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Young boy

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But he is. Maybe he's gay or has a fetish for young boys. Not everyone is here for the T&A. Some are here for the D&A. You don't belittle the girls that are here to watch the girls. Or do you.

Okay, underage is different. But age of consent changes from country to country. Tell that to these sick bastards in the Middle East that want to take an 11 year old as a bride. They write it off under the cloak of religion. Religion is a crutch for the weak minded that have to have mental support or a place to lay blame or use it as an excuse for their behavior.

I don't condone being gay, and I hate when it's shoved in my face or I'm told it's normal. Homosexuality has been around for thousands of years. Only in recent times have a few brave souls brought it out into the open.

There is a big difference to being gay and being a flaming faggot. Most gay people hate the flaming faggots too. It's like the straight people that want to have sex right on the sidewalk on a crowded street. It isn't right.

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