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How to make gifs with ScreenToGif

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How to make gifs with ScreenToGif

Download ScreenToGif from here and start it

Start the recorder


Start and stop recording

Place the rectangle over the video feed and start recording by pressing Record or F7 and use Stop to end it or press F8

I recommend using a framerate of 24fps as it is much smoother that way. You can delete frames later and the gif will still be more smooth than recording with low fps.


(Optional) Reduce the frame count

To prevent the gif from getting too big you can reduce frame count. You can do this step multiple times but I don't recommend it using it more than two times.

Otherwise gif will get choppy.




(Optional) Add VHTV watermark

If you catpured a section of the video feed without the watermark or the watermark is too small to be readable you have to add the watermark by yourself.
First select all frames of the gif in the bar down below by perssing CTRL+A. Then simply follow the steps


Select the watermark (I will link to a post with downloadable VHTV watermarks down below) and click apply.


Saving your project.

Last but not least you have to save your project and you are done

Thanks to Ary and Anni for being our models :biggrin:


This is how it looks when done



Link to watermark topic:



I also attached this tutorial as downloadable pdf file.



How to make gifs with ScreenToGif.pdf

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