing nude in the GR?
  10. Does anyone have the video from Sunday afternoon? I am a premium member.
  11. If anyone has video from Sunday afternoon, we all would be appreciative and happy.
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