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  1. Yep Noldus, she is just simply resuming what she left off during her 1st visit And this time round, she has playmates and potentially a few courses of desserts awaiting her 🤩
  2. https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/28_16?ts=1573745552&from=share I almost missed this while looking through Replay. Here comes our Damira II, Ms 'Super-bate' Valerie devouring having fun with her first prey in B4 🤩 🤩 Valerie
  3. Yes RLC wasted this B1 main bedroom on more than some DO-NOTHING GIRLS. Quite a list actually. Probably only Sara and Kelly are the exceptions. They should really put in more effort to screen the girls but RLC and effort don't match.
  4. I just saw Monica on Replay in the bathroom, I think for sure she has room to put on abit more weight. IMO, there is no need for her to be "that skinny".
  5. In my vocabulary book, they are the recycled. But well, they brought back Monica, whom I never thought will come back to this project although I hoped she would.
  6. Alright show's over, if any. Dude decided that he does not want to be a porn star 😏
  7. Wait there is Valerie too??? The girl who bated almost everywhere in B4? Wow, the poor incumbent girls will be in for a shock 😏
  8. Thanks, I checked Replay again to be sure & saw her taking off her mask in the bathroom. Yep that's her. Glad to see her back (although I don't really endorse recycled girls tbh)
  9. Initially she did, but it seemed that he refused to go up (yet I hope)...
  10. Yea I thought so too. She moved rooms twice during this period.
  11. Amber is home with her moneymaker Probably gotten the green $$$ light from RLC to bring the guy back but we will see. Hopefully something will happen!
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