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  1. I think cleaning lady is just apartment filler while masha is out. So there is some activity other than cats when she's out for any longer time frames. Hopefully cleaner will do something interesting.
  2. Looks like plans to go out have fallen through
  3. It crashed for me too. The last time I got this error from the site all the Russia apartments were gone when it came back online.
  4. I don't know that she believes it's a problem. I've seen her check her measurements (breast, waist and hips) then immediately make food and sit down and eat. almost like she's trying to get to a particular size. Maybe she just wants to get toning exercising in.
  5. Masha is the only person on the site in isolation all by herself. I appreciate the effort she's putting in- shows everyday plus a new batch of toys. Hopefully she can keep it up until the quarantine is over. Thank you Masha!
  6. It seems like there's more going on between Masha and Dick than phone sex shows.
  7. Did you hear anything interesting coming up in the weekly program?
  8. the lighting in that bedroom is horrible. It may be very moody for them but for us it's a waste of time watching shadows move around.
  9. Looks like Piper and Taylor may be on their way out of the vacation house at any time now. They're a good couple and if and when a spot opens up I suspect rlc will want to keep them together. Maybe they will guest in Rome.
  10. I didn't recognize it. I let my anticipation for something to happen in the apartment get the better of me.😞
  11. Is that a new suitcase in the hall? Does she have a visitor?
  12. You remember that from a year ago hondarellas? Good memory😀
  13. rado07 said the Milan fashion week is going on through 2/24. It sounds like she may go every year. Hope that's all it is.
  14. I am worried about the direction this apartment is going. Masha hasn't been with a guy, on cam, since early December maybe late November. Does she have a new boyfriend who doesn't want to be on camera or doesn't live in Rome? And if so is she not doing anything on cam with anyone else because of her relationship with him? Which may explain having guests in the apartment so regularly lately to help pick up her lack of activity with anyone on cam.
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