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  1. When did you happen to notice this? I don't watch watch much, I mean there was nothing much to watch but when did you notice they started doing this or whether they really did?
  2. I wonder if RLC asked if she would bring the guy to the apartment, maybe they did but the guy refused to come or they simply don't bother just like when they brought in that do-nothing girl Riya. I don't blame Amira for wanting to look for a regular dick to bonk, she has been here for months & sometimes vibrators can't solve every problem 😏 but this again only solves Amira's craving for dick & not the viewership of this apartment.
  3. On a serious note, how are these 24 hrs coffee shops/eateries coping through this Covid era? When I was in Barcelona, there weren't many of such 24 hrs places.
  4. Nah Rob, I know some shops in Barcelona open real early but not this early 😉
  5. Anyone knows if B5 is anywhere near B4? For me, a 15min or less ride by car is considered near.
  6. Looks like the couples in B5 r not yet ready for more actions savoured by the viewers. I don't blame them, they look like real couples (not on-screen couples) and real couples don't fuck around when their other halves are around. Maybe we can have this orgy someday somehow. On the other hand, I hope the E&T don't get discouraged & continue to bring fun & madness to this project.
  7. I just want to do a shoutout to Vivian for her most recent bate 😍😍 Firstly, I really like it and I think she 'is doing better' although she is still quite a loner in the house. But I do hope she does not overdo her bates like some of the other girls and bate like how she would do it in private. Stay lovely, Vivian.
  8. When I refer to Real Life here, I mean girls hanging out and having fun with guys. Fuck shit do I care about the marketing when they delivered the entertainment. I know some of us here on this forum don't really like seeing dicks in the houses but this is what this whole project should be. Not an all-girls girly lessie camp at Barcelona.
  9. RLC literally stands for 'Real Life...' though... From where I come from, girls hanging out with guys is real life. The continuation of this will just be disgust for those fucktards who can't stand 'their girls' being touched by guys and amusement for the rest of us. I will take such amusement any day compared to watching these girls stare at their phones all day.
  10. SierraTM


    We did it Mr Naga, no UCL for Man City... at least for now 😄 But credit to Chelsea and to the man-god Kante. I managed to catch the 2nd half and damn Chelsea's fullbacks shut down City's flanks and Kante mopped up the rest.
  11. SierraTM


    Just one win will do this time, Chelsea. One win, tonight!
  12. SierraTM


    Just here to rant. United with DDG just can't buy a penalty save anywhere. Damn, I was seriously hoping we could win this over Europa Emery. Still...
  13. Hanna might not be the prettiest girl in the house but she is fun-loving and does not put up a front. Kind of like Gina but without the addiction.
  14. I did the same thing as you, and man was I intrigued 😏 Hell of a show, I have to say.
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