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  1. At least now we have Amalia, who for me has done pretty well at B1 with Pam & Daniela and I also hope she has a guy too who will visit. Milena and her bf is just too fucking boring, even their fucking is boring so that pretty sums up her stay so far. Less is said about Amira the better, complete do-nothing girl except for lame shows which she did nothing as well.
  2. No, Amalia is no do-nothing girl. Hopefully she can turn Amira or at least have her kicked out since she is not going to do shit anyway.
  3. She is boring and she even had to resort to a fake bate to give viewers & maybe RLC the impression that she is doing something. And she has the big bedroom 😏 It is one thing to have Milena in an apartment but to have both Amira and Milena in one apartment, RLC certainly outdone themselves.
  4. I said this before when Serafima was here, and also think some of us should know there are girls who get paid to attend parties cos I attended a few myself. Most of these parties are 'harmless', the girls just had to dress up and look good when they picked up their glasses of wine. Most of these parties don't end up with them having sex unless they chose to do so with guys they like. It is like when you take on a gig so I have no problem with these girls taking on extra income as long as they provide for us viewers back in the apartments.
  5. Is Milena's bf allowed to leave the room when Monica & Boring Amira are in the common space?
  6. By taking on clients or taking on photoshoots or simply going to rich people's parties... Plenty of ways to make money in Barcelona if you are hot and willing.
  7. My two best girls in B1 from recent memory are Kelly and Molly. Daniela wasn't too bad either.
  8. This Amira needs to do something on her own or else can we please have someone else to occupy the main bedroom cos she does not deserve it one bit? Just get her to switch with Monica or something or bring back girls like Molly😍 or Ariela😍... girls who could do something on their own. Up to now, I still don't see the relevance of her presence in this project or one thing which she is good at other than lying on the bed & staring at her iPhone. Fucking waste of space!
  9. And this is her 3rd stay, you would want to believe RLC is not stupid but can you? Of cos most of us would hope she turns out great this time round but...
  10. Why the fuck do you need to hide your location or use disguise? Unless you are also surfing pedophile materials or involve in some dark web nonsense or you are in China... otherwise who is interested about knowing who the hell are you? Btw I think Alladino is just trying to understand why are u using German when you are not a native German speaker, not asking you to disclose anything.
  11. Sorry my spicy pal, for me that was a fake bate. We don't see her right hand but we don't see any movement either. Totally fake and for show only, and of cos as brought up by corvette, that wasn't any finish. FAKE BATE.
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