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  1. doctor_housky

    Whitney, Cleo & Axel

    Yea! And my 8 Core 5.0 GHz CPU just overloaded. Not ... HOT at all! Buhahahahahahahahahahhaha!

    1. nicsjom


      You follow   the Amy 3 action  Thanks

  3. doctor_housky

    Stacey & Kris

    Two chicks sun bathing, on an imaginary Russian beach.
  4. doctor_housky

    Polly & Ray Part #2

    Nice blanket! More stars than Star Wars!
  5. doctor_housky

    Nina & Alan Part #1

    Look! Some rare, pornographic, fucking Picasso's on the wall!
  6. Danke, Thank you, Spasiba, Gracias, Merci, Gomabseunida, Multumesc, Xièxiè, Arigatōgozaimashita - to Khloon for the link. I am, however, trying to make another point. If I stick around and bitch about it, trust me, it will work out just fine. Only one admin told me why this happens. I am thankful for his patience with me.
  7. Yo, Turbo! Speaking of slow, you usually don't RTFM, am I correct in my SPEEDY assumption?
  8. Bha! Ha! Same shit, but much more interesting ...
  9. Aha! So, If I create a super duper secret super server with 512KB super encryption (think D.W. on steroids), do you think that we can accomplish something legendary? Because two things will happen here: 1. From all the things I'd lost, I'll miss my mind the most. 2. There is a war inside my head. If I'd stop thinking, I'd be dead. I'd like to avoid both.
  10. True, Stone Cold! However, there is a perfectly good server right here. Why not use it? Beat my logic with a bat and spank me sideways if not right!
  11. I have as provider Horizon CHAOS, with 972.000 teraflops per second upload and unknown parsecs per light year download. Can you see that I do not have an instrumental problem?
  12. Damn it, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a lawyer!
  13. doctor_housky

    Growing epidemic

    Kind of late in response, but I tell you my point: Fuck socializing and actually talking to people, interacting, communicating, say it as it is, bonding, helping, creating something useful, contributing SOMETHING to benefit society, helping someone in need, helping someone that doesn't need, and etc. etc. etc. Just kidding. Watching porn and texting is more fun. If you know what I mean ...
  14. doctor_housky

    Feel boring ?

    Yet another cucumber head dreaming of a pantyless girlfriend. If this is your girlfriend, I am a fucking Vatican archbishop.
  15. Not only this post, but ALL that have expired links, are completely fucking USELESS. What is the fucking point of posting shit, if expires? What a fucking waste of time. No wonder this whole world goes to shit. Pathetic! Mediocrity at its best.