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  1. They just totally messed up cam4 turning it into a ceiling cam 🙈👎
  2. Is that Alina Clinton is fucking right now?
  3. Time to move them to archives @StnCld316
  4. I want an appartement @Robwin and @Dave 27 and @Just In. Might be more interesting than most of the other places at the moment 😂
  5. It's the moment operators who do these vids. We are free how to call people and name videos. But okay let's call her Patricia then. I also changed tags in archives so under tag "Patricia" you will find that girl now. For the record the other blonde one was Kim then right?
  6. Nope the girl Rodox here named Patricia and I named Kim and the other guest named Kim are not th same. Only problem is we already had a girl named Patricia. Might lead to confusion with tagging in archives...
  7. We already had a girl named Patricia. So I guess it's better to name her Kim as I don't think the other girl will be back...
  8. Not sure if that's a good solution as most likely they can't replace them so fast. I don't know. Maybe the site needs a reboot...?
  9. I didn't defend them. Just asked people to be fair with them. As if you like or not like a specific place is always a subjektive opinion I didn't join in those complaints. But poor tech work and less places showing something interesting to click on I fully agree.
  10. At the moment it is all very slow and and it takes ages for them to do things. Look at all the tech issues they are not able to fix or just too lazy to do it...
  11. Mia & Ragnar had a big argument last night. Maybe they broke up...
  12. That is hard to answer is a subjektive thing. But for sure not many at the moment.
  13. She's just a boring tease. People will realize that soon...
  14. Andromeda was not a bad game. But it was no Mass Effect. It felt different playing it. I am looking forward to the Definitive Edition of the original game
  15. She was already boring when she visited VoyeurVilla so I don't expect anything different now...
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