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Montreal, Canadian (bacon) - best strip clubs on St. Catherine St. in Old Montreal. Guys and gals, gotta try them, it is a TREAT! You will see why.

Shannon in North Ireland. Beautiful but foggy most of the time. Good beer.

Portland, Oregon - simply gorgeous.

Yosemite in California, outstanding.

Sacramento, San Francisco (beautiful but crowded),  both.  San Frisco - good restaurants. Best in the West. 

Monterrey Bay (CALI) - amazing. Gorgeous! The Bay is unique. 

LA sucks ass, unless you go to Malibu, Laguna, or Laguna Niguel Beach. Have a dog? Huntington Beach is a must. The rest is ... you decide. I've lived there for 23 years. Traffic. Shit. Merde. Scheize. Cacando. Cacar. Cacat. You get it... I warned you.

Nevada, Las Vegas, baby! Need no more to say. Went there 8 times, last time was 18 years ago (and I am NOT an OLD DUDE). A must see.

Chicago - mostly Downtown. Meh. NOT the Windy City.

Palm Springs, CA  - for the Gay and Lesbians. Heaven for them. This is a PLUS, for them. 

N.Y. ? Do not drive. N.J.? Stay away! Do NOT GO to these two cities driving. Get a fucking UBER! I KID YOU NOT! 

Delaware - flat but no taxes. Awesome! Awesome beaches!

Maryland - great time! Boardwalk is good. Do not stay more than two days. 

Arizona - A MUST SEE - and you know why! The Grand Canyon - OMG! Fabulous! Fucking AWESOME! Book in Flagstaff - close by. 

Hawaii - do not go to the Main Island. It is like in LA. Fuck it!

Romania, NO BUCHAREST. Fucking period. The rest, is the best. Go tothe mountains, people are awesome there. Transylvania is the best. 


Atlantic City in NJ? Stay away! 






Shall I continue? 😛












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LA's museums are excellent, and I remember when it was a great town with blue skies. The traffic ruins everything. Same with San Francisco, I remember it before people defecated on the sidewalks and left their used needles all of the place. It's a dirty, trashy leftest utopia now. I would never consider driving through New York city or London. That's too scary but they're my favorites of the big-big cities for doing and seeing a lot of nice stuff and eating good food.

Other than that, I'm rather fond of Skagway, AK and that entire region, including BC.

Visited Yosemite two weeks ago. Arizona is awesome, but Phoenix is a bit miserable in summer. Awesome place.

I'll take Reno over Las Vegas anytime. It's still got nice hotel rates, looser games, and terrific food at a good price. It's what Las Vegas used to be before they became a giant Disneyland.

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The topic is International Travel.  Unless you are not American, the post so far have been about domestic travel.  After my wife and I traveled the world we finally got around to exploring the American west.  There's so much to see.  Just fly to some mid-size city, rent a car, and explore the region.  

For example, fly to Durango Colorado and, among other things, visit Mesa Verde and Littleton.  Use Flagstaff Arizona as a base and be overwhelmed by the Grand Canyon.

Our favorite foreign trips were Galapagos, Greek Islands and an African safari  --- ours was in Tanzania but there are many choices.  If you're a theater lover, London is expensive and second only to New York

Tahiti is way overrated.

As we got older, we started favoring European river cruises.  A favorite was the Rhine and Mosel. 

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