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  1. Naga, it does not matter whether we see eye to eye about a participant in this project, especially not in Cheesy's case. These girls are just here in these apartments to make their rubles and nothing more so there is no need to argue among ourselves over them actually. But for Cheesy, although a stranger but he relates to me because we shared a medical history of pain which I was lucky to recover. It is never easy to know someone who is suffering and dying. It is both amazing but yet also solemn to know someone like him from this particular forum. P.S: Yes, I just sent him a PM. Thanks for your reminder.. Mods, sorry for the OT. I will now stop posting on this topic.
  2. I only know him for as long as I am on this forum and he has been a great, dignified person. I feel sorry for his pain and hope he is soon going to a better place. I did not want to send him a personal mail (maybe I should anyway, be it he will read or not) because I know I will be saddened when his time is up and when he has to go. Thank you Naga for posting this on behalf of him. I am sure many of us will miss him here! P.S: What about his book? Did he leave you a message on where we can buy it?
  3. I agree Fagen, Kamila is a pretty girl but for me I don't pay good money just to see pretty girls appearing on my screen when I can see them elsewhere for free. This project is not about watching pretty girls doing normal stuffs. The premium they are charging us certainly don't make it so. But I do have a soft touch for Kaley although she stopped doing anything for a month or two. But it is obvious other than the occasional sex in Kristy's room (correct me if I am wrong), this apartment is dead.
  4. RLC, You are putting out the "garbage" in the 3K apartment. Now what about this apartment? There is still one more piece of shit art to be put away. She has zero interest in this project & don't give a shit to us viewers like that "garbage" in 3K. Now please do the right thing and KICK HER & PUT US OUT OF OUR MISERY!
  5. Finally the one who should be leaving RLC months ago is leaving. I wasn't here to see her "glorious days" but it is pretty clear she isn't interested in this project. That "fxxk off" eyepad that she wore sometimes really showed how much she cares about RLC viewers and all her fans here eh?
  6. Yes this is also why I like Oksi too. She messed up their routines & forced them to participate in her "nonsense" lol. And I also agree Mila is getting lazy too. Even her bates are getting lazier compared to her last stay when she was at Bea's room but there is no mirror in the big bedroom for her to play with too.
  7. I think Mila & Elvira are definitely worth my time. Have yet to see much of Diane, Bea & Laima so far except when Mila was with them. B2 & B3 are still as puzzling as before. B1 here is of course saved by Wonder Ginger.
  8. She gets 10 out of 10 for hard work & dedication to our cause! 😀 Not every girl gives a fxxk to us viewers.
  9. How I wish I can do click bait shows all day, go to the gym, get club jobs & find myself a new gigantic bf (without contract i believe) within 3 months 😏
  10. Naga I think it is fair to say it is very difficult not to like Monica 😂 Given the state RLC is in right now (no slate to Mila, Elvira & Ginger), I will sign an annual membership to see her again.
  11. I am not referring to you as a nymphomaniac so don't assume what I want.
  12. Well after reading all the posts, can I sum up by saying "B1 is still going to be carried by Ginger?" Seriously, RLC recycle girls more often than I fill up that recycle bin of mine. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION, WHEN IS THAT PRUDE LEAVING????
  13. While we are still having a fashion parade over at B2, I guess action is more or less over for B1. Now this place will gradually drift deep into the cold, silent night 💤
  14. Why can't a nymphomaniac buy a new computer? 🤔