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  1. doctor_housky

    Charlee & Liss

    The purple dude is on another world. As a few other here. You know what I am talking about ...
  2. doctor_housky

    Charlee & Liss

    Not the point, Stone. At least a bit of action it is expected.
  3. doctor_housky

    Dana & Clay

    On a "voyeur" website, I also find this very demeaning. The tweeter guy can go suck 25 BBCs while getting fucked in the ass by Godzilla. What the fuck! What a fucking asshole... I am slowly losing my interest on this shit.
  4. doctor_housky

    Charlee & Liss

    Damn right. It's all about deeee cash!
  5. doctor_housky

    Charlee & Liss

    - Did you wash your tits? - Oh, no, not yet! - Then let me wash them for you. It saves time, you know... Water is expensive.
  6. doctor_housky

    Charlee & Liss

    Director's disclaimer: No camels or mules were harmed during filming this abomination.
  7. doctor_housky

    Charlee & Liss

    Oh, look, ma'! We wear the same underwear! We match! How exciting!
  8. doctor_housky

    Charlee & Liss

    Damn right, mate!
  9. doctor_housky

    Charlee & Liss

    Your camel gifs are more exciting than this post. I'd rather watch a camel munching on whatever camels munch on, than these two chicks doing nothing, or watching them doing nothing, in their underwear, playing on the fucking phone.
  10. doctor_housky

    Charlee & Liss

    What a fucking waste of 55 pages of total useless shit ...
  11. doctor_housky

    Jenifer & Carl

    Is there a prescription for this reaction to tea?
  12. doctor_housky

    Veronika & Lucius, Rocky

  13. doctor_housky

    Whitney, Cleo & Axel

    Yea! And my 8 Core 5.0 GHz CPU just overloaded. Not ... HOT at all! Buhahahahahahahahahahhaha!

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