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  1. I think what DGN meant to say is that Hakeem guy and the girl aren't really a loving couple. If they are, I am not sure why Hakeem is sleeping with girls in the same apartment.
  2. Oh you have? The future of this site was yesterday. Today is 502 Bad Gateway. I wonder what tomorrow will be.
  3. Yea we either sign up for their shit deal or premium shit deal. Both are shit so you take your pick
  4. And they sell domain names too, I bought a few from them. But not so sure about their hosting services, maybe they offered RLC a good deal.
  5. Ahh we are good now Lets celebrate, time to get the dancers...
  6. Wait Naga likes Sofie's style of bating???? Me be damned.... okay this we have a disagreement. Me no Sofie, that's it 😏
  7. I don't really like your one word posts so far Naga 😏 But yes, either RLC has an outage or just decided to close shop for the day.
  8. Yes it is not so straightforward to "create your own Internet" and isolate it. If it is so, we would not have just have one Internet but probably a few more like xxx yyy zzz etc. But, and with a huge IF, China & Russia come together & decide they want to have their own little world of Rus-Chi Net, with their resources they might succeed within 5 years or less maybe?
  9. I think you misunderstood me. I meant to say both Valerie & Monica have many masturbation infront of the camera but I were to choose, I will watch Monica over Valerie. Just my opinion.
  10. IMO Valerie and Damira are the best additions so far over the past 1 month or so. Both are not shy and dare to show the cameras everything. But just to rudely interject into the discussion between Naga and ed2, I think it is quite unfair to compare both Monica & Valerie but one thing both girls have in common is that they can have multiple bates within a short span of time. Three hours of exaggerated scream-bates mentioned by ed2 is obviously exaggerated by himself, I heard no screaming from her unless my audio output is faulty. But since this is between ed2 & Naga, I will not go into details. I think in short I will more likely to re-watch Monica's videos over Valerie's anytime any day.
  11. Nope it is just the simple logic of ensuring your audience see what you paid more for or what you think they will like to see. It is like how those Youtube thumbnails work. There is no fxxking algorithm or whatever not. It is simply what RLC wants to its audience to see first & it is not difficult to do, you don't need a committee. Maybe just one guy will do the job. And it makes sense for them to push Sophie & Belle up high on Replay because likely they paid them more to come back. So please, don't lie to yourself and fall for such common marketing tricks. Alot of content providers and media companies do it. And it is not fake news, they don't even need to fake it. They just need to market it. Wake up.
  12. Yess, Barcelona is one of the best cities in Europe during the summer. Shop + beaches + art + cafes, I enjoyed myself when I was there. Beautiful place.
  13. Firstly, I don't know what you are babbling about but I want you to know I am talking about Roza & Tom & more specifically, replying to Naga's post. No one is stopping you from falling in love in Belle, so go ahead and fall all over her & you don't need to explain yourself to me or anyone else. "Belle and Sofie absolutely dominated the viewing figures" <--- What do you know that? Pls don't tell me Replay cos RLC manipulates that to show us what they want to see or click first. For me, just to let you know, Sophie fxxking boring and an absolute tease-bait whom RLC likes to put up high on Replay. She is like Serafima, do nothing much but up high on Replay on most of the days. You will notice a common pattern in these girls' behaviour (Sophie, Belle, Serafima) on cameras, it is as if like they have been trained & know very well the camera angles and ultimately treat this as a camshow all the time. I don't watch the first 2 girls much but for Serafima, she was very aware of what she was showing & not showing the cameras. This is not Real Life if you are on this bandwagon, it is choreographed & it is literally Big Brother but the uncensored porn version. If you like these kinds of shows, performed by these girls, by all means.
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