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So I wanted to do this for a long time and now I have time doing it. @StnCld316 it would be nice when you pin it. Thanks :biggrin:

So what to do when you experience buffering?

At first it is important to make sure if buffering is on your side or on VHTV side. On your side do the following steps:

The very first step should always be to check if VHTV announced iussues at their twitter: https://twitter.com/VoyeurHouseTV

  1. Run a speed test to make sure your connection is fast enough. https://fast.com/
  2. Just restart your browser and see if it already solved it. Modern browsers consume a lot of system memory and it may help just to restart them..
  3. When this does not help you should clean your browser cache and cookies. Sometimes old data stuck there leads to weird behavior of the browser. Here's how you do it. https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic or https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-clear-cache-2617980
  4. Still no success? Now its time to restart the computer. As already said modern browsers consume a lot of system memory and CPU which can lead to buffering and stuttering videos. Not all off this is freed again by simply restarting the browser. So restarting should help right? Users with Windows 7 or older or MacOS or Linux can stop reading here and simply restart the computer. For users with Windows 8 or newer it's a little more complicated as windows just only suspends most of the system memory to the hiberfil.sys file in order to boot much faster. However we want a clean restart at that point with all data cleared. So an easy way to do is pressing Windows key + R and type shutdown -g -t 0 This will make a complete shutdown with all data cleared. You can also simply download the cmd file here and run it. It does the exact same thing.

When you still have the problem now it's sure the problem is on VHTV side. So what to do now? You need to submit a ticket with some information to [email protected] You need to provide the following things:

  1. Your WAN IP-adress. You can find it out here: https://www.whatismyip.com
  2. Open your browsers console when on the tab or site with the buffering. This is done by pressing F12 key
  3. Make a screenshot of the console tab.
  4. Switch to the network tab and do the following things:
    1. type .m3u in the filter to only see events with this filetype and make a screenshot
    2. Now type .ts in the filter to only see events with this filetype and make a screenshot too
  5. You now have three screenshots which you attach to your mail.
  6. In the mail you provide your IP adress and the download speed you got during the speed test.

Support will now have enough information to figure out the problem and they will contact you when they need more information or when the problem is solved.



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