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Guest Squirrel

I am quite sure that Mya checks this site at least 2 times each day.  So, Mya how about a hot ass flash tonight?  I love you and you are thebest.

She must be stalking you, since your dreams came true while she hung-out (a long time) on the computer in between watching dishes --all without the need to hide her natural charms.

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It can be a good or a bad thing that they look at these boards. A lot of you admire and praise these girls. This is a good thing.

But when they get those that come along and say nasty things it works against all of the good. Even the guys can take a hint and see what others are seeing. We watch the inattentiveness of some. How they ignore or even mistreat their mates.

I would like to see them all registered so that we can 'speak' to them like we do to each other here. But then I see that to be a major negative in a way. The board would be an endless sentence of 'Oh ____ I love you, you are so beautiful, how can he treat you this way.' and shit like that.

Just sayin'.

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