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Great guest couple

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This couple is great!

The girl's round forms and big butt is just amazing! This couple should get their own place, they are more open about sex than Adeline, who rarely gets completely undressed to have sex.

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2 hours ago, thomas979 said:

yup they are great couple, great sex and she is fine, guy really should invest in some lube though if going to do anal would be much better for her to be lubed up properly

It's hard shoving something in when it's drier than a Popcorn Fart.  :biggrin:

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3 hours ago, socrates1 said:

Anyone else think this current guest couple is just a cam couple acting out their show on RLC?

Maybe and maybe they like showing off. I do not see a problem with wither scenario. I am just enjoying the show and especially her submissive ways....

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Il y a 2 heures, socrates1 a dit :

Don't get me wrong I think she is hot but it just seems they are trying too hard

Does seem like an audition for an apartment, but some of their 'auditions' have been better than the actual chosen tenants; more open and more frequent.

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