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  1. probably if you can't sleep at night, you can join her in her meditation 😏
  2. That's why I hope she would leave as soon as new replacements can be flown into Barcelona. She is literally here for the easy money and for the 'Tour of RLC's Barca apartments' while doing nothing. Overrated DO-NOTHING girl.
  3. Trump continues to claim broad powers he doesn't have APNEWS.COM WASHINGTON (AP) — Threatening to shut down Twitter for flagging false content. Claiming he can “override" governors who dare to keep churches... I think it is sad the President of the United States is crying like a baby on SOCIAL MEDIA, after playing golf a few days ago while the rest of the country continue to struggle with COVID-19. He is a covidiot, a bully, a troll, a myopic and an annoying ignorant who will do anything to push his own agendas and please his base. The worst Americans can do is to re-elect him but I fear this might be reality cos there are indeed many Americans who are either misled by him or think like him.
  4. Because be it an empty bed or not, I fail to see what content Milena can bring into the project. It has been 2 weeks since she rejoined? What has she done so far other than non-sexual lame G/G shows?
  5. I feel that sex without condom feels better, more pleasurable for both the man and the woman. Of cos, this can only be possible if there is trust between both parties. The presence of the cameras might play a part but I felt he might be a little too excited at the beginning, tried to control himself and softened off. But yes, he did well with his fingers & tongue. Fiore returned the favour too but he still could not get hard enough.
  6. I think Bruno will continue to fuck Gina on-cam until Gina stops taking RLC's money. For Ulyana, either she has to find a new guy or find Bruno off-cam.
  7. Yep Gina will get over this in no time & her new Apple toys will help.
  8. Gina just rewarded herself with a new Macbook Pro and Magic Mouse. She just found out that if men cannot be trusted with her love, Apple can be trusted with her money 😏
  9. Nah he probably won't be on camera for some time. If he meets up with Ulyana, it might be off-cam. But it is RLC, so you will never know 😏
  10. Why should she? If this dude could move on from Sara to Gina, why not Ulyana? Just watch and see how this 'little plot' plays out and get on with your life. For me, all these r just entertainment. Adult entertainment. And I am pleased girls like Ulyana are providing them.
  11. Thanks mate, luckily I checked CC b4 I click on replays.
  12. Yes guys, please just watch what you have paid for and don't get emotional over it. These tenants/participants are paid to be on cameras. They might get emotionally/sexually involved with each other but it does not mean we must follow suit and criticise the girl or the guy involved. And for those who have sent emails to RLC or are thinking of sending emails to them regarding this matter, please don't. It is comical, really. This is a paid adult content, 'generously' brought to you by RLC and so watch it as it is but well, don't forget to rant about the do-nothing girls. I know I won't. 😏
  13. While everyone is talking about Gina, Ulyana & Bruno, I really wonder what has that recycled girl Milena done over the past 48 hours? I haven't seen Replay in B1 yet but I believe she did nothing.
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