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  1. Perhaps Bogdan is in Russia on a family matter. Radi used the quite large laundry room in B1 for storage. I think she prefers her small room in B! because the cameras are so close, the closest of any bedroom in Barcelona. This allows her to develop an intimacy with those who follow her, as she becomes the Leora of Barcelona, Like being in the front row of her stage, and not sitting in the balcony. In my opinion, Radi is quite calculating about what it takes to achieve and maintain a position among the top cams. That is not to say she is not a team player, but she is not going to waste much time on situations or other participants which do not help her in the cam standings.
  2. Very strange. the villa is empty. Bruno & Gina is empty. Martina and Alberto is empty. Two of B2 are at B5. Does this have anything to do with Bogdan being missing for two days now.
  3. Agree completely. Any company who fires an employee wants the employee off the premises as quickly as possible. Given the circumstances and timing, most likely the message received was of a personal nature. It may have involved family back in Russia.
  4. This is not at all what I expected. The ISP for Reallifecam leads back to this address in Moscow, one of two addresses in Moscow. Москва, ул. Бутлерова 7, Помещение 32 To be sure, this is the address of the company providing internet services, not the business address of RLC. The address is next to Special Correctional School Number 1708, a source of participants for the project?
  5. For the life of me, I cannot think of a single reason why a Russian-owned company would have its global headquarters in the United States. The Reallifecam domain is registered with a U.S. company in Denver, Colorado. That company offers web-hosting and cloud-hosting for domain registrants. This includes servers that provide a DNS address. Having a U.S. company provide hosting and domain registration does not require that a Russian company who owns and operates a website have a physical presence in the United States, or even have a single employee in the United States. _____________________________ The villa is not so remote from the city of Barcelona that it does not have a high-speed internet line connecting the villa to the RLC network and to the web. This line must be able to upload simultaneous video and audio from the x number of cameras at the villa. This probably requires multiple T1 lines, or a dedicated fiber optic line, rather than broadband cable. Broadband cable is asynchronous, download speeds are much, much faster than upload speeds.
  6. On replay, between 21:13 and 21:14 on Sept 21, Mia spends a minute, looking at two different mirrors, at her appearance while wearing just panties. Not something she would do if she was meeting her mother. So does Mia have a lover in Barcelona other than the German boyfriend, who she would be sharing with Lia?
  7. B4 under maintenance. Radi left at 0740. Mia spent the night in Barcelona. Was it her night to sleep with the boyfriend in Barcelona? ________________________ I can say based on my knowledge of websites in the U.S. with a concept similar to RLC, but with a less extensive IT infrastructure, that there were at least 5-6 employees working behind the scenes on production and operations. So it is not just some other guy and Bogdan running the operation in Barcelona.
  8. No one who is low on the pecking order at RLC is allowed to take four girls off camera for an entire day for a supposed excursion to some distant beach, and not do it once, but several times. Which is what Fior did. Bogdan's role in RLC is greatly complicated by Nelly, and her issues. It could be that girls who are not great and good friends of Nelly, i.e., Gina, see Fior as a counterweight to Nelly, and by extension, to Bogdan. ---------------- Correction to an earlier post I made. It is Lia who is at the villa tonight. Mia has apparently gone into Barcelona.
  9. Fior's position in RLC is hard to figure out. This evening, Mia seemed to be pointing out several areas of the penthouse that needed repair. Why not tell Bogdan about that? Radi, when she meets him, kisses him fraternally on both cheeks. The three most senior girls, Mia, Karol, and Radi, join him on the balcony for a smoke and more conversation. He sleeps on a mattress in the fitness room. The girls have a conversation with him that lasts for several hours. I don't think they would spend that much time with someone who is merely the maintenance man. (It was Bogdan who washed the big windows several days ago, rappelling off the roof.) So what to conclude? He seems to be more involved in the RLC Barcelona operations than Bogdan. Within the RLC operation, he is at least the equal of Bogdan, if not higher. He has a good rapport with the girls, and they seem to consider him important enough that talking with him is worthwhile, from their perspective.
  10. Nelly finally left. A worker arrived to repair something in the living room around 1200, and she quickly exited.
  11. There was an incident on one of the early cam sites before but like RLC, where a mother came to the house, and forcibly marched her daughter out of the house. The cams recorded it. (I was told this by one of the 'producers' for the site.) The girl was gone about a week before returning. That was Real Life!
  12. This is another drunken spectacle, this time at 1600 hours. Gina dressed as a nun. Nelly dressed as a cheerleader, I think the costume is Gina's. Bruno probably waiting until all three are in the sauna to sweat off the alcohol.
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