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  1. Hope it has a hole in it, so he can insert his dick in because last time steph left he went though a dry spell and I doubt any of this kids will let him stick it in...
  2. Hey limp leg Scott, kind of hard to look tough and yell and Steff when you have to limp to get to her. And do you think these Kids will take care of you and fix your soup .. they are doing busy posing and dancing to care if you need food....She is a class act and does deserve better, hope she find someone.
  3. Does anyone think that was on purpose??.. I do. Weird how it took forwever to move fan, and now black out in Bedroom/bathroom - the try to set the rules on cams when that is the way they make $$ is by having those cams on and with good view. If the kids don't like it then leave the house but Cams stay on...
  4. Anybody think is ironic Goldie goes back and now they have ISP issues..I had to leave for a while and hoped to come back and see what happened but now there is no video from today..
  5. I took this pic while she was at Bejamin.. she was waiting for a towel, but she looked like she felt lonely, I felt sad for her but at same time I said what a body!!...
  6. Guess who is back.. we call this the Stephie Move..You tell she felt lost at Benjamin's
  7. What ever her name is I like her, she is free wheeling and loves sex and giving blowjobs, it seems she has an oral fixation - always needs a dick in her mouth.. the perfect GF..I do love watching her..
  8. Seeing Scott finally getting laid when Stephie cam back.. and no luck with any of the girl even smoker girl( she was smoking all the time) and no Sabrina in sight, Made me think of an old Song by Stephen Stills lyrics goes like this.. If you're down and confused And you don't remember who you're talking to Concentration slips away Because your baby is so far away And if you can't be with the one you love, honey Love the one you're with Don't be angry, don't be sad Don't sit crying talking good times you've had Well there's a girl sitting right next to you And she's just waiting for something to do.. Love the one you're with
  9. Too bad for stifler, that was usually when he pounced on Goldie, he like to fuck her from behind when he say her sleeping.... Ahh right after Goldie left - Stifler is offline. probably because he did not want anyone to see him crying
  10. what happened to the exciting Sunny, she use to like to be with 2 or more guys. She like used to regularly fuck Angelo and Romero separately or together.. now it is just her and her BF.. I wonder if he got jealous or territorial.
  11. Poor Scott can't get laid with this group of girls, he especially won't get Goldie.. Where is Diana when Scott needs her..
  12. This is what Stifler will be missing for weeks, that ass & that body is so fine....
  13. Yep that is all he is a DICK, because his DICK "is" his personality - because he has no personality. he does not try in a relationship, he just wants a girl there for when he wants to stick his DICK, in her.. for just 60 seconds... and Goldie got tired on his 60 second fucks
  14. Its back on.. what happened? All guys and 1 girl..
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