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  1. The purple dude is on another world. As a few other here. You know what I am talking about ...
  2. Not the point, Stone. At least a bit of action it is expected.
  3. On a "voyeur" website, I also find this very demeaning. The tweeter guy can go suck 25 BBCs while getting fucked in the ass by Godzilla. What the fuck! What a fucking asshole... I am slowly losing my interest on this shit.
  4. - Did you wash your tits? - Oh, no, not yet! - Then let me wash them for you. It saves time, you know... Water is expensive.
  5. Director's disclaimer: No camels or mules were harmed during filming this abomination.
  6. Oh, look, ma'! We wear the same underwear! We match! How exciting!
  7. Your camel gifs are more exciting than this post. I'd rather watch a camel munching on whatever camels munch on, than these two chicks doing nothing, or watching them doing nothing, in their underwear, playing on the fucking phone.
  8. What a fucking waste of 55 pages of total useless shit ...
  9. Is there a prescription for this reaction to tea?
  10. Yea! And my 8 Core 5.0 GHz CPU just overloaded. Not ... HOT at all! Buhahahahahahahahahahhaha!

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