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  1. I doubt it, too. Source? She does own a Barcelona sweat shirt, so maybe a visit there on vacation or as a student? We can only hope...
  2. Β‘Muchas gracias! Sorprendido y encantado de encontrar a Anabel entre tu colecciΓ³n. La extraΓ±o tanto ...
  3. Very generous of you! So did you ever hear from Anabel? Maybe just an Anabel imitator looking for a handout? I suspect they'll be fine but will return to being poor students for awhile, as many of us once were.
  4. I guess it's possible they were in negotiations to maintain the Russian apartments, which then failed. Or, worse case, they were busy bailing out "project participants" and helping them find a place to live. :(
  5. Thank you, sir! This is beautiful❣️ And, of course, thank you dear Anabel for all the gifts you've shared with us. May your life always be blessed. πŸ™
  6. I joined CamCaps today, in search of the reasons behind the sudden disappearance of the Russian sites on RealLifeCam. In particular, I'd like to know the fate of Anabel and Efim of Saint Petersburg. I'm afraid that without my daily darshan of sweet Anabel, I just can't go on...
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