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  1. Hey you do you buddy i was just checking on the forum who was still beleiving it. IMO Sandra & Lily will/have never do anything together (that is actually real) but i wouldn't be surprised that lily would go all the way with a girl that's actually willing to. I'll let you think about that don't want to ruin the fun for anybody so i'll crowl back from where i came from ^^ good evening.
  2. Yhea thats HFB in a nutshell ^^ the dude who "doesnt watch rlc" ( yhea right) but still pollute this forum with all his thinfoil hat theories.
  3. U mean the energy ? if that's what you mean yes, watching couples watching tv and fucking everyday is not really what i am looking for on those kind of website ^^'
  4. A lot of energy in this house xD At first look it doesn't looks like this new appartment is going to make me switch over to Vh 😕 yet ? I'll wait and see 🙂
  5. wathou

    Real Life Cam

    Yhea Rlc's open forums, at least the Gov's appartments since it's the only ones i care about, are a mess 😕 withe knights and haters/trolls fighting each other very little for me ^^' For the "the site with the most fans at CC will win the poll". Not true i don't care about vhtv (so far ^^'), and i am a rlc sub until september and i voted yes. As of right now and like i said after all the recent events i think rlc is just not worth the price nor the time 😕. And just google rlc's alexa ranking graph or number of single user's graph you'll see i am not the only one feeling that way ^^.
  6. wathou

    Real Life Cam

    Btw you can't see who voted what on this poll, so it's hardly relevent as the majority of poeple who participate in the open forums are from Vhtv and i doubt that any of them would say that rlc is doing good xD
  7. wathou

    Real Life Cam

    Even when rlc is doing "bad" (like right now) they are still doing "better" than VHTV in numbers. VHTV is still "new" so that's to be expected. I don't think rlc is "doomed" or going to go down soon. Like jabath said VHtv & Rlc have different viewers, so far. Rlc as a website looks more clean with a variety of categories, VHtv ( at least for someone that's not watching the website regularly) looks messy but that is improving: doesn't look as messy as it used to be. The cams feeds / appartments quality looks about the same right now ( which wasn't the case before). But what makes
  8. not that i want to start a philosophical debate but i think you are making general assumptions. Some poeple are happy with a low/middle wage life style and some other only aim for the luxury life style. Because a girl marry a rich husband that she may not loved that much or go on rlc to make money doesn't mean they are not happy, it's just a mean to an end. Same as the "shop assistant" who probably doesn't give two crap about her job but is happy with her life as it is. If money wasn't a source of happiness for some poeple (IMO a lot of poeple) we would leave in a world filled with h
  9. This week event's forecast for the barcelona's appartments : at B4 a lot of phone/tv watching then some naked massage for belle/blair, maybe a bate from rose before or after her massage wih belle, more tv for nica, sex session for Amina & her BF, maybe jas & her bf will go at it too. at B2, more teasing from sofie & naomi while watching tv then sofie will bate with her legs conveniently blocking the view of cam 9, naomi will go to her bed and on her phone before going to sleep, monica after some long session alone in her room with her phone will probably bate eventualy or mayb
  10. i agree it just that the second bf coming in to live in B4 was just too much for me. After like 5-4 months of having girls doing nothing besides watching tv/their phones and bating to get the bonus money i felt/feel like a was watching chaturbate or some similar site like that. So i was hoping for some fresh air with the new girls but not only that is the same dynamic (tv - eating - tv - phone - eating - tv - bating & repeat) but now there are not 1 but two couples ... ( and i am not talking about one night stand or smthing like that.But couples ...) it's just BS ... and i am not aski
  11. what a beautifull surprise to wake up to now there is a new couple in B4 (2couples in B4, 1 in B3 LoL) :) i am glad rlc is ok with that, i was worried when they said they wanna please a variety of poeple, fuck that we all know everybody loves couples it's the main reason that everyone subscribe to rlc. Since the couples on vacation appartment open it's been crazy everyone can't stop talking about it :) i am really hoping rlc turn every remaining girls on vacation appartment into a couples appartment that would so much better, fuck girls partying & ..., what we all want to see is
  12. i don't see what's the probleme here she has a right to have sex with who ever she wants, maybe they just want this dude as a booty call an nothing else ... some poeple here must be realy old ...
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