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  1. doctor_housky

    Darren & Roberta

    And ... two minutes later, she's spent, with the mighty help of Mr. Dildo!
  2. doctor_housky

    Darren & Roberta

    And here we are, soooo tired after texting. WTF!
  3. doctor_housky

    Darren & Roberta

    Another stupid fat fuck on the phone,while the chick fondles with his dick. But, he is too busy, so she gives up.
  4. doctor_housky

    Patrik & Clair

    Dude, I don't know if the door knobs in my house can give me a better reply ...
  5. doctor_housky

    Patrik & Clair

    miscvoyeur, you just said what I just point out. Thank you for not understanding my point, but you made my point.
  6. doctor_housky

    Patrik & Clair

    Good for you. As long as you know how to use them.
  7. doctor_housky

    Patrik & Clair

    Sr71, women do not have "tools". Men do. And officially, your comments annoy the fuck out of me!
  8. doctor_housky

    Patrik & Clair

    No Ash, that is the problem. If they don't have much sex, not good. If they only eat cereals, not good. If they have too much sex, yayyyy!!!!! It seems that everyone is a porn director, as in "they should have some orgies, they should invite more friends over, etc". That, is a problem. They are not voyeurs, they are sex addicts. Yes, I like watching people have sex, but requesting stuff, complaining about the cams, suggesting what they should or should not do, it is not called voyeurism. And the participants having sex for the sake of the numbers of watchers, that is nothing more than cam whoring. Again, there is plenty of free "amateur" porn on the net. Why should I pay for this shit?
  9. doctor_housky

    Stacey & Bridgette

    Well, then ...wrap yourself into your own mediocrity.
  10. doctor_housky

    Stacey & Bridgette

    Horrible pictures!
  11. doctor_housky


    Is the picture bad, or does she have a hairy ass?
  12. doctor_housky

    Chris & Dana

    Short, fat and horny? Now, that's too much!
  13. doctor_housky

    Patrik & Clair

    I was reading the comments and I realized that MOST of the people here that comment stupid shit (oh, you know who you are), have no fucking idea what a "voyeur" is. 97% are here for the fucking pure porn that this site promotes. Simple as that. With that said, can someone tell me why in the fucking hell should I pay ... what is it now? $29 a month to see people fucking? There is plenty of free fucking porn on the wild, wild internet. FREE! And guess what? No drama either!
  14. doctor_housky

    Geri & David

    The tits on this chick! Daaaaaamn!
  15. doctor_housky

    Geri & David

    True! My gal is a fast cumer, as in ... less than a minute. Sometimes she asks me to concentrate on myself to cum fast, because she already got her portion. Many times, I have to stop the sex because I can't cum. Not a problem with it, there is always a "next time". Usually a few hours later. By the looks of it, Natasha is that kind of gal too. People should stop judging John. I think he does a good job.