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  1. Misty Part #2

    That fucking tattoo throws me off. But it's just me. I don't know. She can insert any shit into her vagina, but that fucking tattoo....
  2. Misty Part #2

    Got a timeline for that? Thank you in advance!
  3. Misty Part #2

    What the fuck is with these guys keeping the underwear and socks on while having sex? I will never understand it. What is next? Bunny pajamas?
  4. Misty Part #2

    Did she ever do a threesome? Anyone knows? She changes her partners more than her socks, I was just wondering.
  5. Misty Part #2

    There is no "culture" when it comes to spanking or pulling hair. My chick is German, she loves a light spanking and also a light hair pull. It's an erotic thing for some. I've had many different gals from Asian to black, Hispanic, Filipino, white from all over the world. Most of them like this stuff, when done right.
  6. Linda & Leon

    Nice neck tie!
  7. Linda & Leon

    Future UFC fighter, hitting an invisible adversary with a yet to name kick.
  8. Violet & Jeff Part #1

    These guys fuck like rabbits! They just finished a session at 13:01. 8 minutes later, at 13:09, they are back in action! Spank me sideways and send me to a strip club!
  9. Violet & Jeff Part #1

    You are referring to the cat's behind, right? Just to make sure ...
  10. Karla & Arnie

    Dudes, I just took a shit. And it was a big one! What? Anything wrong?
  11. Violet & Jeff Part #1

    Oh, we believe you. I saw documentaries. Hell is nothing. I pity you.
  12. Groomy, I am sorry, but I have no idea what you are referring to. I just mentioned that the everyday activity in someone's life, is not like this. I am not complaining, I merely stated a fact.
  13. Violet & Jeff Part #1

    Any big city in Europe is screwed up when it comes to traffic. A friend of mine went to Bucharest a few years back. His son picked him up from the airport. From the airport to his son's house, 15 minutes. NOT! Took 3 hours and a half. Traffic. When my friend came back to LA, he told me that he will never, ever complain about the traffic in LA. The good part: he got to talk to his son and caught up the stories, all the way home, in that traffic.