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  1. 😂😂🙏It's so cute🙌🏻English is my life
  2. I speak English fluently 😁I teach other people😊
  3. We have opened these people 😉
  4. We have good news for you❤️Soon you will find out❤️❤️
  5. On Sunday Leonie&Barney will come to us🙌🏻I might be something hot🙂🤗But It’s a secret❤️
  6. Because I see that you are worried about our absence 😒you think that we went away at all
  7. What happened????????We will come back soon. If we promised it would be TRUTH!!!Or maybe can’t we go to the restaurant to eat??)
  8. It’s really funny😂even for us.Do you remember the sex moments of Lora?
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